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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
{any Tagging call} & Scatter [C3B]
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any Tagging call & Scatter -- [C3B]
   (author unknown) (upphovsman okänd) (autor neznámý)

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  1. Do the any Tagging call to the 1/2 Tag position; EN: 10
    any Tagging call を 1/2 Tag の位置まで行い; JP: 10
    Gör any Tagging call till 1/2 Tag positionen; SE: 10
    Proveďte any Tagging call do formace 1/2 Tag; CZ: 10
    做 Tagging 口令至 1/2 Tag 的位置; CH: 10
  2. Scatter Scoot.

Ends in Parallel Waves. EN: 20
平行な Wave で終わります. JP: 20
Slutar i Parallel Waves. SE: 20
Končí ve formaci Parallel Waves. CZ: 20
结束队形为 Parallel Waves. CH: 20

Flip & Scatter:

before före před
Flip & Scatter
の前 之前
after efter po
1/2 Flip The Line
の後 之后
after efter po
Scatter Scoot
の後 之后
(done) (終わり) (klart) (hotovo) (完成)

Invert & Scatter:

before före před
Invert & Scatter
の前 之前
after efter po
1/2 Invert The Column
の後 之后
after efter po
Scatter Scoot
の後 之后
(done) (終わり) (klart) (hotovo) (完成)

any Tagging call & Scatter Chain Thru [C3B]:
Do the any Tagging call to the 1/2 Tag position; Scatter Scoot Chain Thru. Ends in Parallel Waves. Note: some callers say Chain Thru & Scatter instead of & Scatter Chain Thru. The word order in this case does not matter: it refers to the same movement. EN: 26
any Tagging call を 1/2 Tag の position まで行い, Scatter Scoot Chain Thru をします.平行な Wave で終わります.注釈: あるコーラーは & Scatter Chain Thru の代わりに Chain Thru & Scatter と言います.この場合の言葉の順序は動きに関係がなく, 同じ動作となります. JP: 26
Gör any Tagging callet till 1/2 Tag positionen; Scatter Scoot Chain Thru. Slutar i Parallel Waves. Notera: en del caller säger Chain Thru & Scatter i stället för & Scatter Chain Thru. Ordföljden spelar i det här fallet ingen roll: det refererar till samma rörelse. SE: 26
Proveďte any Tagging call do 1/2 Tag pozice; Scatter Scoot Chain Thru. Končí v Parallel Waves. Poznámka: někteří calleři říkají Chain Thru & Scatter místo & Scatter Chain Thru. Pořadí slov nehraje v tomto případě roli, jedná se o tu samou figuru. CZ: 26
做 Tagging 口令至 1/2 Tag 的位置; 做 Scatter Scoot Chain Thru. 结束队形为 Parallel Waves. 注意: 有些口令员不是喊& Scatter Chain Thru, 而是喊 Chain Thru & Scatter. 这里词语顺序的不一致是没关系的,都指的是相同的口令动作. CH: 26

Scatter Scoot [C1] (Jack Lasry 1970):
From Parallel Waves or applicable T-Bone 2 x 4s. Leaders (all 8) Circulate as Trailers Scoot Back. Parallel Waves end in Parallel Waves. EN: 580
Aus parallelen Waves oder passenden 2 x 4 T-Bones. Die Leaders tanzen ein (all 8) Circulate, während die Trailers Scoot Back tanzen. Parallele Waves enden in parallelen Waves. DE: 580
Från Parallel Waves eller tillämpliga T-Bone 2 x 4. Leaders (all 8) Circulate medan Trailers Scoot Back. Parallel Waves slutar i Parallel Waves. SE: 580
Fra Parallelle Waves eller anvendelige T-Bones 2 x 4. Leaders laver (all 8) Circulate mens Trailers laver Scoot Back. Parallelle Waves ender i Parallelle Waves. DK: 580
Z formace Parallel Waves a vhodných T-Bone 2 x 4. Leaders (all 8) Circulate, Trailers Scoot Back. Parallel Waves končí v Parallel Waves. CZ: 580
起始队形为 Parallel Waves 或可适用的 T-Bone 2 x 4. Leaders 做(all 8) Circulate, 同时 Trailers做Scoot Back. 起始队形为 Parallel Waves 时结束队形为 Parallel Waves. CH: 580

See also 次も見てください Se också Viz také 参见 Tagging Calls.

Choreography for any Tagging call & Scatter

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