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Stuart Bunch (January 5 to 6, 2019)
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Stuart Bunch  (January 5 to 6, 2019)
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LocationPort Charlotte, Florida, USA
SquaresVic Ceder

Vic Ceder
ClubStuart Bunch Inc (Port Charlotte)
Squares:  C3B


Temple Shalom, 23190 Utica Ave, Port Charlotte, FL

Other Information

Sat., 1:30-4:15PM C3B; 4:15-5:30 C4 star tip Sat., 6:30-9:15PM C3B; 9:15-9:30 C4 star tip Sun., 10:00AM-12:15PM C3B; 12:15-12:30 C4 star tip Sun., 1:30-3:30PM C3B

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