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Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
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Roll [Plus]
   (Lee Kopman 1971)

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From any formation. EN: 10

If you had turning motion on your last part of the previous call, then turn an extra 1/4 (90°) in place toward that direction. EN: 20
If you had turning motion on your last part of the previous call, then turn an extra 1/4 (90°) in place toward that direction.

  • Often the caller may add a helper phrase such as "to face" (e.g., "Roll to face") as a cue to tell dancers which way to turn. EN: 30
  • Be careful. Only turn 1/4 if, on your last part of the previous call, you had a turning direction. If you were moving forward (e.g., Pass Thru, or Extend), sideways (e.g., Dodge), or backing up, without changing your facing direction, you can not RollEN: 40
  • Turn 1/4 in place. Do not move from your spot. EN: 50
  • Roll requires you to better learn your square dance call definitions, since you need to know who can Roll after specific calls. EN: 60

Diagram TOUCH 1/4, RIGHT & LEFT THRU, BOX CIRCULATE, and others?

Explain why everybody can roll on calls such as Swing Thru.

Some calls (Plus and below) to which Roll can be applied:

(anyone) Cross Fold (anyone) Cross Run (anyone) Fold (anyone) Run Acey Deucey All 8 Spin The Top Around (n) Come Into The Middle Around (n) To A Line Backtrack Bend The Line Box Circulate Box The Gnat California Twirl Cast Off (fract) Chain Down The Line Chase (Right|Left) Circle (Left|Right) Circle To A Line Circulate Cloverleaf Coordinate Couples Circulate Couples Hinge Couples Trade Courtesy Turn Cross Fire Cut The Diamond Diamond Circulate Dive Thru Dixie Style (To An Ocean Wave) Eight Chain (Thru|n) Explode (from a Wave) Explode The Wave Fan The Top Ferris Wheel Flip The Diamond Flutter Wheel Follow Your Neighbor Grand Square Grand Swing Thru Hinge Ladies Chain (fract) Lead (Right|Left) Left Swing Thru Linear Cycle Load The Boat Partner Hinge Pass To The Center Peel Off Peel The Top Ping Pong Circulate Recycle (from a Wave) Relay The Deucey Reverse Flutter Wheel Right & Left Thru Rollaway (With A Half Sashay) Scoot Back Single Hinge Slide Thru Spin Chain The Gears Spin Chain Thru Spin The Top Split Circulate Square Thru (n) Star Thru Sweep (fract) Swing Thru Touch 1/4 Track 2 Trade Trade By Trade The Wave U-Turn Back Wheel & Deal Wheel Around Zoom
CallStarting formationEnding formation Ending formation after RollComments
Touch 1/4Facing DancersR-H Mini-WaveFacing Dancerscommonly used

Make a list of calls in which some dancers can Roll, and others can not.

Nobody can roll after the following calls, since there is no turning direction at all during the call, or there is no turning direction at the end of the call (e.g., Pass The Ocean):

  • 1/2 Tag
  • 3/4 Tag
  • Balance
  • Centers In
  • Dosado
  • Double Pass Thru
  • Extend
  • Forward & Back
  • Half Sashay
  • Pass Thru
  • Pass The Ocean
  • Pull By
  • Single Circle To A Wave
  • Spread
  • Step Thru
  • Step To A Wave
  • Tag The Line
  • Turn Thru
  • Veer Right|Left
  • Walk & Dodge

CALLERLAB definition for (Anything) & Roll

Choreography for Roll

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