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Lickety Split [C3B]
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Lickety Split -- [C3B]
   (Lee Kopman)

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From an applicable 2 x 4.

Ends Split Circulate as Centers Split Counter Rotate 1/4.

Ends in a 2 x 4.

Lickety Split

Lickety Split


  • Determine if you are an End or a Center within the entire formation and then do your part of the call working Split.
  • Historically, some callers used concepts such as Diagonal Box, Jay, Once Removed or Trapezoid with this call. They wanted you to evaluate whether you are an End or a Center in the entire 8-dancer formation and then do your part of the call working in the given formation. This usage is typically frowned upon today.
  • The call Lickety Split is useful to callers, since it allows them to easily get into or out of T-Bone formations.

Variation:Magic (Column) Lickety Split.

Magic Lickety Split
Ends Magic Split Circulate as
Centers Magic Split Counter Rotate 1/4

Choreography for Lickety Split

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