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How to Install CSDS onto Portable Drive

This procedure details how to place the CSDS program and it's data onto a portable drive.

CSDS can then be run from the portable drive on any Windows-based computer.

Having a thumb drive or backup USB drive with CSDS is a good idea in case your computer crashes or has other issues.

Configure your 'master' computer

  1. Create a folder for the CSDS executable files:
    1. A folder such as C:\CsdsExe, preferably in the root folder of your hard drive.
    2. Copy all CSDS executable files into that folder. There are two ways to do this:
      1. Method 1:
        1. Unzip the installation file,, into a temporary folder. The latest installation file can be found at
        2. Open the temporary folder, and go to 'Application Files/csds2_1_0_0_xxx' (where xxx is a 3-digit number). There should only be one such folder. If there is more than one, use the one with the largest number.
        3. Copy or move all files from that folder into C:\CsdsExe. If you are upgrading from a previous version of Csds2, overwrite (copy and replace) files in the C:\CsdsExe folder with the new ones. If file CSDS2_PORTABLE.INI is in the folder, do not delete it.
        4. Delete the zip file and the folders that it created.

      2. Method 2:
        1. If CSDS is already installed on your computer, run CSDS.
        2. From the main menu, select 'Help | About Csds2'.
        3. Press the 'Open EXE Folder' button, and close CSDS.
        4. Copy all files from this folder to C:\CsdsExe.

    3. To run CSDS, double-click on C:\CsdsExe\csds2.exe. Then from the CSDS main menu, select 'System | Create program shortcut...'

  2. Create a folder for your CSDS data:
    1. A folder such as C:\CsdsData, preferably in the root folder of your hard drive.
    2. This folder is known as the CSDS 'Application Data Folder'.
    3. All music files for CSDS, and any personal cue sheets or lyrics files should be in subfolders beneath C:\CsdsData.
    4. Keeping your music in the default 'This PC \ Music' folder is not recommended. You want everything used by CSDS under two folders, C:\CsdsExe and C:\CsdsData.

Configure the Portable Drive

  1. Copy the two folders above, C:\CsdsExe and C:\CsdsData to the root folder of the portable drive.
  2. To run the Csds2 program, open the CsdsExe folder on the portable drive, and run file Csds2.exe.

    If this is the first time running Csds2 from the portable drive, you will need to configure the drive:

    1. Select 'System | Run from Portable Drive', and change the Application Data Folder to the folder on the portable drive (e.g., X:\CsdsData where X is the portable drive letter).
    2. If you have a background picture on the Csds2 main window, select 'System | Preferences | Display' and re-set your picture. It is recommended that the selected picture file also reside in the application data folder (X:\CsdsData) on the portable drive.


  1. If you often use both your computer and the portable drive, you should designate one (e.g., the portable drive) as the slave, and the other (e.g., your primary computer) as the master. Any changes made on the slave drive also need to be made on the master computer. This includes adding new music, setting loops, new sequences, etc. The easiest way to do this is to copy over the entire application data folder, C:\CsdsData, to the other computer.

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