Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Latch On ({fraction}) [C3A]
From Tandem dancers, Facing dancers, or Back-to-Back dancers.

Right Roll To A Wave, Arm Turn 1/4 (or the designated fraction).

Ends in a R-H Mini-Wave. This is a 2-part call.

Latch On
Right Roll To A Wave
Arm Turn 1/4


This is the starting formation
for each of the following:

As Couples Once Removed Latch On

Once Removed As Couples Latch On

  1. For the first case, 'As Couples' is heard first, so you work As Couples to do the call 'Once Removed Latch On'. See diagrams below.

    Imagine you start here
    where each dancer is a couple
    Once Removed Latch On
  2. For the second case, 'Once Removed' is heard first, so you work Once Removed to do the call 'As Couples Latch On'. Note that, for this case, the dancers in the set {, , , } are on every other plane in both the starting formation and the ending formation. Similarly, so are the dancers in the set {, , , }. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.