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{any Tagging call} Chain Thru [C3A]
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any Tagging call Chain Thru -- [C3A]
   (author unknown)

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  1. Do the any Tagging call to the 1/2 Tag position; EN: 10
  2. Scoot Chain Thru.
  3. Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 20

    The following is a list of Tagging calls that could be used at C3B. The part of the call name shown in bold-face type indicates what would be used to prefix the words 'Chain Thru' (i.e., the italicized part is conventionally omitted). EN: 30

    Chase The Tag Cross Flip The Line Cross Loop & Tag
    Double Pass Thru Flip The Line Invert The Column
    Loop & Tag Tag The Line Track n
    Vertical Tag The Line    

    Flip Chain Thru:

    Flip Chain Thru
    1/2 Flip The Line
    Scoot Chain Thru

    any Tagging call & Scatter Chain Thru [C3B]:
    Do the any Tagging call to the 1/2 Tag position; Scatter Scoot Chain Thru. Ends in Parallel Waves. Note: some callers say Chain Thru & Scatter instead of & Scatter Chain Thru. The word order in this case does not matter: it refers to the same movement. EN: 26

    Scoot Chain Thru [A2] (Vince Di Caudo 1971):
    From Parallel Waves: Leaders Split Circulate as Trailers Extend, Swing, Slip, Swing, & Extend. Ends in Parallel Waves. From a 1/4 Tag: Extend, Swing, Slip, Swing, & Extend. Ends in a 3/4 Tag. EN: 27

    See also Tagging Calls.

    Choreography for any Tagging call Chain Thru

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