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Spread [Plus]
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Spread -- [Plus]
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There are four different versions of Spread (only the first two are used at Plus):

  1. From Columns: Centers spread apart as ends move in.
  2. From a Line: Ends and adjacent Centers exchange places by sidestepping into each other's position.
    • If adjacent dancers are in a Mini-Wave, slide nose-to-nose;
    • If adjacent dancers are a Couple, do a Half Sashay (Belle slides in front of Beau).
  3. Desginated dancers Spread (e.g., from Columns: Ends Spread, check a Butterfly)
  4. The call Wheel & Spread. From a One-Faced Line. Wheel & Deal; Leaders sidestep apart from one another (and backup slightly) as Trailers move in between.

From Columns:


From a Line:


From a "Z":


From a Diamond:


Girls Trade & Spread:

Girls Trade & Spread

Designated Dancers Spread:

Boys Spread

This instance of Spread is usually
only used at C1 and above.

Wheel & Spread [C4]:

Wheel & Spread
Wheel & Deal
Leaders Spread as Trailers move in

Wheel & Spread, the basis for Spread, was once on the Plus list.
Today, Wheel & Spread is no longer considered legal at Plus.

Diagram from T-Bone Lines. (e.g., Generalized Lines after Centers CR1)

Diagram from a Thar.

Diagram from a Wave Of 6.

Diagram from 8ChTh after Outsides Single Shuffle.


  • Nobody changes their facing direction on a Spread.
  • Spread is usually used as a suffix to another call (e.g., Follow Your Neighbor & Spread).
  • Because there are different versions of Spread, sometimes there is am ambiguity. For instance, from R-H Columns: Centers Trade & Spread. Do the Centers Trade then all Spread, or do the Centers Trade then Centers only Spread? The caller should use helper words to disambiguate.
  • From Back-to-Back Lines, Wheel & Deal & Spread is the same as Wheel & Spread. However, from a Tidal setup (e.g., from an As Couples Two-Faced Line), they are quite different.

Is it okay for someone to backup for a Spread? (e.g., from Trade By?)

Calls commonly used at Plus that can be followed by Spread:

Slide [A2] (Lee Kopman 1966): From a Wave or other applicable 4-dancer formation. Ends and adjacent Centers slide nose-to-nose past one another to exchange places. Från en Wave eller andra tillämpliga 4-dansare formationer. Ends och Centers bredvid glider förbi varandra näsa mot näsa och byter plats. Z formace Wave a dalších vhodných formací čtyř tanečníků. Koncoví a ti Centers, se kterými se drží, si úkrokem stranou, čelem k sobě, vymění místa.

Slim Down [C4]: From any 2 x 4 or other applicable formation. Without turning, Centers move one position toward the nearest unoccupied outside position as Outsides move one position toward the center. Everyone does either a sidestep right, sidestep left, step forward, or step backward. From Columns, Slim Down is the same as Spread. Från vilken som helst 2 x 4 eller annan tillämplig formation. Utan att ändra ansiktsriktning rör sig Centers en position mot den närmaste lediga Outside positionen medan Outsides rör sig en position mot mitten. Alla gör antingen en Truck, Reverse Truck, Press Ahead eller Press Back.

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Choreography for Spread

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