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Square Dance Lists
Square Dance Lists
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1932 calls or concepts

"I" FORMATIONC4A  0F081818
"Z" AxleC3B F L 0N347
#1 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I082004
#2 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I082005
#3 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I082006
#4 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I082007
(Allemande Left) Full TurnMISC G M  0N082150
(Along) But Circulate TwiceC2V M 0P081942
(any Courtesy Turn) ByC4C F LMR 0N041743
(any Tag call) & ScatterC3B LM 0N1840
(any Tag call) & Spin (dir)C4C LM  0N1431
(any Tag call) & TradeC4F LM  0N281451
(any Tag call) Back & DodgeC4C LM  0N1432
(any Tag call) Back (To A Wave)C1 LM 0N2433
(any Tag call) Chain ThruC3A M 0N2830
(any Tag call) ErooC4C L  0N181350
(any Tag call) FlowC4C M  0N0836
(any Tag call) Flow But Criss Cross ItC4C M  0N081362
(any Tag call) Flow But Cross ItC4F M  0N081590
(any Tag call) The TopC3B M 0N0834
(any Tag call) The Yellow Brick RoadC4C  0N0868
(any Tag call) The Yellow Bricking (anything)C4C  0N181530
(any Tag call) To A DiamondC4B LM 0N1435
(any Tag call) To An (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4D M  0N181522
(any Tag call) Your Criss Cross NeighborC2 LM 0N141412
(any Tag call) Your Cross NeighborC1V LM  0N241521
(any Tag call) Your NeighborC2 LM 0N241342
(anyone (Ladies)) Chain (fract)BV G 0N041964
(anyone) "L" FORMATIONC4F  0F0312
(anyone) (dir) & Cast Away (fract)C4F L  0N221450
(anyone) Adjust Cross FoldMISC G M  0N041922
(anyone) Adjust FoldMISC G M  0N021923
(anyone) Advance To A ColumnC4B F 0N08125
(anyone) Backup (others) DodgeMSV G  0N042002
(anyone) Boomerang (n, n=2 or 3)C4E  0N131895
(anyone) Box "L" FORMATIONC4F  0F03172
(anyone) Break And Make Two LinesMISC G  0N082132
(anyone) Break The AlamoC4B F L  0N28182
(anyone) By PassC4F F L 0N2225
(anyone) Criss Cross ItC2V G  0N042015
(anyone) CrossA1 0N1413
(anyone) Cross FoldMS 12 M 2170N14324
(anyone) Cross ItC1V G  0N042014
(anyone) Cross Kick OffC2 0N14329
(anyone) Cross RunB 8  1520N14342
(anyone) Cross Run The Tag (dir)C4F  0N04344
(anyone) Cross Run The TopC4B F L  0N241375
(anyone) Cross SwivelC4B F 0N24350
(anyone) Cross Walk (others) DodgeC4E G M  0N141966
(anyone) Finish The StackC4B  0N14492
(anyone) FoldMS 12 M 2160N12509
(anyone) HopC3A F L 0N24573
(anyone) Kick By (n)C4A 0N13619
(anyone) Kick OffC2 0N12621
(anyone) Leap Frog (n)C4F I 0N12629
(anyone) Like A Ripple CONCEPTC2 0Y13636
(anyone) Mix & MingleC4F 0N18681
(anyone) Pin WheelC4D 0N18766
(anyone) Point Triangle FORMATIONC1V K 0F041547
(anyone) Rip & SnortC4G 0N161410
(anyone) Ripple (The Wave) (n)C2 F L 0N33871
(anyone) Roll Back A Left-Faced Whirl (from Prom)MISC G  0N082133
(anyone) Rolling Ripple (n) (By (n))C4A F L 0N13881
(anyone) RunB 8 M 1510N12891
(anyone) Run By (n)C4D  0N13893
(anyone) Run The Tag (dir)C4F  0N04895
(anyone) Run The TopC4B F L 0N241374
(anyone) Run The WheelC4A F L  0N24896
(anyone) Scoot (others) DodgeA1V M  0N142018
(anyone) Scoot Chain Thru (others) DodgeA2V  0N082031
(anyone) Shove OffC4A I 0N12944
(anyone) Step up beside (your partner) (from SiFiProm)MISC G  0N082141
(anyone) SwivelC4B F L 0N221132
(anyone) Swivel By (fract) By (fract)C4F  0N041133
(anyone) TieC4D F L 0N3826
(anyone) Tip ToeC4F I  0N121158
(anyone) Tip Toe Thru The TulipsC4F F IL  0N221159
(anyone) Tow TrainC4F I S  0N131167
(anyone) Tow Train Leave The CabooseC4F I S  0N141168
(anyone) Tow TruckC4F I S 0N121169
(anyone) ToxC4G 0N042139
(anyone) Walk (others) DodgeMSV M  2141N141943
(anyone) Walk Across (from Facing Couples)MISC G  0N042056
(anyone) Wheel & TurnC4F  0N181281
(anyone) Zing (n, n=2 or 3)C4D  0N131398
(anyone) Zoom (n, n=2 or 3)C4D 0N131397
(anyone)-Based (setup) IDENTIFIERC1V K 0I031747
(anything An Anchor) But (anything)C4C M 0P181372
(anything Coord|React) To A DiamondC4B 0N1827
(anything Diamond) Chain ThruC1 F LM 0N2828
(anything Fan) The TopC3A  0N1429
(anything The Axle) But (Cast 1/4|3/4)C1V M K 0N081548
(anything) & 1/4 MoreMSV R  0N1437
(anything) & Circle (fract)C2 M 0N4838
(anything) & CrossA1 0N1439
(anything) 'Em UpC3BVF L  0N381667
(anything) (Like A) Couple UpC3A 2 0N1446
(anything) An AnchorC4A 0N3841
(anything) And AnythingC4E 0N1842
(anything) But Cross ItC4D  0P081935
(anything) By GollyC4C MR 0N14190
(anything) Clear OutC4B F L  0N0844
(anything) CooperateC4D F  0N081672
(anything) CoordinateC2 F 0N0845
(anything) Cover UpC4B F L  0N0847
(anything) Cross Nuclear ReactionC3B L 0N081646
(anything) Cross ReactionC3B 0N081328
(anything) Cross ReactivateC3B 0N081361
(anything) Dot-ComC4G M 0N111927
(anything) In Dixie Style CONCEPTC4F S 0Y1824
(anything) Like A RecoilC3AV L 2  0N141411
(anything) Like A RiggerC4F L  0N181629
(anything) Like A SqueezeC4E L  0N1255
(anything) MotivateC2 F 0N0848
(anything) Nuclear ReactionC3B L 0N081645
(anything) On (n-th hand) CONCEPTMSV  0Y041059
(anything) PercolateC2 F 0N0849
(anything) Perk UpC2 F 0N0850
(anything) Plus (n)C4B I MR 0N0151
(anything) ReactionC3A 0N0852
(anything) ReactivateC3B 0N0853
(anything) Single The Wave CONCEPTC4F  0Y141576
(anything) StimulateC3B F 0N081340
(anything) The "K"C2 L 0N1456
(anything) The ActionC4B 0N0857
(anything) The AxleC1 L 0N3858
(anything) The BoatC4F L  0N3859
(anything) The CoopC4E F L  0N362144
(anything) The DeuceyC4F  0N1860
(anything) The DifferenceC4C F L  0N3461
(anything) The FractionsC4E  0Y08281
(anything) The GamutC3A L 0N0862
(anything) The KeyC3B F L Z 0N241565
(anything) The LockC3A L 0N1463
(anything) The PlankC4B  0N1864
(anything) The PulleyC3A F L 0N2865
(anything) The Pulley But (anything)C3AV M 0P181686
(anything) The Wave CONCEPTC4C 0Y1866
(anything) The Windmill (dir)C1 M 0N0867
(anything) To A "Z"C4F  0N0469
(anything) To A Wave CONCEPTC1 M 0Y1271
(anything) To A Wrong Way TharBV G  2055N081970
(anything) To An Allemande TharBV G  2051N081828
(anything) With PizzazzC4G  0N241695
(anything) Your LeaderC3A 0N0854
(anything)-O-LateC4F  0N0872
(anything)er's PaceC4F F L  0N081608
(Cast A Shadow) Don't SpreadA1V M K 0N281549
(Chase (R|L)) ButPLV M K 0N041796
(Cloverflow) But (anything)C4D  0P081938
(Clover|Cross Clover) The HornC4D LM 0N08247
(Cooperate) But (anything)C4D M  0P081909
(Cover Up) But (anything)C4B M  0P081573
(Cross Trail Thru) To The CornerMSV G S  0N141782
(Fancy) But (anything)C3AV M  0P081624
(Flip Back) But (anything)C1V M K 0N041746
(fract) Chain & Circulate InC4C 0N0843
(fract) Emulate CONCEPTC4E  0Y011915
(fract) Stable CONCEPTC4B  0Y0173
(Generalized) Unwrap CONCEPTC4F  0Y0815
(Grand Linear Cycle) But (anything)C4F M  0P081348
(Head|Side) Corners IDENTIFIERC4F S  0I0216
(Head|Side) Liners IDENTIFIERC4D  0I0217
(I-J-K) 1/4 The AlterC4B F L 0N4418
(I-J-K) Alter & CirculateC4C F L  0N581631
(I-J-K-L) 1/4 The DeuceyC4B F  0N081335
(I-J-K-L) Change The WebC4D F 0N081353
(I-J-K-L) Relay The TopC4C F  0N081352
(I-J-K-L) Spin Chain The GearsC4C F  0N081889
(In|Out|Zoom) Roll To A DiamondC4G  0N181447
(In|Out|Zoom) Roll To A WaveC4D 0N04583
(I|O|R|L) Anchor (fract)C4A I M 0N02142
(I|O|R|L) Rigger CONCEPTC4F  0Y0619
(Lift Off) But (anything)C3B F M  0P181617
(Make A Pass) But (anything)C4C M  0P06665
(Mark Time) But (anything)C4C M  0N081816
(Mixed Up Square Thru) But (anything)C4F M  0P08687
(N) Beats OfMISC G  0Z011937
(n) By (m) CONCEPT (Transfer|Checkmate)C2 0Y0674
(n) By (m) Matrix CONCEPTC4A  0Y011378
(n) By (n) CONCEPTC4A  0Y061704
(n) By 1 Diamond FORMATION|CONCEPTC4F 0F06101
(n) Step(s) At A TimeC3B F L 0N3677
(n) Times CONCEPTMISC0  0Y011680
(n)-some CONCEPTC3BV K 0Y0378
(N-Some) (fract) (Solid) CONCEPTC4C  0Y081825
(Nuclear Reaction) But (anything)C4A M  0P081834
(Outpost) But (anything)C4C M  0P081941
(Parallel) Lines FORMATIONMISC  0F081559
(Parallel) Waves FORMATIONMISC  0F081558
(Pass & Roll) But (anything)A2V M K 0P441694
(Peel & Trail|Trail & Peel) The DealC4D M  0N141426
(Percolate) But (anything)C1V M K 0N081633
(Perk Up) But (anything)C2V G M  0N081852
(Rally) But (anything)C3A M 0P081344
(Replace The Column) But (anything)C4D M  0P081614
(Replace) Each (occurrence of)C1V  0Y111817
(Right & Left Thru) Full Turn AroundMISC G MR  1291N021963
(Right|Left) Arm TurnB 1 G 1070N121703
(Right|Left) On (n)C4D M 0N0420
(Right|Left) Roll TheC4C M 0N1421
(Right|Left) Roll To A WaveA1 M 0N0222
(Right|Left) Side Up And (anything)C4F 0P0823
(Right|Left) Wing CONCEPTC4A 0Y021932
(Sets In Motion) Hold The ColumnC2V M 0N081874
(Shoot The Star) Full TurnMISC G M  2080N021975
(Solid) (fract) Threesome CONCEPTC4B  0Y081824
(Solid) (fract) Twosome CONCEPTC4B  0Y081737
(Square The Bases) But (anything)C1V M K 0N081698
(Straight Away) But (anything)C4F M  0P081572
(The Windmill) (dir) But (anything)A2V M K 0N181787
(Triple Play) But (anything)C4B M  0P081520
0 (number)MISC  0Z011507
1 & 1/2MISC  0Z011497
1 & 1/3MISC  0Z011776
1 & 1/4MISC  0Z011777
1 & 2/3MISC  0Z011775
1 & 3/4MISC  0Z011778
1 (number)MISC  0Z011479
1 By (n)-some CONCEPTC4A  0Y0379
1 By Solid-of-(n) CONCEPTC3BV K 0Y031715
1 By Tandem-Of-3 CONCEPTC4A  0Y041806
1/2 (fraction)MISC  0Z011488
1/2 Tag (The Line)MS 11 2210N0480
1/2 TopA1 F L 0N2881
1/3 (fraction)MISC  0Z011490
1/3 RecycleC1V G 2  0N141959
1/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z011487
1/4 CrossC4A F L 0N2485
1/4 InA1 M 0N1286
1/4 Line FORMATIONMISC  0F081789
1/4 MixC3A F L 0N3487
1/4 OutA1 M 0N1288
1/4 Tag (The Line)MS K 2230N0490
1/4 Tag FORMATIONMISC  0F081554
1/4 The AlterC4B F L 0N4494
1/4 The DeuceyC3A F 0N0895
1/4 ThruA1 F L 0N2391
1/4 To PromenadeMISC Z  0N111916
1/4 To Reverse PromenadeMISC Z  0N111917
1/4 TopA1 F L 0N2892
1/4 Wheel The (Ocean|Sea)C3A F L 0N2493
1/4 Wheel To A (D|H.G.|I.L.D.)C4C F 0N041337
1/5 (fraction)MISC  0Z011492
1/6 (fraction)MISC  0Z011985
1/7 (fraction)MISC  0Z011986
1/8 (fraction)MISC  0Z011591
10 (number)MISC 0Z011682
11 (number)MISC  0Z011683
12 (number)MISC  0Z011684
12-Matrix CONCEPTC4A 0Y0196
14 (number)MISC0  0Z012156
16 (number)MISC  0Z011843
16-Matrix CONCEPTC4C  0Y0197
18 (number)MISC  0Z012000
2 & 1/2MISC  0Z011498
2 & 1/4MISC  0Z182030
2 (number)MISC  0Z011480
2/3 (fraction)MISC  0Z011491
2/3 Cross CycleC3B F LM 0N2499
2/3 RecycleC1 F LM 0N24100
2/5 (fraction)MISC  0Z011493
2/7 (fraction)MISC  0Z011987
20-Matrix CONCEPTC4E  0Y011956
24 (number)MISC  0Z011840
3 & 1/2MISC  0Z011499
3 & 1/4MISC  0Z011886
3 (number)MISC  0Z011481
3 By 1 "L" FORMATIONC4C  0F041881
3 By 1 Tandem-Based Triangle FORMATIONC2V G  0F041768
3 By 1 Triangle FORMATIONC2 0F04103
3 By 2 (anything)C4F  0Y18104
3 By 2 Acey DeuceyC1 0N18105
3 Square 2 & 1C4F 0N06106
3/4 (dir)C4F  0N111648
3/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z011489
3/4 CrossC4A F L  0N24109
3/4 Line FORMATIONMISC  0F081788
3/4 MixC3A F L 0N34110
3/4 Tag (The Line)PL 2220N04112
3/4 Tag FORMATIONMISC  0F081553
3/4 The AlterC4C F L  0N44116
3/4 The DeuceyC3A F 0N08117
3/4 ThruA1 F L 0N23113
3/4 TopA1 F L 0N28114
3/4 Wheel The (Ocean|Sea)C3A F L 0N24115
3/4 Wheel To A (D|H.G.|I.L.D)C4C F  0N041876
3/5 (fraction)MISC  0Z011494
3/7 (numeric)MISC  0Z011988
3/8 (fraction)MISC  0Z011592
4 & 1/2MISC  0Z111500
4 & 1/4MISC  0Z011887
4 (number)MISC  0Z011482
4/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z011670
4/5 (fraction)MISC  0Z011495
4/7 (fraction)MISC  0Z011989
5 & 1/2MISC  0Z111819
5 (number)MISC  0Z011483
5/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z011875
5/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z011675
5/6 (fraction)MISC  0Z011716
5/7 (fraction)MISC  0Z011990
5/8 (fraction)MISC  0Z011593
6 & 1/2MISC  0Z111820
6 (number)MISC  0Z011484
6 By 2 (anything)C4F  0Y18119
6 By 2 Acey DeuceyA1 0N18120
6/7 (fraction)MISC  0Z011991
7 & 1/2MISC  0Z111821
7 (number)MISC  0Z011485
7/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z012114
7/8 (fraction)MISC  0Z011561
8 (number)MISC  0Z011486
8/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z012074
9 (number)MISC  0Z011681
9/4 (fraction)MISC  0Z012085
AboutC4C LM 2 0N04122
Acey DeuceyPL 3010N18123
Add (A) CONCEPTC4D 0Y001841
AfterMISC  0Y001802
Ah SoC1 0N14126
Alamo FORMATIONMISC8  1480F081524
Alamo StyleB 8 M 1481N081452
All 4 Couples CONCEPTA2 0Y18127
All 8 CONCEPTA2 0Y18129
All 8 RecycleC1 0N08130
All 8 Spin The TopPL F L 3260N28131
All Eight ChainC4G 0N082054
Allemande LeftB 1 G S 1060N181429
Allemande Left To An Allemande TharB G S 2052N08135
AlongC2 0N08136
Alter & CirculateC2 F L 0N58137
Alter The DiamondC4B F L 0N04138
Alter The GalaxyC4E  0N381992
Alter The WaveC1 F L 0N44139
Alternate From (A) To (B) CONCEPTC4D  0Y04140
Anchor The (anyone) For (anything)C4C I  0Y02141
And (special token)MISC G M  0P001977
Any Hand CONCEPTA1 0Y12143
Any Shoulder CONCEPTC4E K 0Y121839
Apex IDENTIFIERC1V G  0I031722
Arced (Line|Wave)(s) FORMATIONC4E  0F041625
Arky AllemandeC4F 0N12145
Arky CONCEPTC4F  0Y14146
Arky GrandC4F 0N48147
Arky Star ThruC4F 2 0N14148
Around (n) Come Into The MiddleBV 7 G 1180N021851
Around (n) To A LineBV 7 M 1170N18922
Around The Outside (Mainstream Concentric) CONCEPTMISC G  0Y181998
As (A) Couple(s) CONCEPTA1 0Y12149
Assume (formation) CONCEPTC4E  0Y111846
Assume Symmetry CONCEPTC4E  0Y111842
AwayC4F  0N14151
Baby GrandC4F F L S  0N281984
Back Out (Promenade Bend The Line)MISC0 G M  1055N141980
Back-To-Back (setup) CONCEPTC4D  0Y12152
BackawayMISC M  0N11153
BacktrackB 3 G 1150N111379
Bail OutC4F 0N281900
BalanceB 8 G M  1460N12154
Barge the ActionC4B F  0N08156
Barge ThruC4B F L 0N28155
Barrel Of FunC4B F L 0N08157
Beau(s) IDENTIFIERA1 0I12158
Beep BeepC4B F L 0N24159
BeforeMISC  0Y001803
Belle(s) IDENTIFIERA1 0I12160
Bend The LineB 3 M 2 1260N14161
Bent (setup) FORMATIONC4A  0F04162
Bias CirculateC3A 0N18163
Bias Trade CirculateC4D 0N18164
Big "S" FORMATIONC4G  0F08165
Big Block CONCEPTC3A 0Y18166
Big Diamond IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082034
BingoC3B 0N14167
Bits & PiecesC4A F L 0N08168
Blended CONCEPTMISC G  0Y022130
Block FORMATIONC1 0F08169
BoomerangC3B 0N04170
Both Go (Right|Left)BV G M  0N041837
Bounce (anyone)C2 F LM 0N24171
Bow To (Partner/Corner)MISC  0N121724
Box CirculateB 12 1640N14174
Box Counter Rotate (fract)A2 0N14175
Box RecycleC1 0N14176
Box The GnatB 11 S 1410N12179
Box TransferA2 M 0N04177
Boxsome CONCEPTC4D  0Y111370
Brace ThruA1 F L S 0N24556
Brace YourselfC4E S 0N12180
Branch OffC4G 0N141929
Branch The BobbinC4G  0N081934
Branch The TopC4G  0N241933
Branch To A DiamondC4G  0N041930
Break AwayC4F  0N18181
Breaker (anything)C3A 0N08183
Breaker (n)C3A 0N08184
Bridge The GapC4B I  0N02185
Bring Us TogetherC4A 0N08186
Buckle And (anything)C4A M  0P16187
Buckle UpC4G  0N081735
Busy (anything)C3B M 0P08188
ButMISC G M K 0P012042
But (Centers Replace Last Part with)C1V M  0P081529
Butterfly FORMATIONC1 0F08189
California TwirlB 3 1340N12191
Can Do CONCEPTC4F  0Y12192
Cast & Relay (fract)C3B F 0N48194
Cast (Right|Left) (fract)MSV M  0N12195
Cast A NetC4B F 0N08196
Cast A ShadowA1 M 0N08197
Cast An AnchorC4A F 0N08198
Cast BackC1 M 0N11200
Cast Off (fract)MS 10 M 2120N12201
Cast The ColumnC4F F L 0N34202
Catch (anything) (n)C3A F L 0P34203
Catch (n)C2 F L 0N34204
Catch All EightC4G G 0N022110
Center 4 IDENTIFIERMISC0  0I141438
Center 6 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I161439
Center 8 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I181857
Center(s) IDENTIFIERMISC0 0I011442
Center-"Z" IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141791
Center-1x4 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141759
Center-1x6 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I161764
Center-Diamond IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141758
Centermost IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011720
Centers Cut OutC4B 0N18205
Centers InMS 10 2110N18206
Centers of Columns IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082011
Centers of Lines IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082009
Centers OutMSV 0N18207
Centers Thru & Close The GateC4F F L S 0N28208
Central CONCEPTC3A 0 0Y12209
Chain Down The LineB 5F L  1250N04210
Chain ReactionA1 0N08211
Chain The GladeC4E G 0N08212
Chain The SquareC2 F L 0N08213
Change (Jay|"Z"s) CONCEPTC4F  0Y181407
Change GirlsMISC G S  0N142013
Change LanesC3B M 0N08214
Change The Apex (n) By (n) (By (n))C4E F L  0N23216
Change The CentersC3B F L 0N44217
Change The Diagonal CONCEPTC4F  0Y081649
Change The WaveC3B F L 0N44218
Change The WebC4C F 0N08219
Change Your ImageC3B 0N28215
Change-OC4C M 0N18221
Chase (Right|Left)PL M 3280N14222
Chase The (fract) TagC3B 0N04226
Chase Your NeighborC1 F L 0N24225
Checker (setup) CONCEPTC4D M  0P181527
Checker Board CONCEPTC3A M 0P18227
Checker Box CONCEPTC3A M 0P18228
Checkmate (The Column)A2 0N08229
CheckoverC1 0N08230
Checkpoint (anything) By (anything)C2 M 0Y16231
CheerioC4C F LM 0N28232
Chip OffC4D 0N18233
Chisel ThruC2 F L 0N38234
ChoiceC3A F L 0N28235
Chuck-A-LuckC3B F L 0N28236
Circle (fract) To A Two-Faced LineC4A F L 0N24237
Circle (fract) To A WaveC2 F L 0N24238
Circle (Left|Right)B 1 1010N141503
Circle By (fract) By (anything)C1 F L 0N24239
Circle HomeMISC G S  0N181978
Circle The (fract) TagC4A  0N041421
Circle To A LineB 7 1380N18241
Circular CONCEPTC4E M  0Y081955
CirculateB 5 1270N12242
Circulators IDENTIFIERMISC  0I001710
Clean Sweep (fract)C4E F L 0N44243
Clear OutC4B F L 0N08244
Clear The CentersC4D F  0N181618
Clear The Centers But Cross ItC4E F  0N181619
Clear The WayC4F  0N081606
Clockwise DIRECTIONMISC  0D011677
Clover And (anything)A1 M 0P16245
Clover The ColumnC4F  0N08246
CloverfloC4D F L 0N28250
CloverleafMS M 2010N18251
Cloverleaf TurnC4D F L 0N28252
Collapse (The setup)C4C M 0N08253
Column FORMATIONMISC  0F031596
Column Of 3 FORMATIONMISC  0F031712
Column Of 6 FORMATIONMISC  0F031721
Column Of 8 FORMATIONMISC  0F081892
Columns FORMATIONMISC  0F061595
Common Spot (setup) CONCEPTC4A  0Y14254
Complete CONCEPTC4F M  0Y011853
Complete The TagC4C M 0N041425
Concentric CONCEPTC1 0Y18255
Concentric Triple Box FORMATIONC4D  0F08256
Connect The DiamondC4A 0N04257
Continue To CONCEPTC4E  0Y04258
Continue To Cross Invert (fract)C4C  0N08259
Continue To Invert (fract)C4C  0N08260
Contour The LineC4B F L 0N44261
ContraCallMoveOnAMISC G  0N042115
ContraCallMoveOnBMISC G  0N042116
ContraCallMoveOnCMISC G  0N042117
ContraCallMoveOnDMISC G  0N042118
ContraCallMoveOnEMISC G  0N042119
ContraCallMoveOnFMISC G  0N042120
ContraCallMoveOnGMISC G  0N042121
ContraCallMoveOnHMISC G  0N042122
ContraCallMoveOnIMISC G  0N042123
ContraCallMoveOnJMISC G  0N042124
ContraCallMoveOnKMISC G  0N042125
ContraCallMoveOnLMISC G  0N042126
ContraCallMoveOnMMISC G  0N042127
Convert The Triangle (Wave-Based)C4C 0N13262
CooperateC4D F 0N08263
CoordinatePL F 3070N08264
Corner's Change (fract)C4F 0N06266
CounterC2 F L 0N08267
Counter Clockwise DIRECTIONMISC  0D011678
Counter PointC4B 0N06268
Counter Rotate (fract)C1 Z 0N12269
Counter ShakeC4C F L  0N38270
CounteractC4B F L  0N28271
Couple #1 IDENTIFIERMISC A 0I011515
Couple #1 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I081951
Couple #2 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I011516
Couple #2 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I081952
Couple #3 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I011517
Couple #3 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I081953
Couple #4 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I011518
Couple #4 Position IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I081954
Couple #5 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I011855
Couple #6 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I011856
Couple #7 IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I012025
Couple #8 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I012026
Couple Of 3 CONCEPTA1V K 0Y131897
Couple UpC3A F L 2 0N24272
Couple(s) Twosome CONCEPTC3A 0Y12273
Couples CirculateB 5  1280N18274
Couples HingeMS 11 2100N14275
Couples TradeB 5 1432N14276
Couplet (anything) (By (anything))C4F  0Y14277
Courtesy TurnB 1 1200N12278
Cover UpC4A F L 0N08279
CrackleC4C  0N18280
Crazy CONCEPTC2 F L 0Y44282
Crazy DaisyC4F 0N08283
Crazy Phantom (setup) CONCEPTC4D  0Y41284
Create A ColumnC4C 0N02285
Create A DiamondC4F 0N18286
Criss Cross (n) Step(s) At A TimeC4D F L  0N36287
Criss Cross CONCEPTC4A G  0Y121780
Criss Cross Double Your PleasureC4F F  0N261535
Criss Cross Follow To A DiamondC4C M 0N04288
Criss Cross Scoot ApartC4D M  0N041416
Criss Cross Shadow The ColumnC4A M  0N081403
Criss Cross Shadow To A DiamondC4C M  0N08290
Criss Cross The DeuceyC3B M 0N08292
Criss Cross The DiamondC4C F L  0N48293
Criss Cross The ShadowC2 M 0N08294
Criss Cross Wind The BobbinC4D M  0N081647
Criss Cross Your NeighborC2 M 0N04291
Cross & DivideC4B 0N04295
Cross & TurnC1 0N14296
Cross & Turn The WaveC4F  0N14297
Cross & WheelC2 F L 0N28298
Cross (anyone) HopC4D F L  0N241369
Cross (anyone) TieC4D F L  0N38299
Cross (n) Step(s) At A TimeC3B F L 0N36300
Cross BackC2 M 0N14301
Cross Breed ThruC4C S 0N04302
Cross ByC1 M 0N18303
Cross Cast BackC1 M 0N11304
Cross Chain & RollC1 F L 0N38305
Cross Chain ReactionC3A 0N08306
Cross Chain ThruC1 F L 0N28307
Cross Chuck-A-LuckC3B F L 0N28308
Cross Clover And (anything)A1 M 0P16309
Cross CloverleafA1V K0N18311
Cross Concentric CONCEPTC2 0Y18312
Cross CONCEPTC4A G  0Y121779
Cross CounterC3A F L 0N38313
Cross Counter PointC4D  0N181560
Cross Cy-KickC4C  0N08314
Cross CycleC3B F L 0N34315
Cross Double DownC4B  0N08316
Cross Double Your PleasureC4B F  0N06317
Cross Drop (dir)C4A M  0N04318
Cross ExtendC1 M 0N14319
Cross FirePL F 3240N04320
Cross Flare Out To A LineC4F  0N181580
Cross Flip BackC3BVF LM  0N24321
Cross Flip The Line (fract)C3B M 0N04322
Cross Follow ThruC4A M 0N14325
Cross Follow To A (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4D M  0N081663
Cross Follow To A DiamondC4D M 0N141651
Cross Horseshoe TurnC4C 0N08326
Cross Invert The Column (fract)C2 M 0N48327
Cross Invert The TagC4D M  0N081586
Cross Linear CycleC4F  0N04330
Cross Lock The (anything)C3BV  0N041771
Cross Lock The HingeC3BVF L  0N24332
Cross LockitC3B 0N14333
Cross Loop & (fract) TagC3BV 0N04334
Cross Make A PassC4B F  0N08335
Cross Mini-PleasureC4C M  0N08336
Cross Nuclear ReactionC3B F L 0N081346
Cross Pair The LineC4C  0N14337
Cross RambleC2 F L S 0N28338
Cross Reach OutC4F 0N041382
Cross ReactivateC3B F 0N08339
Cross Reduce The ColumnC4F  0N081581
Cross Replace The ColumnC4C M 0N08340
Cross Roll (To A Line|Wave)C1 0N14341
Cross Roll To A DiamondC4F  0N041383
Cross Run AwayC4B  0N24343
Cross SashayC4C M 0N04345
Cross Scoot & Weave (from 1/4 Tag)C4D M  0N141697
Cross Scoot ApartC4F M 0N041640
Cross Select A(n) (anything)C4F M  0P381863
Cross Shadow Setup (anything)C4D M  0P18346
Cross Shadow To A DiamondC4F  0N081381
Cross Straight AwayC4F M  0N08347
Cross Swap The TopC3B 0N04348
Cross Swap The WindmillC4D F 0N08349
Cross The "K"C2 F L 0N28360
Cross The OceanC4F  0N04362
Cross The TopC4D F 0N04365
Cross To A DiamondC4C 0N18367
Cross To A Line (or Wave)C4C  0N18366
Cross To An (H.G.|I.L.D)C4F  0N181676
Cross Town RollC4D M 0N04351
Cross Trade & WheelC2 F L 0N38352
Cross Trade Your Neighbor (dir)C4B 0N08353
Cross Trail (left-shoulder partner tag)C4G  0N122131
Cross Trail ThruA1 0N14354
Cross Walk & DodgeC4F 0N14357
Cross Wind The BobbinC4D M  0N081419
Cross Your CornerC4G  0N082084
Cross Your NeighborC1 0N04358
Cross Zip The TopC4F  0N04359
Cross ZoomC4G  0N041738
Crossed Triple Boxes FORMATIONC4F  0F01356
Crossover CirculateA1 0N18368
Curl ApartC4B F L  0N24369
Curl ThruC4F 0N14370
Curli-CrossC4F F L S 0N24371
Curli-Cross The TopC4F F L S 0N34372
Curli-PassC4F F L S 0N23373
Curli-WheelC4D F S 0N04374
CurliqueC4F S 0N12375
Curve (dir)C4A I M  0N11376
Cut AcrossC4F F 0N28377
Cut The (Line|Wave)C4F  0N18378
Cut The (setup)C4D  0N14379
Cut The DiamondPL 3270N14380
Cut The GalaxyC1 0N18381
Cut The HourglassA2 0N18382
Cy-KickC4B 0N08383
Cycle & WheelA1 0N04385
Cycle And (anything)C4D 0P04384
Daisy ChainC4G 0N08386
Decreasing Diamond CONCEPTC4F  0Y061654
Deflate The (setup)C4F  0N08387
Delay CONCEPTC4F  0Y11388
DelightC3A F 0N08390
DeluxeC4F 0N04391
Deny (anyone) CONCEPTC4F  0Y12392
DerbyC4F  0N04393
DetachC4F  0N081420
DetourC2 M 0N18394
Detract (anything | n)C4E  0N381940
Deuces WildC4B 0N18395
Diagonal (C|L|W) FORMATIONC4A 0F04397
Diagonal 1/4 Tag FORMATIONC4C  0F08398
Diagonal Box FORMATIONC3B 0F04396
Diamond (SwTh|SiRot) CONCEPTC4A 0Y14400
Diamond Chain ThruA2 F L 0N38402
Diamond CirculatePL 3190N14403
Diamond FORMATIONMISC 0F041541
Diamond InletC4D 0N08404
Diamond OutletC4D 0N181669
Diamond RecycleC4D  0N04405
DilemmaC3A F 0N08406
Directional All Eight Fan The TopMISC G  0N182080
Directional All Eight Spin The TopMISC G  0N282081
Directional Allemande LeftMISC G  1071N182105
Directional Centers RunMISC G M  0N082087
Directional CloverleafMISC G M  0N082069
Directional Cross ByMISC G M  0N082086
Directional DopasoMISC G  1221N082152
Directional Half SashayMISC G  0N022137
Directional Outer Code (n)MISC G  0N082099
Directional Pair OffMISC G  0N042100
Directional Slip The ClutchMISC G  2061N082095
Directional Split CirculateMISC G  0N082108
Directional SpreadMISC G M  0N082070
Directional Step ThruMISC G  0N282107
Directional SubstituteMISC G M  0N082072
Directional Turn ThruMISC G  0N022093
Directional Wheel AroundMISC G  0N122140
Directional ZoomMISC G M  0N042082
DisbandC3B F LM 0N28408
Disconnected (setup) CONCEPTC2 0Y12409
DisperseC4F F L 0N28410
Distorted (setup) CONCEPTC1V K 0Y13411
Dive ThruB 3F L 1390N08412
Divi-UpC4E 0N16413
DivideMISC G M  0N16414
Divide & PairC4F M 0N18415
Divide The (Ocean|Sea) (dir)C3B F 0N06416
Divided Phantom (setup) FORMATIONC4G  0F011685
Dixie (fract) TagC4A 0N041981
Dixie (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4D  0N08417
Dixie ChainC4D F L 0N34418
Dixie DaisyC4D F L 0N34419
Dixie DerbyC4C 0N04420
Dixie DiamondC1 F L 0N24421
Dixie GrandPL 3290N38422
Dixie SashayC1 L 0N04423
Dixie SpinC4A F L 0N24424
Dixie Style (To An Ocean Wave)MS F L 2180N24425
Dixie TwirlC4G 0N042050
Dixie WheelC4G 0N041650
Do PasoB L S 1220N38428
Do The Centers Part CONCEPT (Central)PLV K 0Y121748
Do The Ends Part CONCEPT (Peripheral)PLV K 0Y121829
Do Your Part CONCEPTMSV  0Y111355
Dodge (anything)C2 M 0P16430
Don't StopMISC M  0N041729
DosadoB 1 G 1030N12429
Double CrossA1V M 0N161901
Double DownC4B 0N08432
Double Echo CONCEPTC4C F  0M112091
Double Offset (setup) CONCEPTC4D  0F08433
Double Orbit CirculateC4G  0N08434
Double Pass ThruB 7 1320N04435
Double Pass Thru FORMATIONMISC G  0F041859
Double Star ThruA1 F L S 0N24438
Double The GnatC4G S  0N222058
Double The WaveC4F F L 0N28440
Double Your PleasureC4A F 0N06439
Double-Bent (setup) FORMATIONC4A  0F031813
Dovetail (anything) With (anything)C4E  0Y111883
Drag The (anyone) For (anything)C4A I 0Y121854
DreamC4B S  0N08441
Drift ApartC3A 0N28442
Drift AroundC4F 0N14443
Drop (dir)C2 M 0N04444
Dunlap (setup) CONCEPTC4F 0Y18445
Duplicate (anyone) CONCEPTC4F  0Y12446
E.R.A.C4F I M S  0N11447
Each Side CONCEPTMISC  0Y081443
Ease OffC3A 0N28448
Easy Does ItC4F M 0N18449
Echo CONCEPTC3B F 0M111871
Eight By (anything)C3A 0P16450
Eight Chain (Thru|n)MS 2030N88121
Eight Roll Away With A Half SashayC4F F L 0N22451
Emulate CONCEPTC4F  0Y11452
End(s) IDENTIFIERMISC0 2  0I011441
Ends BendA1 M 0N14453
Ends Cut InC4B 0N18454
Ends of Columns IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082012
Ends of Lines IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082010
Ends Turn InC4G  0N042059
EraseC4C 0N14455
Evenly CONCEPTC3B F 0M12843
Everybody ChainC4G S 0N08456
Everyone (special case) IDENTIFIERMISC G  0I021910
Everyone Except (anyone) IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011833
Except For (part N) CONCEPTC4A M  0Y011948
Exchange The (setup) (fract)C4D  0N46457
Exchange The 3 By 1 Triangles (fract)C3AV K 0N481733
Exchange The Boxes (fract)C3A 0N48458
Exchange The Diamonds (fract)C2 0N48459
Exchange The Triangles (fract)C3A 0N36460
Expand (The Column)C3A M 0N08462
Explode (from a Line)A1 M 2 0N14464
Explode (from a Wave)PL M 2 0N14465
Explode (generic)PL G M 2 0N141751
Explode The CloverC4F 0N06466
Explode The DiamondC3B 0N08467
Explode The LineA1 F L 0N24468
Explode The TopC3A F 0N08469
Explode The WavePL F L 3140N24470
ExplosionC4C M 0N08471
Extend (from a 1/4 Tag)B 9 M 1541N141912
Extend (from non 1/4 Tag)PL 9 M 1542N141913
Extend (generic)B 9 G 1540N14472
Face (dir)MSV M Z 0N11473
Face (Right|Left)BV M 0N0182
Face The Back Of The HallMISC A M  0N112020
Face The Couple On The (Right|Left)MISC G  0N082102
Face The Fourth PositionMISC A M  0N112022
Face The MusicMISC A M 0N111384
Face The Second PositionMISC A M  0N112021
Face Your CornerMISC G S 0N041882
Face Your Original PartnerMISC G S  0N041965
Face Your PartnerMISC G S 0N042039
Facing (setup) CONCEPTC4A  0Y121329
Facing Lines FORMATIONMISC  0F081609
Fall Into A ColumnC4B M 0N08474
Fan & Cross ThruC4C 0N04475
Fan BackC4C 0N14476
Fan CONCEPTC3B 0Y14477
Fan The GateC4B M 0N08479
Fan The Gating (anything)C4B 0P081536
Fan The TopPL 3130N14480
Fan ThruC4A 0N14478
FancyC3A M 0N081320
FascinateC2 M 0N08482
Fascinating (anything)C2 0P08483
Ferris (anything)C4F 0P18484
Ferris To A ColumnC4F  0N08487
Ferris Trade & WheelC4B M 0N08485
Ferris WheelB 10 M 1650N08486
Fiddle AroundC4F  0N08488
File To A LineC2 M 0N08489
Finally CONCEPTC3A 0M001827
Finish CONCEPTC1V 0Y11491
First (anything)C4F  0N081537
First ChoiceC4B  0N08493
First Half CONCEPTC4A  0M011994
First Right, Next LeftBV 7 1330N181781
First Right, Next RightBV 7 G  1331N182019
First Split Circulate (of Plenty)C1V G M K 0N082040
Flare Out To A LineC3A 0N18495
Flare The StarC4C 0N04496
Flip BackC1 F LM 0N24497
Flip ReactionC3A 0N08498
Flip The (setup)C4D  0N04501
Flip The DiamondPL 3220N14502
Flip The GalaxyC1 0N18503
Flip The HourglassA2 0N18504
Flip The LineC1 M 0N04505
Flip Your LidC3B M 0N08499
Flip Your NeighborC2 F LM 0N24500
Flowing (anything)C4E MR  0P141902
Flutter The LineC4G 0N042066
Flutter WheelB 6 1570N04508
Fly AwayC4F  0N081360
Fly The CoopC4B F L  0N462143
Fold The LineC4G G M  0N142138
Follow & Criss CrossC4C F  0N08510
Follow & CrossC4C F M 0N08511
Follow The Yellow Brick RoadC4C 0N08516
Follow The Yellow Bricking (anything)C4C M  0N081385
Follow ThruC1 0N14512
Follow To A (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4C M 0N08517
Follow To A DiamondC3A M 0N04518
Follow Your LeaderC3A 0N08513
Follow Your NeighborPL M 3120N04514
Forward & BackB 1 G 1020N02519
Forward (As You Are) DIRECTIONMISC  0D011509
Fourthly CONCEPTC3B 0M001911
Fractal CONCEPTC4G 0Y011888
Front-To-Back (setup) CONCEPTC4E  0Y12520
Funny CONCEPTC2 0Y12522
Funny Square Thru (n)C2 0N44523
Furthest IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I111805
Galax-a-glass FORMATIONMISC GA M  0F081997
Galaxy CirculateC1 0N18524
Galaxy FORMATIONC1 0F081512
Gee WhizC3B 0N08525
Generous CONCEPTC3B M 0Y122038
Gents Roll Back Promenade The NextMISC G  0N082098
Girl(s) IDENTIFIERMISC0 S  0I011436
Girls go Left, Boys go RightMISC G S  0N082047
Go Backward (N)MISC G K 0N082064
Go First ClassC4B 0N18526
Go Forward (N)MISC G K 0N082063
Good & (Little|More|Plenty|Rally)C4F F  0N081404
Good ShowC3B M 0N08527
Grand 1/4 MixC3AVF L K 0N361551
Grand 1/4 ThruA1 F L 0N26529
Grand 3/4 MixC3AVF L K 0N361552
Grand 3/4 ThruA1 F L 0N26530
Grand Chain EightC2 F 0N08532
Grand CONCEPTA2V K 0Y16531
Grand Cross BackC2 0N161550
Grand Cross Roll (To A Line|Wave)C4F  0N16535
Grand Cross Trade & WheelC2 F L 0N38536
Grand Cross Trade And (anything)C2V FG  0P281773
Grand EraseC4F  0N16538
Grand Follow Your NeighborA1 M 0N06539
Grand Linear CycleC4F  0N08540
Grand MixC3A F L 0N26541
Grand ParadeC4G 0N08542
Grand ProwlC4G  0N082151
Grand RemakeA2 F L 0N361786
Grand Run WildC4C F L  0N26544
Grand SashayC4G 0N882060
Grand Single Concentric CONCEPTC4D  0Y06533
Grand Single Cross & WheelC2 F L 0N26545
Grand Single Cross Concentric CONCEPTC4D  0Y06534
Grand Single Cross Trade & WheelC2 F L 0N36546
Grand SlideC4G 0N082135
Grand SpinC4G 0N082061
Grand Spin The TopC4F F L 0N26547
Grand SquareB 4 1300N08548
Grand SweepC4G 0N082092
Grand Swing & MixC3A F L K0N36549
Grand Swing ThruPL F L 3230N26550
Grand Switch (The Line|Wave)C4F 0N16551
Grand WeaveC4G  0N082090
Grand Working (dir) CONCEPTC4A 0Y061413
Grand Working As (Ends|Centers) CONCEPTC4A  0Y061632
GravitateC4B 0N08554
Gruesome Skewsome CONCEPTC4D M  0Y081920
Gruesome Twosome CONCEPTC4D  0Y18555
Half And Half (anything By anything)C4B M  0Y111969
Half SashayB 2 1110N12557
HammerlaneC4F  0N04559
Hang A (Right|Left)C4B M 0N08561
Hang LooseC4C M  0N08560
Head Position IDENTIFIERMISC0  0I081810
Head(s) IDENTIFIERMISC0 0I011431
Here Comes The JudgeC2 0N13562
HingeMSV 0N12564
Hinge & Circulate (dir)C4F F  0N08565
Hinge & TradeC4F F 0N08566
Hinge And FlutterC4G 0N042065
Hinge By (n) By (n) (By (n))C4A F L Z  0N23567
Hinge The Cross LockC3BVF L  0N24568
Hinge The LockC3A F L 0N24569
Hinge The TopC4A F L 0N241373
Hit The WallC4F 0N18570
Hocus PocusC2 0N08571
HOMEMISC M  0N181508
Hoop De DoC4F S 0N28572
Horizontal Split SquaresMISC G M  0N0162028
Horseshoe TurnA1 0N18574
Hot Foot SpinC4B F L 0N38575
Hour-Galaxy FORMATIONMISC G  0F081914
Hourglass (Inlet|Outlet)C4D 0N081739
Hourglass CirculateA2 0N18576
Hourglass FORMATIONA2 0F081511
Hubs Trade (anything)C2 F 0P04577
Hubs Trade BackC2 F L 0N28578
If You Want To CONCEPTMISC  0Y011711
Ignore (anyone) For (anything)A1V 0Y12579
In (anything) Out (anything) CONCEPTC4F  0Y18581
In Roll CirculateA2 M 0N16582
In StyleC4F 0N18584
In-Facing IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011822
Increasing Diamond CONCEPTC4F  0Y061653
Individually (or Normal) CONCEPTMISC  0Y011478
Inflate (To An "O")C4G  0N08585
Initially CONCEPTC3A 0M001807
InletC2 0N18586
Inner Code (n)C4F 0N06587
Inneracting CONCEPTC4E  0Y16588
Inneractives IDENTIFIERC4C  0I041794
Innermost IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011799
Inpoint Triangle FORMATIONC1 0F08589
Inside Arch, Outside UnderC4G G  0N182101
Inside Out Outside InMISC G M 0N182073
Inside Phantom Boxes FORMATIONC4D  0F011387
Inside Triangle FORMATIONC1 0F08590
Interchange CONCEPTC4E  0Y121655
Interlace (anything) With (anything)C4C  0Y141336
Interlocked (setup) CONCEPTC2V K 0Y16591
Interlocked 3 By 1 Triangles FORMATIONC2 0F08102
Interlocked CounterC3B 0N08592
Interlocked Diamond FORMATIONC1 0F08593
Interlocked Extend (from 1/4 Tag)C3A  0N181656
Interlocked LittleC3A 0N08594
Interlocked Little MoreC3A F L 0N08595
Interlocked Pairs CONCEPTC4D  0Y182076
Interlocked Parallelogram FORMATIONC4C 0F08596
Interlocked Phantom (C|L|W) FORMATIONC4A 0F11597
Interlocked Phantom (setup) CONCEPTC4E  0Y111386
Interlocked Phantom 1/4 Tag FORMATIONC4E  0F01598
Interlocked Phantom Boxes FORMATIONC4D  0F01600
Interlocked Phantom Diamonds FORMATIONC4D  0F01601
Interlocked PlentyC3A 0N08602
Interlocked RallyC3B 0N08603
Interlocked RambleC3B F L S 0N28604
Interlocked Scoot (Back)C3A M 0N18605
Interlocked Scoot Chain ThruC3A M 0N081406
Interlocked Sterling Chain ThruC4F  0N081423
Interlocked Trace (any) By (any)C4E M  0Y18606
Interlocked Triangle FORMATIONC2 0F06607
Interrupt CONCEPTC1V 0Y12608
Invert (Ends & Centers CONCEPT)C4C  0Y14609
Invert The Column (fract)C2 M 0N48611
Invert The TagC2V 0N08610
IsolateC4E 0N14614
Jam ThruC4B F L 0N08615
Jay CONCEPTC3A 0Y12616
Jay Of 3 CONCEPTC3BV G  0Y131967
JaywalkC1 0N12617
Join The GroupC4G 0N081456
Join Two SquaresMISC G M  0N0162027
Keep BusyC3A 0N48618
Kick The HabitC4B 0N16620
L-H (setup) IDENTIFIERMISC  0I121557
Ladder CONCEPTC4F  0Y181571
Ladies Chain (fract)B 1 S 1210N04622
Ladies In, Men SashayB 2 RS 1130N16623
Last Half CONCEPTC4A  0M011995
Latch On (fract)C3A F L 0N22624
Lateral CONCEPTC4D M  0Y021850
Lateral SubstituteC2 M 0N16625
Lead (Right|Left)B 5 M 1230N14626
Lead The ClassC4F M  0N08627
Lead The WayC4F 0N28628
Leader(s) IDENTIFIERMISC5 0I011433
Left (or Reverse used as Mirror) CONCEPTMISC1 0Y11630
Left (special use) CONCEPTMISC G  0Y012032
Left Swing ThruB F L  1500N23631
Left Wheel ThruA1 0N14632
Less Or More CONCEPTC4E  0Y121845
Lickety SplitC3B 0N18633
Lift OffC3B F 0N08634
Like A(n) CONCEPT (i.e., Last Part)C4A  0Y111860
Line Of 10 FORMATIONMISC  0F001962
Line Of 3 (Wheel & Spread) CONCEPTC4F  0Y131388
Line Of 3 FORMATIONMISC  0F031599
Line Of 5 FORMATIONMISC  0N051894
Line Of 6 FORMATIONMISC  0F061543
Line Of 8 FORMATIONMISC  0F081891
Line To LineC4C F L 0N38637
Linear ActionC1 F 0N08638
Linear Action But Cross ItC4C F 0N08639
Linear CyclePL F 3060N04640
Linear FlowC4D  0N08641
Linear Flow But Criss Cross ItC4D  0N08289
Linear Flow But Cross ItC4D  0N08331
Linear To A NeighborC4G  0N04642
Lines (anything) ThruC2 0P16643
Lines DivideC4F 0N14644
Lines Pair (In|Out)C4F 0N04645
Lines Walk (dir)C4C M 0N08646
Link UpC3A M 0N08647
Link Up But (anything)C4E M  0N081926
LittleC1 0N08648
Little Diamond IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082033
Little MoreC2 F 0N28649
Load The BoatPL F 3040N48650
Lock 'Em UpC3B F L 0N481359
Lock The (anything)C3AV 0N041770
Lock The HingeC3A F L 0N24651
Locker's ChoiceC3A F L 0N38652
LockitA1 0N14653
Lonesome IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I011973
Long TripC4C F L 0N28654
Longer CONCEPTC4D 0Y141983
Looking GoodC4F F L S 0N24655
Loop & (fract) TagC3B 0N04656
Loop (n)C2 I M 0N11657
Loop The LoopC4G 0N042083
M.C.P.C4F I M S  0N11659
Magic (generic) CONCEPTC1V G  0Y081368
Magic (Line|Wave) CONCEPTC4D 0Y16660
Magic Column CONCEPTC1 0Y16661
Magic Diamond CONCEPTC4D 0Y18662
Magic Interlocked Diamond CONCEPTC4E  0Y18663
Magic Walk Out To A ColumnC4F  0N081424
Make A PassC4B F 0N06664
Make MagicC1 0N18666
Make Me A ColumnC4G 0N08668
Make Me An "O"C4G  0N08667
Mark TimeC4B F 0N08669
Matrix CONCEPTC4E Z  0Y11670
May Day (dir)C4F 0N08671
Melded (As Couples|Tandem) CONCEPTC4D  0Y042106
Melded Skewsome CONCEPTC4F  0Y041741
Men In, Ladies SashayMISC MRS  0N161974
MeshC4C 0N12672
Middle Diamond IDENTIFIERMISC G M  0I082017
Middle Half CONCEPTC4C  0M012023
Mimic CONCEPTC4E  0Y122008
Mini "O" FORMATIONC4F  0F031332
Mini BusyA2 0N38676
Mini Butterfly FORMATIONC4C  0F06673
Mini ChaseC3A 0N14674
Mini PleasureC4B 0N08675
Mini-Wave FORMATIONMISC  0F021714
Mirror CONCEPTC3B 0Y11679
Mirror Cross Swap The TopC3B 0N04832
MixA1 F L 0N24680
Mix The DealC4G 0N081999
Mix The LineC4D 0N18684
Mixed Up Square ThruC4E 0N08686
More Or Less CONCEPTC4E 0Y12688
MotivateA2 F 0N08689
Move Along (To Lines)BV M  0N18691
Move UpMISC  0N011730
Mystic CONCEPTC4C 0Y18692
Mystic TurnC4G  0N14693
Nearest IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I111804
NearFarSpotFour IDENTIFIERMISC GA  0I111885
NearFarSpotTwo IDENTIFIERMISC GA  0I111884
Nice & EasyC4C 0N08695
NicelyC4D F L 0N24696
NightmareC4B S  0N08697
Nip & TuckC4F 0N04698
Non-Center-"Z" IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141792
Non-Center-1x4 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141761
Non-Center-1x6 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I121767
Non-Center-Diamond IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141760
NothingMISC M  0N011510
Nuclear ReactionC3B F L 0N081345
Ocean (Right) DIRECTIONMISC  0D011762
Oddly CONCEPTC3B F 0M12795
Offset (C|L|W) FORMATIONC2 0F04699
Offset (setup) CONCEPTC2V K 0Y04700
On The Diagonal CONCEPTMISC G M  0Y021976
On To The NextMISC G M  0N082052
On Your Own CONCEPTC4F  0Y18702
Once Removed CONCEPTC2 0Y14703
Once Removed Diamond FORMATIONC2 0F08704
One-Faced (setup) CONCEPTMISC  0Y121858
One-Faced Line FORMATIONMISC G  0F041847
Open Up But (anything)C3A M 0P08705
Open Up The ColumnC3A M 0N08706
Opposite IDENTIFIERMISC  0I081702
Opt For (a setup) CONCEPTC4D  0Y02707
Or (as in "O" Or Butterfly)MISC G  0Y011838
Orbit (setup) CONCEPTC4F  0P181877
Orbit Board CONCEPTC4F  0P181562
Orbit Box CONCEPTC4F  0P181567
Orbit CirculateC4D 0N18708
Oreo (anything Around anything)C4E M  0Y312148
Other(s) IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011468
Out Roll CirculateA2 M 0N16709
Out-Facing IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011823
OutbackC4G M 0N081931
Outboard "Z" FORMATIONC4G  0F08711
Outer 4 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I141437
Outer 6 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I161440
Outer 8 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I181968
Outer Code (n)C4F  0N06712
Outeracting CONCEPTC4E  0Y16713
Outeractives IDENTIFIERC4C  0I041795
Outermost IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011798
OutletC2 0N18714
Outpoint Triangle FORMATIONC1  0F08715
OutpostC4A F L 0N38716
Outside Triangle FORMATIONC1  0F08717
Overlapping (setup) CONCEPTC4E  0Y041422
Overlapping Diamond FORMATIONC4D  0F04718
Own The (anyone) CONCEPTC3A M 0Y14719
P.U. CONCEPTC4G  0Y14720
Pair OffA1 M Z2 0N14721
Pair The LineC4C M 0N14722
Parallelogram Block FORMATIONC4D  0F08725
Parallelogram FORMATIONC2 0F06726
Part (of a call)MISC M  0Y001707
Partner HingeA1 0N12727
Partner TagA1 0N22728
Pass "Z" AxleC3B F L 0N441334
Pass & RollA2 F L 0N44729
Pass & Roll The AxleC4F F 0N08731
Pass & Roll Your NeighborA2 F 0N04730
Pass (Right|Left)C4F 0N02732
Pass By (n)BV G  0N081971
Pass InA1 F L Z2 0N24733
Pass OutA1 F L Z2 0N24734
Pass The "K"C4G F L 0N281690
Pass The AxleC1 F L 0N48736
Pass The OceanB 9F L 1530N34737
Pass The SeaA1 F L 0N34738
Pass The TopC4B 0N08739
Pass ThruB 1 1100N12735
Pass To The CenterMS F L 2040N28740
Pass To The OutsideC4F F L 0N28741
Patch (anyone)C3A F L 0N22742
Peel & TrailA2 0N04743
Peel Chain ThruC3A 0N08745
Peel OffPL M 2 3050N14746
Peel The DealC4C M 2 0N14747
Peel The TopPL F LM 3180N24748
Peel To A (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4F  0N181661
Peel To A DiamondC2 0N04751
PercolateC1 F L 0N08752
Perk UpC2 F 0N08753
Phantom "O" Or Butterfly CONCEPTC4C  0Y081531
Phantom (Lines|Waves) FORMATIONC3B 0F01754
Phantom (setup) CONCEPTC4E  0Y111389
Phantom 1/4 Tag FORMATIONC4C  0F011718
Phantom Boxes FORMATIONC4C  0F01761
Phantom Columns FORMATIONC3B 0F01756
Phantom CONCEPTC1 0Y11755
Phantom Couples CONCEPTC4D  0Y011636
Phantom Couples Twosome CONCEPTC4D  0Y011639
Phantom Diamonds FORMATIONC4C  0F01762
Phantom Interlocked Blocks FORMATIONC4D  0F01757
Phantom Offset (C|L|W) CONCEPTC4C  0Y11758
Phantom Tandem CONCEPTC4B  0Y11760
Phantom Tandem Twosome CONCEPTC4D  0Y081583
Phantom Triangular Boxes FORMATIONC4F  0F011734
Phantom Wave Of 12 FORMATIONC1V K 0F021790
Phantoms IDENTIFIERMISC  0I011679
Pick & Choose (anything) By (anything)C4G  0P08763
Pick Up Your (Corner | Partner)MISC G  0N041950
Piece Of CakeC4F  0N08764
Piecewise CONCEPTC4C  0M14765
Pin (anything)C4E M  0P161835
Ping Pong CirculatePL M 3030N18767
Ping To A DiamondC4F  0N041742
Pitch (dir)C4F 0N02768
Plan AheadC3A 0N08769
Play For (n) CONCEPTC4G  0Y341665
PlentyC1 0N08770
Point-To-Point Diamonds FORMATIONMISC  0F081525
Polly WallyC3A 0N08772
PopC4D  0N04773
Potpourri (anything) By (anything)C4G  0P08774
Prefer The (anyone) For (anything)C1V 0Y12775
Press (dir)C2 I M 0N11776
Press AheadC1 I M 0N11777
Press For TimeC4D  0N08778
PrestoC4B 0N06779
Progressive CONCEPTC4F  0Y14780
Progressive Triangle CONCEPTC4F  0Y14781
Promenade (fract)B 1 1040N18782
Promenade HomeB 1 G S 1041N181430
Pull ByBV G  0N12783
Push OffC4B F 0N08784
Push Open the GateC4C F L S 0N08785
Put Ladies Center Back-to-BackMISC G  0N181993
Quadruple (4 times) CONCEPTMISC0  0Y411502
Quadruple (setup) CONCEPTC3B 0Y081457
Quadruple (setups) Working (direction)C4A  0Y111658
Quadruple (setups) Working ApartC4E  0Y111660
Quadruple (setups) Working TogetherC4E  0Y111659
Quick (anything)C3A M 0P06788
Quick ChangeC4C F L 0N26789
Quick StepC3A M 0N06790
Quick WrapC4A M  0N08791
Quintuple (5 times) CONCEPTMISC0  0Y511946
Quintuple (setup) CONCEPTC4D  0Y081830
R-H (setup) IDENTIFIERMISC  0I121556
R.C.W.C4G  0N08792
Rainbow StrollC4G  0N082088
RallyC3A F L 0N28793
RambleC1 F L S 0N28794
Randomize Between (any) And (any)C4D  0Y041417
Reach OutC3A 0N04797
ReactivateC3B 0N08798
Rear BackMISC  0N121731
RecallC4G  0N082051
ReciprocateC4D 0N08799
RecoilC3A F L 0N24800
ReconstructC4G F L  0N381945
RecountC4B M 0N08801
Recycle (from a Wave)MS 12F L 2250N34803
Recycle (from Facing Couples)A2 0N14802
Recycle (generic)MS 12 G 2251N041750
Red HotC4G F L S 0N382079
Reduce The ColumnC4F 0N081465
Reflected (Tag) CONCEPTC3B 0Y241347
RegroupC1 0N28804
Relay Shadow To A DiamondC4F F 0N081390
Relay The DeuceyPL F 3170N68806
Relay The DiamondC4D F L 0N08807
Relay The ShadowC1 F 0N08808
Relay The Shadow (anyone) Criss CrossC2V F K 0N081692
Relay The TopC1 F 0N48809
Relay Your PleasureC4B F 0N08805
Release (anything)C3A F M 0P18811
Release The ColumnC4G F 0N08812
Relocate (The Setup)C2 Z 0N16813
Relocate The DiamondC2 0N18814
RemakeA2 F L 0N33816
Remake The TharA2 F LM 0N38817
Remember The AlamoC4B M 0N08818
Replace (any) With (any) CONCEPTA1V 0Y11819
Replace The ColumnC4C M 0N08820
ReplayC4G  0N08821
Reset (fract)C3B F L 2 0N44822
Reshape (The Triangle)C2 M 0N13823
Retain Your LaneC4F  0N08824
Retreat The LineC4D M 2 0N14825
Return To The CoopC4E F L  0N462145
Reverse (Mirror) Swap The TopC3A 0N04853
Reverse (special case) CONCEPTMISC G  0Y011947
Reverse (used as Mirror) CONCEPTC4F  0Y021506
Reverse Change-OC4D M  0N18827
Reverse Checkpoint (any) By (any)C3B 0Y16828
Reverse Circle HomeMISC G S  0N181979
Reverse Crazy CONCEPTC2 F L 0Y44830
Reverse Cross & TurnC1 0N14831
Reverse Cut The (setup)C4D  0N14833
Reverse Cut The DiamondC2 0N14834
Reverse Cut The GalaxyC2 0N18835
Reverse DirectionMISC G R  0N142057
Reverse Echo CONCEPTC4D F  0M111908
Reverse Explode (from a Line)C4D M 2  0N04837
Reverse Explode (from a Wave)C1 M 2 3150N04836
Reverse Explode (generic)C1 G M 2 3151N041752
Reverse Flip The (setup)C4D  0N14838
Reverse Flip The DiamondC2 0N14839
Reverse Flip The GalaxyC2 0N18840
Reverse Flip The HourglassC4C 0N18841
Reverse Flutter WheelB 6 1580N04842
Reverse Order CONCEPTC3B F 0Y11826
Reverse Rotate (from Columns)C3B F L  0N28845
Reverse Rotate (from lines)C2 F L 0N24847
Reverse Rotate (from SqSet)C1 F L 0N28846
Reverse Rotate (generic)C1 FG L Z  0N241753
Reverse Single Rotate (from Columns)C3B F L  0N28848
Reverse Single Rotate (from lines)C2 F L 0N24850
Reverse Single Rotate (from SqSet)C1 F L 0N28849
Reverse Single Rotate (generic)C1 FG L Z  0N241754
Reverse Split SwapC2 0N14851
Reverse Stack The LineC4F F L 0N241391
Reverse Swap AroundA1 0N14852
Reverse The DiamondC4D 0N18855
Reverse The Pass (fract)C3B F L 0N34856
Reverse The TopC3B F L 0N24857
Reverse TruckC2 I S 0N111958
Reverse Wheel And (anything)C1 0P16854
Revert (The) (any Tag call)C4B 0Y24858
Revolve To A WaveC3B 0N14860
Rewind CONCEPTC4E  0Y11862
Ride The TideC4B F L S 0N38863
Right & Left GrandB 1F L S 1080N481356
Right & Left RollC4F F L 0N04864
Right & Left ThruB 6F L 1290N24865
Right DIRECTIONMISC0  0D011472
Right Hand High, Left Hand LowC4G 0  0N142155
Right-Hand Lady IDENTIFIERMISC S  0I081701
Rims Trade (anything)C2 F 0P04866
Rims Trade BackC2 F L 0N28867
Rip OffC3B 0N14870
Rip SawC4E F LM 0N28868
Rip The LineC4F 0N14869
RollPL MR 3110N11873
Roll (Promenade)MISC G S  0P081944
Roll Back (n) (from Promenade)BV  0N18874
Roll In (Centers - from Promenade)MISC  0N082149
Roll Out The BarrelC4B  0N08875
Roll Out To A ColumnC4C F L 0N38876
Roll The LineC4F M 2 0N04877
Roll The WaveC4F M 2 0N04878
Roll'EmC4B 0N16879
RollawayB 2 1120N12880
Rolling (anything)C4E MR  0P111903
Rotary (anything)C2 F 0P08882
Rotary CirculateC4C M 0N08883
Rotary SpinC1 F 0N08884
Rotary Spin The WindmillC4F 0N181534
Rotate (from Columns)C3B F L  0N28885
Rotate (from lines)C2 F L 0N24887
Rotate (from SqSet)C1 F L 0N28886
Rotate (generic)C1 FG L Z 0N241755
Round & CrossC4F F L 0N28888
Round & SpreadC4F F L  0N281392
Round OffC4D M 0N08889
Round The HornC4C 0N08890
Run AwayC4B 0N24892
Run WildC4A F L 0N24894
Same Sex(es) IDENTIFIERMISC S  0I041475
Sandwich (anything Around anything)C4B M  0Y111870
Sashay ThruC4C 0N04897
ScamperC4E F L 0N28898
Scatter CirculateC3A 0N18899
Scatter CONCEPTC4D M 0Y181918
Scatter ScootC1 0N18900
Scatter Scoot Chain ThruC1 0N08901
Scoot & CounterC2 F L 0N08902
Scoot & Cross CounterC3A F L 0N48903
Scoot & Cross RambleC2 F L S 0N38904
Scoot & DodgeA1 0N14905
Scoot & FancyC3A F 0N28906
Scoot & LittleC1 F 0N08907
Scoot & Little MoreC2 F 0N08908
Scoot & PlentyC1 F 0N08909
Scoot & RallyC3A F 0N08910
Scoot & RambleC1 F L S 0N38911
Scoot & RelocateC4G F  0N08912
Scoot & WeaveA2 F LM 0N24913
Scoot ApartC4B M 0N04914
Scoot BackMS 12 2240N14915
Scoot Chain ThruA2 0N08916
Scoot Chain Thru & DodgeC4A G  0N081899
Scoot ReactionC3A F 0N08917
Scoot The (setup)C3AVF L K 0N031815
Scoot The DiamondC3A F L 0N04918
Scoot The Exchange The DiamondC4G  0N08919
ScrambleC3B F L 0N28920
Sea (Left) DIRECTIONMISC  0D011763
Second Split Circulate (of Plenty)C1V G M K 0N082041
Secondly CONCEPTC3B 0M001872
See SawB S 1360N18921
Select A(n) (anything)C4G M 0P381862
SeparateB 7 1160N121726
Separate go HalfwayBV 7 G  1161N082153
Set BackC4C F LM 0N28923
Set Your PaceC4F F L  0N08924
Sets In MotionC2 0N08925
Sets In Motion Plus (1|2)C4C 0N08926
Settle BackC4D F L 0N28927
Settle DownC4G  0N08928
Sextuple (setup) CONCEPTC4D  0Y082113
Shadow (setup) (anything)C4A M 0P18929
Shadow The ColumnC4A M 0N081402
Shadow The HourglassC4E 0N18930
Shadow To A DiamondC4B M 0N08931
Shake & RattleC3B 0N14932
ShakedownC1 0N14933
ShazamC2 F L 0N22935
Shift (n) CONCEPTC4C  0Y081414
Ship AhoyC4F  0N08936
Shoot The StarB 2070N18937
Short & SweetC4B 0N14938
Short (n) FORMATIONC4D G  0F001866
Short CutC4B 0N14940
Short CycleC4B 0N04941
Short Six FORMATIONC4C 0F06939
Short TripC4C M  0N18942
Shorter CONCEPTC4D 0Y141982
Shuffle & WheelC4D 0N14945
Shuffle The DeckC4D 0N14946
Shuttle (anything)C4D S 0P24947
Siamese BreakdownC4D  0N12949
Siamese CONCEPTC1 0Y14950
Siamese Twosome CONCEPTC3A 0Y14948
Side Position IDENTIFIERMISC0  0I081811
Side(s) IDENTIFIERMISC0  0I011432
Side-By-Side Dancers IDENTIFIERMISC G  0I021921
Sidetrack (fract)C3B F L 0N38951
Single 1/4 Tag FORMATIONMISC  0F041600
Single 3/4 Tag FORMATIONMISC  0F041865
Single Bounce (anyone)C2 F LM 0N22952
Single CheckmateC3A M 0N04173
Single Circle (NOT to a Wave)PLV G  0N021957
Single Circle To A LineC4F F L S  0N22954
Single Circle To A WavePL 8 3200N02955
Single Concentric CONCEPTC4C  0Y04956
Single CONCEPTC4A 0Y12953
Single Counter ShakeC4D F L  0N34957
Single Cross & WheelC2 F L 2 0N24958
Single Cross Concentric CONCEPTC4C  0Y14959
Single Cross Trade & WheelC2 F L 0N34960
Single Ferris WheelC3A M 0N041928
Single File (Dixie movement) CONCEPTMISC G  0Y041861
Single File (Recycle|Recoil)C3A 0Y141708
Single File CONCEPTC4A  0Y14961
Single File PromenadeB 1  1050N141628
Single File Promenade HomeB 1 G S  1051N181785
Single Hang A (Right|Left)C4D M  0N04962
Single HingeMS 11 2090N12963
Single Hinge & TradeC4A F 0N04964
Single Mark TimeC4C F LM  0N04965
Single Mix The LineC4C 2  0N04967
Single Polly WallyC3A 0N04968
Single Rotary SpinC3A F 0N04969
Single Rotate (from Columns)C3B F L  0N28970
Single Rotate (from lines)C2 F L 0N24972
Single Rotate (from SqSet)C1 F L 0N28971
Single Rotate (generic)C1 FG L Z  0N241756
Single Scoot & TradeC4A F M 0N04973
Single Shake & RattleC3BV  0N12974
Single ShakedownC3A  0N12975
Single ShuffleC4B 0N12976
Single Sidetrack (fract)C3B F L 0N341324
Single Spin A WheelC4F F L  0N381574
Single Strut (Right|Left) (And R|L)C3B 0N04977
Single Turn & DealC3A 0N32979
Single Turn To A LineC3A 0N02980
Single WheelA2 0N12981
Skew CONCEPTC4C  0Y12982
Skewsome CONCEPTC4C  0Y12983
Skip (Delete) (The) CONCEPTC1V  0Y11389
Slant (anything) (By anything)C3A 0Y12984
Slice (anything)C4D 0N042136
SlideA2 2 0N14985
Slide (Right|Left) To A LinePLV M K 0N18986
Slide ApartMSV G M  0N112035
Slide ThruMS 2 S 2150N22988
Slide TogetherMSV G M  0N112036
Slim DownC4E M 0N18989
SlipA2 M 0N14990
Slip The ClutchB M 2060N18992
SlitherA2 M 0N14993
Snag CirculateC4F 0N18994
Snag CONCEPTC4F  0Y041740
SnakeC4B M  0N22995
SnapC4D 0N12996
Snap BackC4F F 0N04997
Snap The (fract) TagC4B F 0N04998
Snap The DiamondC4D F L 0N08999
Snap The LockC3A F 0N081000
Snap, Crackle, & PopC4B F L 0N381001
Sock It To MeC2 0N131002
Soft (anything)C4B  0P241003
Solid CONCEPTC2 0Y121004
Solid-of-(n) CONCEPTC2V K 0Y021812
Something NewC3A 0N181005
Special Star 1 (8CT to DPT)MISC G  0N082043
Special Star 10 (Facing to 1/4 Right)MISC G  0N042109
Special Star 2 (Facing to UTB)MISC G  0N042044
Special Star 3 (Facing to Belles UTB)MISC G  0N042048
Special Star 4 (Facing to 1/4 Out)MISC G  0N042067
Special Star 5 (Mini-Wave to 1/4 Out)MISC G  0N042068
Special Star 6 (Circle 4)MISC G  0N042071
Special Star 7 (Mini-Wave to Zig-Zag)MISC G  0N042077
Special Star 8 (8CT to Centers Trade!)MISC G  0N082078
Special Star 9 (Mini-Wave to 1/4 In)MISC G  0N082097
Spin A WheelC4B F L 0N381007
Spin BackC4B F L 0N241008
Spin Chain & Circulate InC4B F 0N081009
Spin Chain & Circulate The GearsC4C F 0N081010
Spin Chain & Exchange The GearsPL F 3310N081011
Spin Chain The GearsPL F 3090N081014
Spin Chain The LineC3A F 0N381015
Spin Chain The StarC4C F 0N081016
Spin Chain ThruMS F L 2190N481013
Spin Tag The Deucey (dir)C4B F 0N081017
Spin The PulleyC3A F L 0N381018
Spin The Pulley But (anything)C3A F L 0P281019
Spin The TopMS F L 2130N241020
Spin The WebC4F F 0N081021
Spin The Windmill (dir)A2 0N381022
Splash (anything)C4C 0P081023
Split & CrossC4F F LM 0N241024
Split (Square Thru) CONCEPTC1 0Y141025
Split (Two, The Outside Couple)B 7 1190N041460
Split Cast (fract)C4C 0N081026
Split Catch (anything) (n)C3A F L 0P341027
Split Catch (n)C2 F L 0N341028
Split CirculateB 12 1630N181030
Split CONCEPTC4A G  0Y141693
Split Counter Rotate (fract)A2 0N181031
Split Cross CycleC3B 0N141642
Split Dixie DiamondC1 L 0N281032
Split Dixie SashayC1 L 0N081033
Split Dixie Style To A WaveC1 0N041034
Split Grand Chain EightC2 0N041035
Split Mixed Up Square ThruC4E  0N081036
Split Phantom (Lines|Waves) FORMATIONC3A 0F011037
Split Phantom (setup) CONCEPTC3B K 0Y111038
Split Phantom 1/4 Tag FORMATIONC3B  0F011418
Split Phantom Boxes FORMATIONC3B 0F011040
Split Phantom Columns FORMATIONC3A 0F011039
Split Phantom Diamonds FORMATIONC3B  0F011041
Split RecycleC1 0N181042
Split Reverse Rotate (Columns)C3B F L  0N281784
Split Reverse Single Rotate (Columns)C3B F L  0N281323
Split Rotate (Columns)C3B F L  0N281783
Split Sidetrack (fract)C3B F L 0N341325
Split Single Rotate (Columns)C3B F L  0N281322
Split Split CONCEPTC4G  0Y181043
Split Square Chain The TopC1 L 0N041046
Split Square Chain ThruA1 L 0N041045
Split Square Thru (n)A1 L 0N441047
Split SwapC2 0N141048
Split Swap The WaveC4F  0N141049
Split The DifferenceC4D F L 0N441053
Split Trade CirculateC2 0N141050
Split TransferA2 M 0N041051
Split Turn The KeyC3BVF L 0N341687
Split-Centers IDENTIFIERMISC  0I181765
Split-Ends IDENTIFIERMISC  0I181766
SpreadPL 2 3080N141054
Square AroundC4F  0N081936
Square Chain Cross The TopC4E  0N041960
Square Chain The TopC1 F L 0N041056
Square Chain ThruA1 F L 0N041055
Square OutC4B F L 0N481057
Square The BargeC4F L 0N081061
Square The BasesC1 L 0N081062
Square The Bases Plus 2C4F  0N081063
Square Thru (n)B 4F L 1370N441058
Square Turn Thru (n)C4B F L 0N441060
Square Your SetMISC G  0N082001
Squeeky (anything)C4F  0N082147
Squeeky WheelC4F  0N082146
SqueezeC1 F L 0N221064
Squeeze The "O"C1 F LM 0N281065
Squeeze The ButterflyC1 F LM 0N281066
Squeeze The DiamondC1V F LM K0N141809
Squeeze The GalaxyC1 F LM 0N181067
Squeeze The HourglassC1 F LM 0N181068
Stable CONCEPTC3A 0Y111069
Stack The LineC2 F L 0N241070
Stack The WheelC4B F L 0N241071
Stagger CONCEPTC2 0Y161072
Staggered (C|L|W) FORMATIONC2V K 0F041073
Staggered (Setup) FORMATIONC3BV K 0F021797
Staggered Box FORMATIONC2V K 0F041074
Stairstep CONCEPTC4F  0Y181570
StampedeC3A F L 0N381075
Standard CONCEPTC4D  0Y121076
Star (fract)MISC1 M 1092N041474
Star (n) Less Than NormalMISC G M  0N041924
Star (n) More Than NormalMISC G M  0N041925
Star (Right|Left)B 1 M 1090N041461
Star FORMATIONMISC1 G 1091F021727
Star PromenadeB 1 1057N081462
Star ProwlMISC  0N282129
Star The RouteC4G 0N582075
Star ThruB 2 S 1310N121077
Star To A WaveC4B F 0N041078
Star TrackMISC  0N482128
Star TwirlC4G S 0N221996
Start (A) CONCEPTA1V 0Y021408
Start With (A) CONCEPTC4A  0Y001836
Static Set FORMATIONMISC 0F081526
Stay LooseC4G  0N081079
Step & CutC1V G M  0N142024
Step & FlipC1 M 2 0N141080
Step & FoldC1 M 2 0N141081
Step & SlideA1 M 2 0N141083
Step AheadMISC M  0N111505
Step And (anything)C2 M 0P141084
Step LivelyC4D 0N081085
Step ThruBV M 0N121086
Step To A WaveB 8 1450N121399
Sterling Chain ThruC4F  0N081087
Stimulate (The Column)C3B F 0N081088
Stingy CONCEPTC3B M 0Y122037
Stir The BucketMSV G  0N181409
Straight AwayC4F M  0N081089
Straight CONCEPTC4D  0Y081808
Straight FireC4B  0N081090
Stretch CONCEPTC1 0Y181094
Stretched (Column|Line|Wave) CONCEPTC2 0Y181092
Stretched (Diamond|Triangle) CONCEPTC4D  0Y161091
Stretched Box CONCEPTC2 0Y181093
Stretched Phantom (setup) CONCEPTC4F  0Y111095
Strike OutC4B 0N081096
Strip (The Diamond|Hourglass)C3A M 0N081097
Stroll & CycleC4B 0N081098
Stroll And (anything)C4F  0P081099
Stroll Down the LaneC4B  0N381100
Strut (Right|Left) (And Right|Left)C3B 0N081101
SubstituteC1 M 0N181102
Suzy QC4G  0N042045
Swap AroundA1 0N141105
Swap Parts CONCEPTC4E G  0Y081919
Swap The TopC3A 0N041106
Swap The WaveC2 0N141107
Swap The WindmillC4C F 0N081108
Swat The FleaC4F S 0N121109
Sweep (fract)B 6 MR 1590N141110
Sweeping (anything)C4E MR  0P111905
SwingA2 M 2 0N141111
Swing & Circle (fract)C1 0N481112
Swing & MixA2 F L K0N341114
Swing (Chain) CONCEPTC4E F  0Y141119
Swing (Your Partner|Corner)B 1 S 1035N021463
Swing AboutC4A F L 0N041115
Swing AcrossC4F 0N381116
Swing AlongC2 F 0N081117
Swing An AnchorC4A F 0N081122
Swing BackC4F F 0N041118
Swing Chain ThruC3A F L 0N481120
Swing Star ThruC4G S 0N042053
Swing The FractionsC1 F L 0N561123
Swing ThruB 8F L 1490N231121
Swing To A ColumnC4B 0N081124
Swing To A LineC4G F 0N281568
Swing-O-LateC3B F 0N081125
Switch The LineC1 M 0N141415
Switch The WaveA2 M 0N141127
Switch To A DiamondA2 0N141128
Switch To A GalaxyC4G 0N081569
Switch To An HourglassA2 0N181129
Switch To An Interlocked DiamondC1 0N181130
Switch-erooC4C F L 0N081131
T-Bone CONCEPTC1 G 0Y121134
Tag & Spin (dir)C4C L 0N041135
Tag & TradeC4F L 0N28111
Tag Back & DodgeC4C F L  0N241136
Tag Back (To A Wave)C1 F L 0N241137
Tag CirculateC4F 0N081138
Tag The Line (full) (dir)MS 11 2200N041140
Tag The Star (fract)C4C 0N041141
Tag The TopC3B 0N081142
Tag Your NeighborC2 F L 0N241139
Tagger's DelightC3A 0N081143
Tagger's DilemmaC3A 0N081144
Take (n)C3B 0N061145
Take OffC4G  0N081146
Take Your Corner PromenadeMISC1 G  0N082096
Take Your Corner Promenade HomeMISC1 G  0N082154
Tall (n) FORMATIONC4D G  0F001867
Tall Eight FORMATIONC4D  0F081814
Tall Six FORMATIONC4C 0F061147
Tally-HoC1 F 0N081148
Tandem CONCEPTC1 0Y121151
Tandem Dancers IDENTIFIERC1V G  0I021801
Tandem Of 3 CONCEPTC1V K 0Y131749
Tandem Twosome CONCEPTC3A 0Y121150
Tandem-Based Triangle FORMATIONC1 0F031152
Tap The (anyone)C4F F L  0N441153
Teacup ChainPL 3020N081154
Teacup Like A DaisyC4F  0N081155
Team UpC3A 0N061156
Thar FORMATIONMISC  2050F081496
Thirdly CONCEPTC3B 0M001873
Those Facing IDENTIFIERMISC  0I021601
Those Facing The Back Of The Hall IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I012111
Those Facing The Caller IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I111555
Those Facing The Same Direction IDENTIFIERMISC  0I021602
Those In The IDENTIFIERMISC G  0I021868
Those Not Facing The Back Of The HallMISC A  0I012112
Those Not Facing The Caller IDENTIFIERMISC A  0I111826
Those Who Can CONCEPTBV  0Y121354
Thrice (3 times) CONCEPTMISC0  0Y311501
Thrice Removed CONCEPTC4D  0Y141341
Throw In The ClutchC4G M 0N082103
TickleC4C F L Z 0N241358
To Your Left DIRECTIONMISC  0D011832
To Your Right DIRECTIONMISC  0D011831
Touch & Go (fract) By (anything)C4B F 0P061161
Touch (fract)BV 1620N121162
Touch 1/4B 11 1610N121163
Touch By (fract) By (fract)C3A 0N241164
Touch of ClassC4C M 0N081166
Touch Tone (any) By (any)C4C 0P061165
Trace (anything) By (anything)C4D M  0P181170
Track (n)C1 0N081171
Track 2PL 3100N081172
Track And (anything)C4C M 0P181173
Track To A DiamondC4G  0N061395
Traction (anything)C4F  0P081174
TradeB 5 1430N121175
Trade ByB 10 1600N181177
Trade By FORMATIONMISC  0F081800
Trade CirculateA2 0N181179
Trade Counter RotateC4F 0N181180
Trade The DeuceyC3A 0N181182
Trade The DiamondC3B F L 0N481183
Trade The WavePL 3210N141184
Trade The WebC4G 0N081185
Trade Your Neighbor (dir)C4A 0N081181
Trail & PeelC4B M 0N141186
Trail (instead of Peel) CONCEPTC4C 0Y041188
Trail Chain ThruC4C  0N081464
Trail OffA2 0N141189
Trail To A (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4F  0N181662
Trail To A DiamondC2 0N041191
Trailer(s) IDENTIFIERMISC5  0I011434
Trailers InMSV G  0N042016
Trailing 2 IDENTIFIERMISC  0I081444
Trans-(anything)C4A M  0P081192
TransactionC4A 0N281193
Transfer And (anything)A2 M 0P181194
Transfer The ColumnA1 M 0N081195
Transition (anything)C4F  0P081196
Trapezoid FORMATIONC3B 0Y041198
Travel (dir)C4E F L 0N241719
Travel ThruC3A F L 0N241199
Traveling (anything)er CONCEPTC4F  0Y141201
Traveling Apex CONCEPTC4F  0Y141200
Triangle (Peel|Trail Off) CONCEPTC2 0Y131203
Triangle (working as a Box) CONCEPTC4A  0Y131202
Triangle FORMATIONC1 0F031589
Triangular Box FORMATIONC4D 0F041208
Trim The WebC4C F 0N281209
Trip The SetC3A F L 0N281211
Triple (Line|Wave) FORMATIONC1 0F011213
Triple (setup) FORMATIONC3BV K 0F011757
Triple (setups) Working (direction)C3B 0Y111657
Triple (setups) Working ApartC4D  0Y111605
Triple (setups) Working TogetherC4B  0Y111214
Triple AllemandeC4G 0N082089
Triple Box FORMATIONC1 0F011215
Triple CastC4B 0N081216
Triple Column FORMATIONC1 0F011217
Triple CrossA1 M 0N181218
Triple Diagonal (setup) FORMATIONC4F  0F081607
Triple Diamond FORMATIONC3A 0F011219
Triple PlayC3A 0N061221
Triple ScootPL 0 0N161222
Triple Star ThruA1 F L S 0N381223
Triple TradeA1 0N181224
Triple TurnC4F F L 0N341225
Triple Twin (C|L|W) FORMATIONC4D  0F011226
Triple WheelC4F F L 0N341228
TrixieC4C M 2 0N141229
Trixie SpinC4C F LM 2 0N341230
TruckC2 I S 0N111231
Tunnel (anything)C4B 0P081233
Tunnel Thru (dir)C4F  0N081234
Turn & DealA1 0N341235
Turn & FlipC4F 0N141236
Turn & Left ThruC4A F L 0N241237
Turn & QC4A F L 0N341238
Turn & WeaveC4B 0N041239
Turn AwayC4C  0N081240
Turn ByC4D 0N141241
Turn FourC4F M 0N181242
Turn Her Twice (Butterfly Whirl)MISC G  0N082134
Turn OnC4B F L 0N241243
Turn OverC4B F LM 0N241244
Turn Partner Right (Right Allemande)MISC1 G S  1071N142055
Turn The KeyC3B F L Z 0N341466
Turn ThruMS 2020N121245
Turn To A LineC2 0N141246
Turn Your Corner UnderC4G S 0N082062
TurnstyleC3B 0N141247
TurntableC4D F  0N081248
Twice (2 times) CONCEPTMISC0  0Y211249
Twice Removed CONCEPTC4D  0Y151250
Twin (Formation) IDENTIFIERC4C  0I041717
Twin Diamonds FORMATIONMISC  0F081532
Twin Orbit (setup) CONCEPTC4F 0P181878
Twin Orbit Board CONCEPTC4F  0P181563
Twin Orbit Box CONCEPTC4F  0P181587
Twin Orbit CirculateC4D  0N081252
Twin Parallelogram FORMATIONC4F  0F041253
Twist And (anything)C1 F M 0P041254
Twist The LineC1 F S 0N241255
Twisted CONCEPTC4A 0Y021848
Two-Faced CONCEPTC3B 0Y1298
Two-Faced Line FORMATIONMISC G  0F041769
Twosome (generic) CONCEPTC3A G 0Y121774
U-Turn BackB 3 M 1140N121256
Un CONCEPTC4F  0Y111257
Unwrap The (setup) CONCEPTC2 0N061259
Use (a) CONCEPT (i.e., Replace Part N)C4A M  0Y011949
Veer & Turn (fract) By (fract)C4B F L R 0N041260
Veer (Right|Left)B 5 M 1240N141261
Veering (anything)C4E MR  0P111904
Vertical (anything)C2 0N141262
Vertical (fract) Tag (The Line)C1 0N041263
Vertical Split SquaresMISC G M  0N0162029
Vertical SqueezeC4F  0N021265
Vertical Tag Back (To A Wave)C1 L 0N241449
Vertical Turn & DealC4B 0N041266
Very Centers IDENTIFIERMISC 0I021446
Very End BoyMISC G S  0I041879
Very End GirlMISC G S  0I041880
Very Outsides IDENTIFIERMISC  0I021476
Wagon WheelC4G  0N082104
WahooC4G M 0N242049
Walk & DodgeMS 2140N141267
Walk Around The CornerB S 1350N081453
Walk By (n)MISC  0N041728
Walk Out To A ColumnC4A 0N081268
Walk Out To A WaveC2 M 0N081269
Walk The CloverC4C 0N081270
Walk The Cross CloverC4D  0N181544
Walk The PlankC4B F L 0N281271
Wave FORMATIONMISC  1440F041597
Wave Of 10 FORMATIONMISC  0F001961
Wave Of 3 FORMATIONMISC  0F031673
Wave Of 5 FORMATIONMISC  0F051893
Wave Of 6 FORMATIONMISC  0F061674
Wave Of 8 FORMATIONMISC  0F081890
Wave The (anyone)C3B F LM 0N281273
Wave-Based Triangle FORMATIONC1 0F031274
WeaveC1 0N141275
Weave By (n)MISC  0N082003
Weave The RingB 1 S 1081N081276
Wedged CONCEPTC4F  0Y121277
Wheel & DealB 7 1550N141279
Wheel & SpreadC4A F L 0N241280
Wheel AcrossC4F 0N121282
Wheel And (anything)C1 0P161283
Wheel AroundB 1 1400N121284
Wheel ChainC4G  0N042046
Wheel Fan & Cross ThruC4D 0N041286
Wheel Fan ThruC1 0N141287
Wheel The OceanC2 F L 0N241289
Wheel The SeaC2 F L 0N241290
Wheel ThruA1 0N141288
Wheel To A (H.G.|I.L.D.)C4C F  0N081292
Wheel To A DiamondC4B F 0N041293
Wheel To A LineC4D 0N141294
Who's On (First, Second, etc.)C4D A 0N181295
Wind The BobbinC3A M 0N081296
Wipe OutC4B 0N061297
With ConfidenceC3B L 0N081298
With FinesseC4B 0N081299
With Help CONCEPTC4G  0Y021539
With MagnetismC4F M S  0N121300
With The FlowC1 MR 0N141301
With Your Original PartnerMISC  0I021732
With Your Right-Hand LadyMISC  0I021898
Work Thru The Diamond CONCEPTPLV G  0Y082142
Wrap To (D|G|H.G.|I.L.D.)C3A 0N081302
Wrong WayBV  1421Y011725
Wrong Way GrandB 1F L 1420N481303
Wrong Way Promenade (fract)B 1  1422N181304
Wrong Way Promenade HomeB 1 G S  1423N181772
Yellow RockMSV G S 0N121448
Yo-Yo CONCEPTC4D 0Y141305
You AllC4C 0N141306
Your Couple Number (number)MISC GA M  0Z011972
ZagA2 0N121307
ZigA2 0N121308
ZingC1 2 0N141309
Zing Roll CirculateC4F M  0N161311
Zing-A-LingC4F  0N041312
Zip Code (n)C2 0N061313
Zip The TopC4B 0N041314
Zippered (Setup) FORMATIONC4D 0F031869
ZoomB 9 2 1560N141315
Zoom Roll CirculateC4C M 0N161316
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