Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
{anything} And Anything [C4]

Do the anything call but replace the final Centers Cast Off 3/4 with a Centers Cast Off 1/4 as the others U-Turn Back.

  • The words 'And Anything' are actually said.
  • The final Cast Off 3/4 becomes a Cast Off 1/4 not a Hinge.
  • The U-Turn Back is toward the partner.
  • If the anything call ends in the word 'Thru', the word 'Thru' is conventionally omitted.

    For example,

  • The anything call must end with a Centers Cast Off 3/4 (e.g., 'Scoot & Counter And Anything' is illegal, because even though the Centers do a Cast Off 3/4, their final movement is a Counter Rotate 1/4).

Here is a partial list of anything calls:

3/4 The Deucey anything Reaction Cast & Relay
Chain Reaction Cross Chain Reaction Delight | Dilemma
Diamond Chain Thru Linear Action Motivate
Peel Chain Thru Relay The Deucey Relay The Top
Spin Chain The Line Spin Chain Thru Spin The Windmill

Diamond Chain And Anything [C4]: From Twin Diamonds. Diamond Circulate; Very Centers Trade; Center 4 Cast Off 1/4 as Ends U-Turn Back. Usually ends in Parallel Lines. The words 'And Anything' are actually said.

Spin Chain And Anything [C4]: From Parallel Waves or Eight Chain Thru. Arm Turn 1/2; Centers Cast Off 3/4; Very Centers Trade; Centers Cast Off 1/4 as others U-Turn Back. Ends in Parallel Two-Faced Lines.

Interlocked Diamond Chain And Anything
Interlocked Diamond Circulate
Very Centers Trade and Centers Cast Off 1/4
as Outsides U-Turn Back
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