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Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)
Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS)

Download instructions for new Csds2 users:

How to upgrade from CSDS to Csds2:

Upgrading to Csds2 from CSDS 1.xx is a 3-step process.
Download (and print) the three instruction files below.
Follow the instructions precisely.

  1. Upgrade CSDS to version 1.50 -- UpgradeInstructionsPart1.txt
  2. Copy/rename/delete data files -- UpgradeInstructionsPart2.txt
  3. Install Csds2 -- UpgradeInstructionsPart3.txt
  4. Optionally, Configure Csds2 to run on a portable drive

Downloadable files for CSDS and SQROT 
404 csds may2018.txt29-Mar-20221,702 bytesHow to fix https error 404 on upgrade CSDS2 
404 sqrot may2018.txt28-Sep-20191,116 bytesHow to fix https error 404 on upgrade SQROT 
aace computer rotation help.rtf06-Aug-200837,435 bytes  
aace sqrot operator instructions 2018.pdf08-Nov-201836,792 bytes  
aace sqrot training exercises and operating instructions 2018.pdf08-Nov-2018477,846 bytes  
ABBREV1.DB12-Jun-2022429,312 bytesCSDS - Abbreviation Database 
CederChest.mdb28-Apr-202268,542,464 bytesCSDS - Ceder Chest Definitions Database 
chronotron ii.exe10-Feb-2005425,682 bytesChronoton II plug-in - used by Winamp 
CONTRA.UPG27-Mar-201831,728 bytesUpgrade for Contra Calls database - copy into Csds2 application folder 
ContraCalls.mdb28-Apr-2022118,784 bytesCSDS - Contra Calls Database 
csds15000.exe23-May-20146,623,232 bytesLegacy CSDS version 1.50 executable only 
csds15000complete.exe20-Sep-201427,580,416 bytesLegacy CSDS version 1.50 complete release 
Csds2NewUser.txt06-Aug-20211,631 bytesHow to install CSDS2 for first time users 
csds2publish270.zip03-Mar-20229,567,907 bytes  
csds2publish280.zip25-Mar-20229,580,762 bytes  
csds2publish283.zip14-Apr-20229,589,582 bytesCsds2 version 2.83 complete installation - ZIP file 
Csds2WebDownloadInstructions.txt03-Mar-20221,280 bytesWeb download instructions for new Csds2 users 
Definitions.mdb28-Apr-202245,342,720 bytesCSDS - Definition Database 
faq.mdb28-Apr-20222,949,120 bytesFAQ Database 
GenCode128.dll21-Oct-201524,576 bytesSQROT - Required DLL to generate Barcode 128 
GETIN.UPG25-Mar-202213,939,830 bytesUpgrade for GETIN database - copy into Csds2 application folder 
GETOUT.UPG29-Apr-202234,935,570 bytesUpgrade for GETOUT database - copy into Csds2 application folder 
Help.mdb28-Apr-20227,995,392 bytesCSDS - Help Database 
List.mdb30-Apr-20222,297,856 bytesCSDS - List Database (calls and levels) 
LIST.UPG07-May-2021336,122 bytesUpgrade for LIST database - copy into Csds2 application folder 
Lyrics.mdb25-Mar-202224,510,464 bytesCSDS - Lyrics Database 
OrigParts.mdb24-Feb-2015262,144 bytes  
pacemaker210.exe10-Dec-2007401,318 bytesPacemaker plug-in - used by Winamp 
Parts.mdb21-Jun-2022229,376 bytesCSDS - Parts Database (calls with first and last parts) 
PERMUTE.DAT12-Oct-20055,254 bytesCSDS - Permute Database 
Rotates Jim Davis.pdf06-Sep-202116,409,030 bytes  
RoundCue.mdb24-May-2014843,730,944 bytesCSDS - Round Dance Cue Sheet Database 
SQPARSE.DAT06-Aug-2022539,064 bytesCSDS - Parse Database 
SQPROOF.DB07-Jul-202226,588,964 bytesCSDS - Snapshot Database 
sqrot.crd27-Apr-20082,038,406 bytesSQROT data file for printed computer cards 
sqrot2publish542.zip23-Jul-20197,816,321 bytes  
sqrot2publish550.zip28-Sep-20217,855,004 bytes  
sqrot2publish560.zip29-Dec-20217,885,822 bytesSqrot version 5.60 complete installation - ZIP file 
sqrot help.mdb04-Jan-202210,129,408 bytesSQROT - Help Database 
sqrot manual v21.pdf22-Dec-2021364,148 bytes  
SquareCue.mdb25-Mar-202278,303,232 bytesCSDS - Square Dance Cue Sheet Database 
UpgradeInstructionsPart1.txt28-Jan-20201,075 bytesHow to upgrade legacy CSDS to version 1.50 
UpgradeInstructionsPart2.txt28-Jan-20202,365 bytesHow to copy legacy CSDS databases and folders for new Csds2 
UpgradeInstructionsPart3.txt03-Mar-20222,619 bytesHow to install Csds2 
WebChoreo.mdb14-Dec-20217,311,360 bytesCSDS - Web Choreo Database 
winamp505 full.exe06-May-20054,565,928 bytesWinamp 5.05 full release
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