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    Bug in upgraded version
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    I just downloaded a new version of CSDS, replacing my old version. I discovered a bug that hinders me from doing something I'd like to do... If I'd been smart and saved the previous version, I'd go back to it...

    Some previous versions of CSDS are available at

    Bugs happen. In the future, please heed the warning on the download page, namely,

    Before upgrading, you should save a copy of your current CSDS executable in case a problem is encountered with the download, installation, or execution of the program.
    (e.g., rename C:\SQDATA\CSDS.EXE or make a copy of it).

    last modified: 30-May-2006   
    Can't get into the program
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    I downloaded the latest version and now I can't get into the program.

    When I click the desktop icon it goes to a DOS screen.


    You've probably copied csdszip.exe onto the desktop. Move it into folder c:\sqdata, then run it from there. It will create csds.exe.

    When doing an upgrade, it is important to precisely follow the directions given on the web page for the upgrade that you are performing. Don't worry... after you do a few upgrades, you should get the hang of it.

    For the 'Executable Only' release, you need to do the following:

    1. Download the 'Executable Only' file from our website. The file is named csdszip.exe. Do NOT rename it to csds.exe. Move the csdszip.exe file into the CSDS installation folder (c:\sqdata).
    2. Go into folder c:\sqdata, and run csdszip.exe. This is a self-unpacking zip file, which contains csds.exe and (sometimes) sqlists.upg. csds.exe is the executable program for CSDS; sqlists.upg is the upgrade to the Lists Database. If you are prompted as to 'overwrite' csds.exe, answer 'y'.

    You should now have the latest version of CSDS.

    By the way, whenever you do an upgrade, it's a good idea to first rename the existing csds.exe, so that if something bad occurs during the upgrade process, you can always go back and rename the good executable file to csds.exe.

    last modified: 30-May-2006   
    Changing CSDS activation
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    Is there a way to change activation in CSDS? I'm selling the laptop I use for CSDS to {name withheld}, whose machine died a horrible death. We've already exported and imported her music database, and she's created quick lists, etc, so don't want to uninstall/reinstall unless necessary. I'd just like to pull out the registry key (or whatever it is) that holds my licensing info so that I can replace it with hers.

    All you have to do is change the user key.

    Within CSDS, go to 'System | Enter user key'.

    In the registry, the user key is saved at HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Software | VB and VBA Program Settings | CSDS | Startup | UserKey

    last modified: 24-April-2008   
    Complete.exe -- Nothing happens
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    I find complete.exe in "C:\Documents and Settings" What happens when I try to run it is that I get that black DOS window for a second or so but then it goes away and nothing happens. Nothing is unpacked.

    complete.exe is supposed to bring up a black DOS window. On some systems, the windows persists, and on other systems, the window disappears. After the window is closed, there should be 3 additional files located in the same folder as complete.exe. These 3 files are:, setup.exe, and setup.lst. The next step is to run setup.exe.

    If you are unable to find these 3 files, try moving complete.exe to a different folder and then running it from there.

    Complete.exe -- Trying to download
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    I tried downloading the latest CSDS release (complete.exe) 3 times. I typed my name, and clicked "Start Download". I expected to get a dialog box in which I could type "C:/Temp" in order to save the zip file, but nothing happened.

    I just tried downloading the file, and it works fine for me. Others have also been successfully downloading the file over the last few days.

    Therefore, the problem probably lies with your browser. Perhaps it is a configuration or security setting, or perhaps there is a problem with your internet connection? You might try using a different browser.

    The CSDS upgrade is an executable (.exe) file. Perhaps there is a firewall that won't let you download executable files?

    Try typing the following URL into your browser:

    Complete.exe -- Unable to run
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    I have downloaded the complete release of CSDS to my new laptop but I can't run the program. Do you know what could be the problem. When I try to open it nothing happens.

    The mostly likely problem is that you didn't follow the instructions precisely. Upgrading using a 'complete' release is different than upgrading with an 'executable only' release.

    For the complete release,

    1. download complete.exe into a temporary folder (e.g., C:\TEMP);
    2. run it (double-click on complete.exe). A small black DOS window will appear for a few seconds, and 3 files will be extracted to the temporary folder (setup.lst, setup.exe, and;
    3. run setup.exe to install CSDS.
    4. delete the 4 files: complete.exe, setup.lst, setup.exe,

    Download upgrade file to CD-ROM
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    If I download the CSDS installation to my PC at work (with a writable CD ROM), will I be able to use that CD to upgrade CSDS onto my laptop?

    I thought that in order to get the new upgrade, one must already have the other version on the computer already. CSDS is not on my PC at work

    Yes, it will work. Please print out and follow the instructions given on the CSDS Download Files web page.

    Error - C:\SQDATA is in the setup source files directory
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    I tried to install the newest complete version to a new notebook, but I was not successful.

    I got the message:

    "The specified directory: C:\SQDATA\ is in the Setup source files directory. Please type a different directory."

    But even with brand new directory names the same message popped up. Can you help me, please ?

    The setup program, setup.exe can not be run from C:\SQDATA.

    To solve the problem,

    1. Move 'complete.exe' to a temporary folder such as C:\TEMP.
    2. Delete 'complete.exe,, setup.lst, and setup.exe from C:\SQDATA.
    3. Go to folder C:\TEMP and run 'complete.exe'.
    4. Run C:\TEMP\SETUP.EXE

    Error - can't create csds.exe
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    Computor dummy here! Downloaded system upgrades, now Windows repeatedly asks if I would like to overwrite csds.exe y/n
    I've replied y
    "can't create csds.exe"

    The program doesn't open and the same screen continues in a circle.

    I'm sure this is an operator error, but I don't know how to fix?

    It sounds like you downloaded csdszip.exe but saved it as csds.exe!

    The following should fix your problem:

    1. Rename csds.exe to csdszip.exe.
    2. Run csdszip.exe -- this will create csds.exe.
    3. Run csds.exe (to verify it works).
    4. Delete csdszip.exe.

    Error - Can't show non-modal form
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    I Loaded 1.11.04, but when I try to enter the user key - I get 'RUNTIME ERROR '401' - CAN'T SHOW NON-MODAL FORM WHEN MODAL FORM IS DISPLAYED

    I've seen this particular error message before, and to my knowledge, it has been fixed. I believe it occurred on Windows machines running Windows 95 or 98 only.

    Hence, it sounds to me like you still have a previous version of CSDS on your system. Before running CSDS again, run the Windows File Explorer, right click on the csds.exe file, select 'Properties' and locate the version. It should be 1.11.xxxx. If it isn't, you are running the wrong file. If it is, then double-click on the csds.exe file to run it. If it runs fine, then your desktop link or Windows Start menu link refers to another version of CSDS.

    Error - source file could not be read
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    I'm not able to download the latest version.

    Here is what I get:
    C:\Document~1\Joseph~1\temp\TL5VH73VM.EXE Could not be saved because source file could not be read.

    Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?

    I do not know what the problem is. Many people are successful at downloading the program, hence there is no problem on my end.

    Which browser are you using? You might try a different browser.

    What kind of connection are you using. If dial-up (i.e., not DSL), the connection might not have been good, or you might not have waited long enough for the download to complete.

    So... my suggestions are:

    1. Try again (a few times)
    2. Try a different browser
    3. Try a different computer

    If you persist in having problems, you can send me a check for $25 and I'll mail you an installation CD of the latest version.

    Executable only upgrade didn't work
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    I download the executable only release, copied it to C:\SQDATA\ and ran it.

    A little DOS window popped-up then disappeared.

    I then ran CSDS, but it was the same version!

    Do the following:
    1. Open a DOS window
      1. Go to the Windows Start | Run...
      2. Enter 'cmd' or '' then click OK
    2. Change the drive and folder to C:\SQDATA
      1. Type 'C:' then press the Enter key
      2. Type 'CD \SQDATA' then press the Enter key
    3. Run file CSDSZIP.EXE
      1. Type 'CSDSZIP' then press the Enter key
    4. If you receive an error message of the form The name specified is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file then you are either not in the C:\SQDATA folder, or the CSDSZIP.EXE file does not exist in the folder.
    5. If you receive an error message saying Error in Zip - Use PKZIPFIX then this means that the CSDSZIP file is incomplete or corrupted. You need to download the CSDSZIP.EXE file again from the web.

    Extra icons on my desktop
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    I downloaded the latest executable, ran it in SQDATA as required. For some reason there is an icon on my desktop for the program (along with setup.exe and the CSDS cabinet). If I click on that, it gives me a fatal error and is looking for userinfo.dat in a place I never asked it to be. If I go to the PROGRAMS area and run it from there, it just brings up the old version of CSDS again.

    You have somehow expanded csdszip.exe onto your desktop.

    Delete the setup.exe and files from your desktop.

    Move file csdszip.exe into folder c:\sqdata (or whereever you installed CSDS). Use the file explorer to go into c:\sqdata then double-click on csdszip.exe to run it. It should bring up a DOS window, and prompt you whether or not to overwrite csds.exe.

    Fatal Error - Parse Database not found
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    After I downloaded the new version and put in my user key this is what I got:

    fatal error
    parse database does not exist

    What do I do next?

    File csds.exe was installed in the wrong folder.

    Whenever you do an upgrade, it is very important to first move the downloaded file (csdszip.exe or complete.exe) into the CSDS installation folder (usually C:\SQDATA) before you run it!

    To fix your problem (i.e., CSDS is unable to locate the parse database since the executable file (csds.exe) is in the wrong folder), move file c:\mydoc\csds.exe to c:\sqdata\csds.exe.

    last modified: 05-January-2009   
    Folder should contain fewer characters
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    This year I tried again to upgrade CSDS2 to the new version 2.33. I followed the list down on this side until step 6. Then an error occures: "Folder should contain fewer characters (less than or equal to 50 characters)". I select the folder for Csds2 data files. The error occures again. What can I do?

    This error message is to prevent users from creating a folder pathname in a protected system area.

    Please select a different folder name, such as C:\CsdsData

    last modified: 18-February-2020   
    I still have the old version!
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    I downloaded the update last night and applied it as instructed, but my screens still say version 1.15. What else do I need to do?

    Instructions must be followed precisely. The procedure is different for the 'executable only' vs the 'complete' release.


    Other possibility is that CSDS was somehow installed into two different folders. The default folder is C:\SQDATA. To find out which folder version 1.15 is in, you can right-click on the menu item or icon from which you start CSDS and select 'Properties'. The 'Start in' field should say 'C:\SQDATA'. If it does, then you didn't do the installation correctly.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Is the upgrade successful?
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    How do I know if the download ('executable only release') has been successful?

    I think I have downloaded the new data and I thought I sent it to the "CSDS" program but when I opened it, it showed the same version, not the new one. What can you tell me?

    The download is successful after the download dialog box closes. However, the upgrade has not yet been installed.

    To install the upgrade, I recommend the following steps:

    1. Rename your existing CSDS executable (c:\sqdata\csds.exe) to another file (e.g., c:\sqdata\csds_old.exe). This step is optional, but it is a good idea in case something goes wrong, or in case there is some hideous bug in the new version of CSDS -- you can always revert back to your previous version of CSDS.
    2. Move the downloaded file (csdszip.exe) into the CSDS installation folder (c:\sqdata).
    3. Run the downloaded file from the CSDS installation folder. (e.g., from the Windows File Explorer, double-click on c:\sqdata\csdszip.exe). This will create file csds.exe, which is the CSDS executable.
    4. Now double-click on c:\sqdata\csds.exe, and verify that you have the latest version.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Lack of communication
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    Since purchasing the product, I have never received any communication about the availability of an upgrade.

    Notification of CSDS upgrades is done via E-mail. Please make sure that I have your current E-mail address.

    If you are a caller, one way to make sure that I have your contact information is to verify that you are listed in our Caller and Cuer Database.

    For major CSDS upgrades, the latest version of CSDS is placed on our web site, and an E-mail message is sent to all registered users. Users may then download the latest version at their convenience for free, or may contact me to send them a CD for $25 USD.

    For minor CSDS upgrades, check the CSDS | Download Files section of our website.

    Losing the Windows task bar
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    I just upgraded the latest version of CSDS. When I load the CSDS application I lose the task bar (running XP Home Edition). If I select close the CSDS application and select NO the task bar appears. If I load Call From Screen, I lose the task bar again. Any thought's?

    Try right-clicking on the task bar, select 'Properties', and make sure the 'Keep the task bar on top of other windows' checkbox is checked.

    Notification of new releases
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    Do you still inform us when you have a new release CSDS?

    An E-mail notification is only sent when a major version change occurs (e.g., once for 1.08.xx, once for 1.09.xx, once for 1.10.xx).

    To receive this notification, make sure that I have your current E-mail address.

    Notifications are only sent to registered CSDS users (DEMO users and loathsome pirate users are out of luck).

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Old versions still reside on my hard drive
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    I have recently downloaded and installed the latest version and all works well. I notice however that versions 1.15 and 1.14 still reside on my hard drive. Is it safe and advisable to remove the earlier versions in order to save drive space?

    If CSDS was installed in the normal manner, previous versions (e.g., 1.15 and 1.14) no longer exist on your hard drive. However, a bug with the installation causes the old versions to be listed in the system registry, and hence they are also listed in the Add/Remove Program part of your operating system.

    It is perfectly safe to 'remove' the old versions -- they shouldn't be there anyway, and any data files created via CSDS will not be affected.

    PKZIPFIX error
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    Your new release did not self extract. The message was that I needed to use pkzipfix, but that doesn't work either. Other suggestions?

    The error message "Error in Zip - Use PKZIPFIX" means that the self-extracting zip file is incomplete or corrupted.

    To solve the problem, re-download the file from the web and try again.

    Reformatting my drive
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    I need to reformat my drive. I do not want to lose the records I have added to the databases. Can I download and install the latest version of CSDS and then use my databases by replacing the ones in the download or should I export them to a disk before I reformat and then import them to the program after I install it?

    I suggest the following:
    1. Make a backup copy of the CSDS installation folder (usually C:\SQDATA).
    2. Reformat the disk.
    3. Copy the CSDS installation folder back to the computer.
    4. Install the latest version of CSDS.

    Installing CSDS over an existing version does not wipe out any of your databases. It simply "updates" the information that I have modified, and it does not touch any information that you have updated or added. Database records have a "user ID" field, which allows the update process to know who created the record. Hence, the update process only changes the records that have "Vic Ceder" in that field. Your data will not be affected.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Your music files located outside of the CSDS installation folder will also need to be copied to a backup before reformatting the disk or they will be lost as well!

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Small black screen
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    I still haven't figured out how to get my program up. All I got after down loading the newest version all I get is this small black screen that doesn't have alot on it. I can't use the program at all now.

    Most likely you did not follow the upgrade instructions precisely.

    The 'small black screen' indicates you are running the 'pre-setup' program, csdszip.exe or complete.exe instead of the CSDS program, csds.exe.

    To run CSDS, click the Windows Start button, select 'Run...', enter 'C:\SQDATA\CSDS.EXE' (without the quotes) and click OK. This should run CSDS.

    Please tell me which version of CSDS you have, and I will advise you on your next step.

    Also, how are you currently trying to run the program? Please be as specific as possible, so I have a clue what happened.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Uninstall or not?
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    when I receive the CSDS upgrade CD and go to install it should I have it overwrite existing files or should I delete/uninstall the existing version and then start from scratch?

    If the latter will I lose previously written materials?

    Either way should work. (personally, I never do the uninstall. the only problem with not doing it that way is that windows sometimes thinks you have several versions of the program).

    No. Your sequences, music, getouts, lists, cue sheets, etc. are saved in folders created by CSDS - the install remover has no clue about these folders - the install remover only removes the exact files that it installed in the first place.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Upgrade CD #1
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    Any chance of getting the CSDS upgrade on a CD from you? I won't be installing it onto my big PC at home, and my laptop isn't email-capable yet.

    Yes, I can send you an upgrade CD, but I'll charge you $25. It takes time and money to create, label, test, package, and ship CDs. I'd much rather have people download the latest and greatest from the internet.

    Upgrade CD #2
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    When a CSDS upgrade occurs, do you send out a CD with the new version to all owners of CSDS? Is there any cost for the upgrade?

    I do not send out an upgrade CD unless it is specifically requested. I charge $25 for this service. I try to discourage sending out upgrade CDs, since it is time consuming for me to create, test, package, address and mail the CDs.

    For major releases of CSDS, an E-mail is sent to all users who have purchased the full version of CSDS. The E-mail gives all details pertaining to the upgrade.

    For minor releases, no E-mail is sent, unless I have specifically fixed a bug or added a new feature that *you* suggested.

    The latest version of CSDS can always be downloaded from

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Upgrade only where downloaded?
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    If I download the latest CSDS upgrade (complete.exe), does that mean I can only use it on the computer I download to?

    The downloaded file (complete.exe) is large, about 11 MB. If you have a zip drive or CD-W drive, you can copy it and use it on another computer.

    Upgrading CSDS2
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    Where should I look for a way to update to the latest version? The link at the bottom of the csds main page "Download the latest version of CSDS" takes me to a page discussing upgrading to Csds2 which I have already done. ????

    CSDS2 is designed to updated simply by connecting to the web, then selecting an 'Upgrade program from web' option:

    1. Make sure you're connected to the web;
    2. Run CSDS2;
    3. From the main menu, select 'System | Upgrade program from web'.

    --------------------------------------- <> If for some reason you don't connect your CSDS2 computer to the web, or have other issues, you can try the following steps:

    1. Get CSDS2 version 2.28 here...

    You need to replace your current csds2.exe file with the one above:

    1. Run CSDS2;
    2. Select 'Help | About Csds2';
    3. Press the 'Open EXE Folder' button;
    4. Close CSDS2;
    5. In the file explorer window opened by step 4 above, rename csds2.exe to something else, just in case this rocedure fails. e.g., csds2old2.27.exe;
    6. Open web browser, and go to;
    7. Save the file to the opened folder. Make sure to save the file as csds2.exe, not csds2_2.28.exe;
    8. Right-click on the downloaded file, and select 'Properties'. Make sure 'Read-only' is not checked. Additionally, there might be some other attribute such as 'downloaded from web' or something like that. I forget the exact name. You should also turn that bit off. I think there's a button or something to do that nearby.
    9. Double-click on the csds2.exe file to run it. You should now have version 2.28. If a virus scanner or such pops-up, you may need to tell it that the file is okay.


    If you still have issues, you will have to uninstall the version you have, then re-install a later version.

    The latest FULL version of CSDS2 is always located somewhere on this page:

    E.g., the current FULL version is You would be expected to download, unzip it, install it, run it, then proceed as given in the first set of instructions above. I.e., 'System | Upgrade program from web'

    last modified: 25-May-2019   
    Upgrading from DEMO to Full Version #1
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    I called a dance last night using cards I had written using the demo version of CSDS. I felt good about the overall result. If I decide to buy the program would I get a CD with the update on it?

    If you purchase the complete program, you will receive a CD with the entire program on it.

    When a new version of the program is installed, it upgrades itself without destroying any existing sequences, getouts, or changes made to any databases. The upgrade process takes advantage of the fact that all database records have a user-id (i.e., author) field. On a program upgrade, existing records created by 'Vic Ceder' are removed and replaced with the new records created by 'Vic Ceder'. In this manner, any record created by yourself or others (such as user 'DEMO') are neither modified nor deleted.

    Upgrading from DEMO to Full Version #2
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    Is the $25 for the demo version refundable, if I later buy the full version for $200?

    Yes. If you already purchased the demo version, you get $25 off the price of the complete version (so you pay $175 instead of $200).

    Upgrading from DEMO to Full Version #3
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    I have purchased the complete program, and am upgrading from the DEMO version of the program.

    I am concerned that after having loaded the new version (as an upgrade) the program still shows as being "DEMO" and "restrictions" etc. Thinking if I removed the old version( .99.03 ) and reinstalled 1.00.02 the issue would be fixed, I found no change. I would note that when asked if I wanted to "remove and lose files shared with other programs" I selected "no". What if anything am I doing wrong?

    After upgrading from the DEMO version, you need to enter your new user key (located on the CD label). To do so, from the CSDS main menu select 'System' followed by 'Enter user key'.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    User Key - never asked for it
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    I downloaded the latest version this morning and it seems to have installed okay; However it never asked me for my user key. Does it search automatically and verify this or can anyone download free?

    Anyone can download CSDS, but a user key is required to run it.

    The user key is stored in the Windows system registry. It only needs to be entered once. You are only prompted to enter the user key if any of the following are true:

    1. The User Key entry in the registry does not exist.
    2. The User Key entry in the registry is invalid.
    3. The CSDS.INI file does not exists.

    CSDS only requires a user key when you upgrade to a new version, or install the program on a new computer. After you enter the key, it is saved in the system registry and you are not prompted for it again.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    User Key - where is it?
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    I have forgotten or missplaced my "User Key". Would you send it please or tell me how to find it.

    You can get your user key from your CSDS installation CD, or by asking me.

    Your user key is a unique 12-letter text string (of the form ABCD-EFGH-IJKL) that is assigned to you when you purchase CSDS. It does not change between versions of CSDS.

    Version number didn't change
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    After doing an upgrade from the internet - should the CSDS show the latest version as it appears on the screen?

    Yes. CSDS always shows the current version number. If the version number did not change after the upgrade, the upgrade was not successful.

    For a successful upgrade, it's important to exactly follow the steps listed on the download page.

    For the executable only release,

    1. Download csdszip.exe to C:\SQDATA. It must be downloaded into this folder, and it must be named csdszip.exe
    2. Run csdszip.exe. Assuming you haven't renamed your current version of csds.exe for a backup, running csdszip.exe prompts whether or not to overwrite csds.exe. If you don't get this prompt, and if you don't reply 'y', you won't successfully complete the upgrade.

    For the complete release,

    1. Download complete.exe to any folder other than C:\SQDATA. Using folder C:\TEMP is a good choice.
    2. Run complete.exe. This will unpack 3 files into the current folder.
    3. Run setup.exe to install CSDS.
    4. Run CSDS to verify that the version number has changed.
    5. Delete the files from C:\TEMP.

    Where are the help files?
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    I downloaded the latest on CSDS & it appears that nothing has happened when I run CSDS HELP! What am I'm doing wrong? I followed the instructions.

    The help files are included only in the 'complete' release. They are not included in the 'executable only' release.

    The help files may be accessed online at

    Winamp upgrade
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    I am currently using Winamp 2.80 in my CSDS program. At the time it was the newest version the program would use. Can I update to Winamp 5.07. I don't want to just try it, I'm afraid of loosing some data.

    CSDS should work just fine with Winamp 5.07. No data should be lost.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Winamp, Windows 7
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    I am having nothing but trouble getting winamp, CSDS, or itunes to work on my new computer with windows 7. Changing over the address worked but it still says over 100 songs are not attached....addresses are correct and they play from the folder but CSDS does not recognize them.

    If songs play from the folder but CSDS can not play them, it means CSDS can not find them because the 'File' field in the music database is incorrect.

    When switching computers, the problem is usually with the folder portion of the file pathname (e.g., "D:\" instead of "C:\"). Also, the default folder for music files in Windows 7 is in a different place than previous versions of windows.

    First, make sure the CSDS music files folder is properly set:

    1. Start CSDS;
    2. Select 'System | Settings';
    3. Select the 'Folders' tab;
    4. Set the 'Music files' folder to the folder where most of your music resides.

    Then, find 'bad' files within the music database,

    1. Start CSDS;
    2. Select 'Music | Edit Music Database';
    3. Select 'Tools | File pathnames | Find non-existent files';
    4. A dialog box entitled 'Find non-existent files' appear. Do not check any checkboxes. Press the 'OK' button.

      CSDS seaches then displays a results list of non-existent files. These are the music database items that need to be corrected. Look at the file pathnames, determine what's wrong and fix them.

    This morning I fixed a bug concerning the Windows 7 interface between CSDS and Winamp. The fix will appear in the next version of CSDS, 1.32.00, which hopefully will be released within a week.

    If you still encounter problems (before uploading the fix in CSDS 1.32.00), change the CSDS music player to 'Windows API' or 'Direct Show'.

    last modified: 25-May-2011   
    Wiping out my database
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    I downloaded the latest version and it wiped out my database.

    Downloading the latest version does not wipe out any existing databases. Installing the latest version does not wipe out any existing databases. Running the latest version will modify your databases, by updating only those records that you did not add or modify.

    You probably either installed CSDS into a different folder, or you explicitly deleted the CSDS folder.

    CSDS is generally installed in C:\SQDATA. If you've changed that to a different folder, then each time you upgrade, you must make sure to use the changed folder instead of C:\SQDATA.

    Try searching your computer for the file 'music.dat'. If you have more than one of these files, you probably installed CSDS into a different folder.

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