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Rotation Window

The Rotation window is the main window from which the operator controls the rotation.

Dancers are added to the rotation from the Dancer Table via the 'Add Dancers to Rotation' button. Dancers can be removed from the rotation by highlighting their name(s) and then pressing the Delete button.

The operator can change the status (Must Dance, Ready, Sitout, or Absent) and other attriutes of individual dancers. Tips can be generated then displayed, as well as many other administrator functions.

The display is configurable. The two primary displays are shown below:

Standard Display - Grouped by Couple

The Standard Display shows one dancer per grid row. The grid row contains several data columns for the dancer. Dancers can be grouped by couples, as shown below.

Condensed Display

The Condensed Display shows one dancer per grid cell. Each grid cell indicates the dancer's name, role, status, and desired partner. The number of columns is configurable.

Press the Add Dancers to Rotation button to add dancers to the rotation. See Add Dancers to Rotation.

After dancers are added to the rotation, a tip can be generated. Press the Generate Next Tip button, or use the hot-key (usually Ctrl+G) to generate a rotation (see Preferences - Global to set andenable the hot-key).

During open tips or a meal break, a message may be displayed on the computer screen. Press the Open Tip button to select and display an appropriate message. Several a message from the available drop-down list or create your own.

To un-do the last generated tip, click the Undo Last Tip button.


Common tasks are available via the Toolbar. These same tasks are also available via the menus and popup menus.

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