Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Partner Hinge [A1]
From a Mini-Wave or Couple only.

Do 1/2 of a Trade.

Ends in a Mini-Wave.

From a Couple:

Partner Hinge
起始于 Right-Hand Mini-Wave:

Partner Hinge
起始于 Left-Hand Mini-Wave:

Partner Hinge

  • A Hinge is 1/2 of a Trade.

    • Single Hinge [Mainstream]
      • From a Mini-Wave. Arm Turn 1/4.
    • Partner Hinge [A1]
      • From a Couple. As one movement, face each other and Step to a Right-Hand Mini-Wave.

    The word 'Single' or 'Partner' is optional, as 'Hinge' sufficiently describes this movement.

    The caller usually uses the term 'Single Hinge' from a Mini-Wave, and 'Partner Hinge' from a Couple.

  • Dancers doing the call must be adjacent, either in a Couple or in a Mini-Wave.
    From a Line of 4, it is inappropriate to call Ends Partner Hinge, even though the Ends could do 1/2 of a Trade.

Couples Hinge [Mainstream] (Ron Schneider 1970): From a One- or Two-Faced Line. Do 1/2 of a Couples Trade. Ends in a Two-Faced Line.

Couples Hinge & Trade [C4] (Ron Schneider 1969): From Parallel Two-Faced Lines or Back-to-Back Lines. Couples Hinge; Center Couples Trade; all As Couples Face In. Ends in a Double Pass Thru Formation.

Single Hinge & Trade [C4] (Ron Schneider 1969): From a Non-T-Bone 2x2. Hinge; Centers Trade; all Roll. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.