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Partner Tag [A1]
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Partner Tag -- [A1]
   (Willard Orlich 1970)

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From a Couple or Mini-Wave.

Turn 1/4 in place to face the adjacent dancer (1/4 In); Pass Thru.

Ends in Back-to-Back Dancers.

From a Couple:

Partner Tag
Turn 1/4 to face
Pass Thru

From a Right-Hand Mini-Wave:

Partner Tag

From a Left-Hand Mini-Wave:

Partner Tag


  • Partner Tag is the 2-dancer (i.e., Single) version of Tag The Line [Mainstream]. The line consists of two people, and the center of the line is the handhold that they share.
  • Always pass Right-shoulders for the Pass Thru, even if the starting formation is a Left-hand Mini-Wave.
  • Partner Tag ends back-to-back.
  • It is easier to dance Partner Tag if you get in the habit of joining hands with adjacent dancers immediately after each call. Joining hands makes it is easier to determine your position within the formation and with whom you are working for the next call.


  • 1/2 Partner Tag:
    Do 1/2 of a Partner Tag (i.e., Turn 1/4 to face the adjacent dancer). Ends in Facing Dancers. Partner Tag has two parts: (1) 1/4 In; (2) Pass Thru.
  • Partner 1/2 Tag:
    In your Line of 2, do a 1/2 Tag The Line (i.e., Turn 1/4 to face and 1/2 Pass Thru (Step To A Wave)). Ends in a Right-Hand Mini-Wave. This call is more appropriately called as Single 1/2 Tag.

Horseshoe Turn [A1] (Doug Johnston 1965): From Columns with the Ends Facing Out, or from other applicable formations. Ends Cloverleaf as Centers Partner Tag. Columns end in an Eight Chain Thru.

Tag The Line [Mainstream] (Willard Orlich 1969): From any Line of 4. Turn 1/4 in place toward the center of the line; Double Pass Thru. Ends in a Single Completed Double Pass Thru formation.

Partner Trade [Basic]: From a Mini-Wave or Couple. Walk forward, while turning 180°, to exchange places with the adjacent dancer. When starting from a Couple, pass right-shoulders as you go. A Mini-Wave ends in a Mini-Wave, a Couple ends in a Couple.

Partner Hinge [A1]: From a Mini-Wave or Couple. Do 1/2 of a Trade. Ends in a Mini-Wave. From a Mini-Wave, Partner Hinge is an Arm Turn 1/4; from a Couple, Partner Hinge is 1/2 of a Partner Trade (as one movement, Face each other and Step to a Right-hand Mini-Wave). The word 'Partner' is optional: the word 'Hinge' is sufficient to describe this movement. Usually, however, the caller uses the term 'Partner Hinge' from a Couple, and 'Single Hinge' from a Mini-Wave.

Snap [C4]: Partner Tag.

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