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Square Dance Lists
Square Dance Lists
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Level = Basic
92 calls or concepts

(anyone (Ladies)) Chain (fract)BV G N041964
(anyone) Cross RunB 8 1520N14342
(anyone) RunB 8 M 1510N12891
(anything) On (n-th hand) CONCEPTBV 0 D Y041059
(anything) To A Wrong Way TharBV G  2055N081970
(anything) To An Allemande TharBV G  2051N081828
(Right|Left) Arm TurnB 1 G 1070N121703
Alamo StyleB 8 M 1481N081452
Allemande LeftB 1 G S 1060N181429
Allemande Left To An Allemande TharB G S 2052N08135
Around (n) Come Into The MiddleBV 7 G 1180N021851
Around (n) To A LineBV 7 M 1170N18922
BacktrackB 3 G 1150N111379
BalanceB 8 G M  1460N12154
Bend The LineB 3 M 2 1260N14161
Both Go (Right|Left)BV G M  N041837
Box CirculateB 12 1640N14174
Box The GnatB 11 S 1410N12179
California TwirlB 3 1340N12191
Chain Down The LineB 5F L  1250N04210
Circle (Left|Right)B 1 1010N141503
Circle To A LineB 7 1380N18241
CirculateB 5 1270N12242
Couples CirculateB 5 1280N18274
Couples TradeB 5 1432N14276
Courtesy TurnB 1 1200N12278
Dive ThruB 3F L 1390N08412
Do PasoB L S 1220N38428
DosadoB 1 G 1030N12429
Double Pass ThruB 7 1320N04435
Extend (from a 1/4 Tag)B 9 M 1541N141912
Extend (generic)B 9 G 1540N14472
Face (dir)BV 0 M Z DN11473
Face (Right|Left)BV 0 M DN0182
Ferris WheelB 10 M 1650N08486
First Right, Next LeftBV 7 1330N181781
First Right, Next RightBV 7 G  1331N182019
Flutter WheelB 6 1570N04508
Forward & BackB 1 G 1020N02519
Four Ladies Chain (fract)B 1 S  1215N082162
Grand SquareB 4 1300N08548
Half SashayB 2 1110N12557
Ladies Chain (fract)B 1 S 1210N04622
Ladies In, Men SashayB 2 RS 1130N16623
Lead (Right|Left)B 5 M 1230N14626
Left Swing ThruB 8F L  1500N23631
Move Along (To Lines)BV M  N18691
Pass By (n)BV G  N081971
Pass The OceanB 9F L 1530N34737
Pass ThruB 1 1100N12735
Promenade (fract)B 1 1040N18782
Promenade HomeB 1 G S 1041N181430
Pull ByBV 0 G D N12783
Reverse Flutter WheelB 6 1580N04842
Right & Left GrandB 1F L S 1080N481356
Right & Left ThruB 6F L 1290N24865
Roll Back (n) (from Promenade)BV  N18874
RollawayB 2 1120N12880
See SawB S 1360N18921
SeparateB 7 1160N121726
Separate go HalfwayBV 7 G  1161N082153
Shoot The StarB 2070N18937
Single File PromenadeB 1  1050N141628
Single File Promenade HomeB 1 G S  1051N181785
Slip The ClutchB M 2060N18992
Split (Two, The Outsides)B 7 1190N041460
Split CirculateB 12 1630N181030
Square Thru (n)B 4F L 1370N441058
Star (Right|Left)B 1 M 1090N041461
Star PromenadeB 1 1057N081462
Star ThruB 2 S 1310N121077
Step ThruBV M N121086
Step To A WaveB 8 1450N121399
Sweep (fract)B 6 MR 1590N141110
Swing (Your Partner|Corner)B 1 S 1035N021463
Swing ThruB 8F L 1490N231121
Those Who Can CONCEPTBV 0 D Y121354
Touch (fract)BV 1620N121162
Touch 1/4B 11 1610N121163
TradeB 5 1430N121175
Trade ByB 10 1600N181177
U-Turn BackB 3 M 1140N121256
Veer (Right|Left)B 5 M 1240N141261
Walk Around The CornerB S 1350N081453
Weave The RingB 1 S 1081N081276
Wheel & DealB 7 1550N141279
Wheel AroundB 1 1400N121284
Wrong WayBV  1421Y011725
Wrong Way GrandB 1F L 1420N481303
Wrong Way Promenade (fract)B 1  1422N181304
Wrong Way Promenade HomeB 1 G S  1423N181772
ZoomB 9 2 1560N141315
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