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Checker Cheats
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"Z" Axle
  • Centers Reverse Flip as Ends U-Turn Back + Press Ahead

Change The Centers
  • Centers Slither as Ends U-Turn Back

Change The Wave
  • Half Sashay
  • From a Wave: Slide

Criss Cross The Deucey
  • Snake + Centers Circulate

Cross Chuck-A-Luck
  • Counter Rotate 1/2 + Trade & Roll

Cross Flip Back
  • Ends Trade + Any Shoulder 1/2 Tag

Cross Loop & Tag
  • Tandem 1/4 Out

Cross Swap The Top
  • As Couples 1/4 Left

  • Ends part: Cross Concentric Tandem Snake

Interlocked Counter
  • Centers Stable Bend The Line as Ends Divide and End Beau U-Turn Back

Loop & Tag
  • Tandem Partner Tag

Mirror Cross Swap The Top
  • As Couples 1/4 Right

  • Box Circulate Twice

Reverse The Pass
  • Tandem Trade

Reverse The Top
  • From Facing Couples: Beau Hop + Trade
  • From a Wave: Drag The Centers for a Lockit + Trade

  • Circulate; Track And U-Turn Back.

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