Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
From a Thar.

  1. Arm Turn 1/4 (to an Alamo Ring);
  2. alternating hands, Arm Turn 1/2;
  3. alternating hands, Arm Turn 3/4.

Ends in a Thar.

Remake The Thar
(Left) Arm Turn 1/4
(Right) Arm Turn 1/2
(Left) Arm Turn 3/4

  • The first arm turn is very quick, so much so in fact that a common mistake is to overshoot the first arm turn. Try instead to think about starting the call with the diagonally facing dancer using a diagonal pull by with the inconvenient hand; then (alternating hands) Arm Turn 3/4 with the next dancer to end in a Thar.
  • If you were moving in the Thar (i.e., centers backing up, ends walking forward) immediately prior to the call Remake The Thar, then continue moving in the same manner after the call is completed.
  • Remake The Thar starts with everyone turning 1/4. This is in contrast to Remake in which only the dancers holding right-hands start the call.

Remake [A2] (Vince Di Caudo 1972): From a R-H Mini-Wave Box, a Facing Diamond with the Centers in a R-H Mini-Wave, or from other applicable 3- or 4-dancer formations. Those who can Right Arm Turn 1/4; those who meet and can Left Arm Turn 1/2; those who meet and can Right Arm Turn 3/4. Usually ends in the same formation as the starting formation. Remake is a 1/4 Thru followed by a Right Arm Turn 3/4. -- Copyright © 2020 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.