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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Plenty -- [C1]
   (Lee Kopman 1972)

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From a Generalized 3/4 Tag (usually a R-H 3/4 Tag) or other applicable formations.

  1. Little (Outsides 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4 as Centers Step & Fold);
  2. Split Circulate twice;
  3. Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 and Roll as the Center four Concentric 1/2 Zoom.

Usually ends in a 1/4 Tag.

Outsides 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4
as Centers Step & Fold
( after Little)
Split Circulate twice
Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 & Roll
as Centers Concentric 1/2 Zoom

  • The Split Circulate twice is also referred to as Star 1/2. Callers often modify the amount to turn the Star (each 1/4 turn of the Star corresponds to one Split Circulate).
  • Callers often Replace the Split Circulates with another call or Interrupt the Split Circulates with other calls.
  • On Scoot & Plenty the Outsides 1/4 to the handhold unless otherwise directed.
  • After doing the Split Circulates, if all Centers are facing Out they U-Turn Back (away from the Center of the Set) and Touch. If all Centers are facing In, they Touch.
  • It is our opinion that when Plenty is called from Diamonds, the caller should say something like 'Outsides go As You Are' or 'Centers Start A' so that the outsides do not start with a 1/4 Right.
  • The caller can optionally give a direction (In, Out, Right, Left) for the Outsides, in which case the Outsides 1/4 toward the given direction & Counter Rotate 1/4 (e.g., Left Plenty, Out Plenty, Scoot & Plenty In on the outside).

Scoot & Plenty [C1] (Lee Kopman 1972): From a 1/4 Tag. Scoot & Little; Split Circulate twice; Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 and Roll as Centers (Concentric) 1/2 Zoom. Ends in a 1/4 Tag.

Interlocked Plenty [C3A]: From a Generalized 1/4 Line or other applicable formations. Do an Interlocked Little [C3A] (Centers Step & Cross Fold as Outsides 1/4 Right & Counter Rotate 1/4); Split Circulate twice; Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 and Roll as the Center four Concentric 1/2 Zoom. Usually ends in a 1/4 Tag.

See also Little [C1]. In particular, there is a discussion about the usage of calling Plenty from Twin Diamonds.

CALLERLAB definition for Plenty

Choreography for Plenty

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