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I partition C4 into 7 lists (C4A, C4B, C4C, C4D, C4E, C4F, and C4G)
  • C4A -- calls I use at very easy C4 star tips.
  • C4B -- calls every C4 dancer should know.
  • C4C -- less-frequently used calls. At dances such as AACE, I use calls from C4C and below.
  • C4D -- infrequently used calls. At dances such as 'The Berkshires', I use calls from C4D and below.
  • C4E -- calls I only use on rare occasions.
  • C4F -- calls I do not intend to use.
  • C4G -- defunct calls.
  • C4A thru C4D is the union of my C4A, C4B, C4C and C4D lists. These are the C4 calls that I call.
  • C4A thru C4F is the union of C4A through C4F, which is over 99% of the C4 calls in use today. The C4G list is not included since callers generally never use these calls.

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