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    Adding an Event - How to add an event
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    I noticed that xxx weekend is missing from the Event listing. Here is the information:


    Please add events yourself, as I just don't have the time to do it.

    To add an event, go to the Event Database.

    Click on the 'Add an Event' link.

    The 'Add New Record' form is displayed. Enter the information for the event, then press the 'Add New Record' button. One of the required fields is the PIN, which you can use later to edit the data for the event. Each event can have a different PIN, if desired.

    Adding an Event - Unable to accept dates
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    I can't get the submit form to accept dates. The instructions seem to call for

    Begin: 2002-10-11 End: 2002-10-12.

    (Starting October 11, ending October 12 2002) but it won't accept this.
    Am I reading this wrong?

    The dates specified above should work. (Just in case there was a problem, I did a cut and paste with the above dates and experienced no problem adding a new event).

    Other possibilities why it may not have worked:

    1. One of the dates may have contained a space character, or an underscore may have been used instead of a hyphen.
    2. The event may not have been accepted because one of the required fields (i.e., begin date, event name, country, e-mail contact, and PIN) was not specified.

    In any case, after the form has been filled out, press the 'Add New Record' button (near the bottom of the page). Either a confirmation message (e.g., "Thank you for adding a record to the Event Database...") or an error message (e.g., "Unable to add a record because...") is then returned.

    If you are still unable to add an event, please tell me exactly what the error message is.

    Admin Password
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    Do I have a password for Admin validation, or is that something you do? I know my password number, but not my validation password.

    Functions on our web site identified with 'admin' are administrator functions that only my wife or I can access. I validate the data by verifying that fields are consistent, there are no blatant typos, and that the data generally looks okay.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Can't find our club
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    I just entered our event but could not select our club from your list. You can find our club in the EAASDC directory. Could you please put our club on your list. Thanks in advance.

    To have a club listed on our site, someone (from the club) needs to fill out the form on the club database portion of our site.

    Go to the Club Database:

    Then click on the 'Add New Record' link.

    After the club is in the database, it automatically appears in the dropdown list for the event database 'edit' form.

    last modified: 01-May-2016   
    Deleting an Event
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    I recently added an event to your directory and I made a mistake with the web page link. Could you please delete it? I'll notify you again when the proper one is up and running.

    I have deleted the entry. However, in the future, please be aware that I'd really prefer you to edit or delete the events that you've added.

    To delete an event that you've added, do the following:

    1. Locate the event in the database;
    2. Click on the event name link to bring up the full page about the event;
    3. Click the 'delete' link (near the bottom of the entry);
    4. A confirmation pop-up dialog box will appear prompting for your PIN. Enter your PIN then click the 'Delete Record' button.
    5. The record will be deleted.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Don't have a club
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    I'd like to add the Tennessee State Convention to your list of events, but find that I must first register my "club". I'd prefer to register my state association, but many of the fields that do not apply such as night are not null fields. Can you give me some instruction as to how to get around this?

    The "club" field is not a required field, hence no value is required. Just leave it as "-".

    We do not (yet) have a database table for "associations", but you can add this information to the "Other Information" field, if you'd like.

    Please add your event with the club field left as "-".

    The only required fields are "Date", "Event Name", "Country", and "PIN". Values in the other fields can be entered, or left blank.

    Editing an Event
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    How do I edit my record in the Event Database?

    1. Find your record within the database (i.e., do a Query);
    2. Click on the event | group name to display the entire (full page) record;
    3. Click the 'edit' link (near the bottom of the large framed box);
    4. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you gave when you first created the record;
    5. Make the appropriate changes, then click the 'Update Record' button.

      If you do not remember your PIN,  Contact Debbie.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
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    I have two flyers that I would like to add to your events calendar - how do I do it. One will need to be scanned into the computer and the other I made up in Printmaster. Please let me know how to download them to you with out messing up your web pages.

    Currently we do not accept flyers (from others) to be posted on our web site. This may change in the (far) future.

    You are free to add your 'events' to our 'Event Database', but the flyers must reside on some other web site. You can add links to the flyers within the Event Database.

    Flyers on the web should be in one of these formats:
    HTML, PDF, JPG or GIF.

    Search by Caller
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    Can I search the Event Database by caller?


    1. The second menu line above the Events Database is a "Find by" menu.
      Options for "Find by" include: Event Name, Caller or Cuer, Country, State or Province and Record ID.
    2. Click on "Find by" Caller or Cuer
    3. Enter any portion of the caller's name and click "Go". The results will show any event that closely matches the sound of the name you entered.

    Should this method fail to result in the caller you are looking for, you can search indirectly via the Caller and Cuer Database.

    1. Find a caller via "Caller and Cuer Database | Find an Individual"
      (e.g., )
      (for example, enter "Oxendine" in the 'last name' field)
    2. Click on the caller's name within the returned listing. This will display the caller's entire record.
      For example, displays Tony Oxendine's record.
    3. There is an 'Events' section near the bottom, which lists all upcoming events for the caller in the Events Database.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   

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