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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Fancy [C3A]
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Fancy -- [C3A]
   (Lee Kopman 1976)

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From Columns. EN: 10
Column から. JP: 10
Från Columns. SE: 10
Z formace Columns. CZ: 10

Trailers (#2 and #4 dancers) Press Out; Trailing Couple 1/2 Press Ahead; Outsides work Phantom, and all Any Shoulder Turn & Deal. EN: 20
Trailers (#2 と #4 dancers) が Press Out をして, Trailing Couple は 1/2 Press Ahead をし, Outsides work Phantom: all Any Shoulder Turn & Deal をします. JP: 20
Trailers (#2 och #4 dansarna) Press Out; Trailing Couple 1/2 Press Ahead; Outsides arbetar Phantom: alla Any Shoulder Turn & Deal. SE: 20
Trailers (tanečníci #2 a #4) Press Out; Trailing Couple 1/2 Press Ahead; Outsides pracují Phantom a takto všichni Any Shoulder Turn & Deal. CZ: 20

Ends in a Double Pass Thru (phantoms disappear). EN: 30
Double Pass Thru formation で終わります. JP: 30
Slutar i en Double Pass Thru. SE: 30
Končí ve formaci Double Pass Thru (fantómové se ztratí). CZ: 30

before före před
after efter po
Trailers Press Out
after efter po
Centers 1/2 Press Ahead,
Outsides work Phantom and och a
all alla gör en všichni Any Shoulder Turn & Deal
(done) (終わり) (klart) (hotovo)

Alternative definition for the First 2: EN: 40
1 番目と 2 番目の人の別の定義: JP: 40
Alternativ definition för de två första: SE: 40
Alternativní definice pro první dva tanečníky: CZ: 40
Couple Up.

Variations: 応用: Varianter: Varianty:

  • Magic Fancy:
    #2 and #4 Magic Press Out (to inconvenient dancer); etc. EN: 50
    #2 と #4 が Magic Press Out (行きにくい方へ) をし, .... JP: 50
    #2 and #4 Magic Press Out (till dansaren på andra sidan); etc. SE: 50
    Tanečníci #2 a #4 Magic Press Out (ke vzdálenějšímu tanečníkovi venku); pak dodělat Fancy. CZ: 50
  • Fancy but Hold The Center Line.

Scoot & Fancy [C3A] (Lee Kopman 1976):
Grand Scoot Back (Triple Scoot); Fancy. EN: 228
Grand Scoot Back (Triple Scoot) をして Fancy をします. JP: 228
Grand Scoot Back (Triple Scoot); Fancy. SE: 228
Grand Scoot Back (Triple Scoot); Fancy. CZ: 228

Fancy But anything [C3AV]:
the Center Two-Faced Line does the anything call. EN: 227
Center Two-Faced Line が anything call をします. JP: 227
Center Two-Faced Line gör anything callet. SE: 227
středová Two-Faced Line dělá figuru anythingCZ: 227

before före před
Fancy But Tag Your Neighbor
after efter po
Fancy But
after efter po
Centers Tag Your Neighbor
(done) (終わり) (klart) (hotovo)

Clear Out [C4] (Lee Kopman 1975):
From applicable formations. Circulate; Lead End U-Turn Back; Centers Box Circulate; Out-Facing Centers Concentric U-Turn Back. From Columns, Clear Out is equivalent to FancyEN: 226
適切な formation から. Circulate をして, Lead End が U-Turn Back をし, Centers Box Circulate をして, Out-Facing Centers が Concentric U-Turn Back をします. Column から, Clear OutFancy と同じ結果になります. JP: 226
Från tillämpliga formationer. Circulate; Lead End U-Turn Back; Centers Box Circulate; Out-Facing Centers Concentric U-Turn Back. Från Columns, är Clear Out ekvivalent med FancySE: 226
Z vhodných formací. Circulate; Lead End U-Turn Back; Centers Box Circulate; Out-Facing Centers Concentric U-Turn Back. Z Columns je Clear Out ekvivalentní s FancyCZ: 226

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