Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Switch The Wave [A2]
From a Wave. EN: 10

Centers Run as Ends Cross Run. EN: 20

Ends in a Two-Faced Line. EN: 30

From a R-H Wave:

Switch The Wave
From a L-H Wave:

Switch The Wave

  • From a R-H Wave, everyone moves to the Right;
    From a L-H Wave, everyone moves to the Left. EN: 40
  • Think about moving toward the handhold that you have with the adjacent dancer. You might even give that dancer a slight tug to get both of you moving toward the correct direction. EN: 50
  • At A2, Switch The Wave may only be called from a Wave. However, at C1, Switch The Line (same definition as Switch The Wave) may be done from any Line of 4. EN: 60
  • If you start as a Center, be sure to Run toward the nearest End position. Think about flipping away from the Center. EN: 70
  • Ends Cross Run to the far Center, passing each other in the process. EN: 80
  • Everyone can Roll after Switch The WaveEN: 90
  • Switch The Wave can also be thought of as a Swing-Slither (except that everyone can Roll after a Switch The Wave, whereas those doing the Slither can not Roll). EN: 100

Switch To A Diamond [A2] (Ron Schneider 1973):
From a Wave (or any other Line of 4). Centers Run as Ends do your part Diamond Circulate. Ends in a Diamond. EN: 399

Switch To An Hourglass [A2] (Sandy Knowles 1975):
From Parallel Waves (or applicable Parallel Lines). Centers Run as Ends do your part Hourglass Circulate (Lead Ends 1/2 Circulate as Trailing Ends Veer Inward to end in a Mini-Wave with their opposite). Ends in an Hourglass. EN: 382

Switch To An Interlocked Diamond [C1] (Sandy Knowles 1976):
From Parallel Lines|Waves. Centers Run as Ends (do your part) Interlocked Diamond Circulate. Ends in Twin Diamonds. EN: 397

Cross Roll To A Wave | Line [C1] (Chuck Peel 1971):
From any Line of 4. Centers Cross Run as Ends Run. A Two-Faced Line ends in a Wave and vice-versa. This is the opposite of Switch The WaveEN: 400 -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.