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Cross & Turn, Reverse Cross & Turn [C1]
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Cross & Turn, Reverse Cross & Turn -- [C1]
   (Lee Kopman 1966)

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From Facing Couples.

Cross & Turn:
Beaus diagonally Right Pull By as Belles U-Turn Back.

Reverse Cross & Turn:
Belles diagonally Left Pull By as Beaus U-Turn Back.

Ends in Back-to-Back Couples.

Cross & Turn:

Cross & Turn

Reverse Cross & Turn:

Reverse Cross & Turn


  • Historically, the right hand was used for the Pull By during a Reverse Cross & Turn. However, many callers/dancers felt that this was wrong, since Reverse often means to do the Mirror Image of the call. Until recently (May 1996), the CALLERLAB definitions stated that dancers use the right hand. The current CALLERLAB definitions say to use the Left-hand.
  • Dancers doing the diagonal Pull By often yell 'Bang!', pulling an imaginary gun from an imaginary holster, shooting the other diagonal dancer (as if in an Old West duel). This often results in many dancers dispensing with the Pull By altogether and simply doing a Jaywalk; they are too busy 'gunning each other down', their hands are occupied and they neglect to use them.

Variation: Grand (Working Forward) Cross & Turn (from R-H 1/4 Box): 6 Right Pull By, 2 U-Turn Back.

Grand Cross & Turn:

Grand Cross & Turn

CALLERLAB definition for Cross and Turn / Reverse Cross and Turn

Choreography for Cross & Turn, Reverse Cross & Turn

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