C3A and C3B Voting
C3B Ballot (Final)


  • This is the official ballot for changes to the C3B list
  • Anyone may vote. However, only the votes of qualified callers actively calling C3B will be used for the final determination. The other votes may be used in resolving tie votes, or identifying situations that the voting callers may need to reconsider.
  • Guidelines for final determination:
    • To drop a call, 50% is needed
    • To add a call, 66% is needed
  • The comments listed under each potential change were received from callers and dancers. These comments do not necessarily reflect my personal opinions. However, comments preceded by the phrase Editor's note are mine.

Voting Instructions

  • For each item, please check one of the options.
  • You must supply your name and e-mail address.
  • Click the 'Submit Vote' button when you are finished.

Drop from C3B ?

Drop Keep   By Golly
  • This call makes you go round and round in circles.
  • An annoying way to do a Touch 1/4.
Drop Keep   Cross Flip The Line
  • When was the last time you saw a C3 floor execute this call without significant help? Dancers get just as tired as callers of seeing the same mistakes over and over.
  • I like the call and I believe dancers are able to do this with ease.
Drop Keep   Diagonal Box
  • awkward, not useful
  • Editor's note: Although Diagonal Boxes can be awkward from a 2x4 formation, they are useful from phantom formations (e.g., Split Phantom Waves Diagonal Box) where there aren't any traffic pattern problems.
Drop Keep   Explode The Diamond
  • The name is inconsistent with Explode The Wave and Explode The Line. Also typically ends in inverted lines which greatly limits how often it's used.
Drop Keep   Fan Concept
  • Do we really need this concept anymore? The Finish Concept does the exact same thing, and is already surreptitiously on the C1 list via the C1 definitions preface.
  • Fan and Finish are not precisely the same thing. Fan means eliminate the first Swing while Finish means begin with the second part. Thus I believe that Fan allows the Step To A Wave rule while Finish doesn't. For example from facing lines one could call Fan Relay The Top, but not Finish Relay The Top. I'm not sure that this means Fan should be kept, but there is a small difference in the two.
Drop Keep   In Style
  • A non-dancing call; awkward and uncomfortable from most or all places.
  • Rarely used and with good reason! Although I am still in awe of callers who think that from a squared set,heads star thru - in style, flows.
  • It screws one dancer into the floor.
Drop Keep   Kick By
  • A non-dancing call; awkward and uncomfortable from most or all places.
  • Rarely used and seems pretty silly.
  • Kick By is an easy call for dancers to learn since it builds on Kick Off. Rarely do I see dancers make a mistake on Kick By.
Drop Keep   Line To Line
  • This call seems merely an example of busy work for the dancer and doesn't seem to accomplish anything novel for the caller.
  • I like this call because it is one that I can fractionalize.
Drop Keep   Magic Diamond Concept and Magic Line | Wave Concept
  • Not really a concept; just awkward.
  • I like it as is adds some spice to the dance.
Drop Keep   Pitch
  • A non-dancing call; awkward and uncomfortable from most or all places.
  • Rarely used and when it is, it's almost always in situations where it's equivalent to Latch On, Mirror Latch On, Reset 1/2, Zing, etc. Why not remove it from the list to make room for other calls?
Drop Keep   Revert
  • We don't need both Revert and Reflected, and Revert makes you dizzy.
  • Dancers often confuse Reflect and Revert. I think that this should be fixed by dropping Revert since it tends to cause dancers to go round and round. (Revert Flip Back -- yuck!) An alternative approach would be to move one of these concepts (preferably Reflected) to C3A.
Drop Keep   Rip Off
  • A non-dancing call; awkward and uncomfortable from most or all places.
  • Rarely used and difficult for dancers to learn.
  • I find Rip Off interesting since there are four possible parts.
Drop Keep   Rotary Circulate
  • A non-dancing call; awkward and uncomfortable from most or all places.
Drop Keep   Rotates
  • Let's eliminate Rotates from columns. It does not dance well. Of course, neither does Rotate from Lines! I don't know any dancers who really like Rotates.
  • If more callers would call Rotates, the dancers would be able to do it.
  • One criteria I use for evaluating a call is: Can I still call a good dance at that level without it? I rarely have any need to use Rotates. Let's drop it!
Drop Keep   Sidetrack
  • Dancers haven't a clue how to do this call. I want to scream every time I have to help someone do the Zig-Zag at the beginning of Sidetrack. This occurs every time I hear this call at a C3 dance.
Drop Keep   Single Concept
  • waaaaaay too hard for the level. How many people really understand this? Callers?
  • I think we should remove Single from the C3B list. To dance it with any understanding the way it is now defined you have to understand what a 3x3 is and that is C4.
  • I have only one change to suggest - move the Single concept to C4. I believe that Single is the singlest hardest concept in square dancing, and consequently, it's a joke that it's on the C3B list.
  • This is just too hard. C3B dancers invariably deal with this concept by memorizing all of the single calls they hear regularly and waiting for cues on the rest.
  • I believe that we can not and should not add a call to the list and remove it right away.
  • Most people think that Single is too hard for C3. I think that it's the callers who make it too hard. If callers would learn and call all calls on the list they would all become easier. I spent the time and energy to learn Triple Boxes Working Together and Apart and they remove it after one voting. If we remove all the hard calls from C3 and below, it makes the C4 level be unattainable.
Drop Keep   Trapezoid
  • Good grief
Drop Keep   Two-Faced Concept
  • I don't believe in this. I don't think Two-Faced Swing Thru is legal, and I think other calls (e.g. Relay The Top) you can just call without this prefix.
  • I do not believe that I have to tell the dancers that it's Two-Faced.
  • Editor's note: I believe Two-Faced is a concept. It is inappropriate to call a call such as Relay The Top from Two-Faced Lines since the call starts with an Arm Turn 1/2, which is not the same as a Partner Trade. We could get into a lot of ambiguous trouble if we assume Arm Turn 1/2 and Partner Trade are the same. The words 'Two-Faced' are required and necessary to eliminate this ambiguity. Also, saying the words 'Two-Faced' helps the dancers since it alerts them that something unusual such as a push cast may occur during the call. Consider Back-to-Back Lines: does anyone really believe that you can call a Central Spin The Windmill from here without saying 'Two-Faced'? What about calling Central Spin The Windmill from Facing Lines? How do the dancers know whether to work in their Line or their Box?

Add to C3B ?

This section contains:

  1. calls on the C3A ballot, listed as additions, that didn't get enough votes;
  2. calls dropped from C3A; and
  3. calls requested to be added to C3B.

Because there are a lot of calls listed here, if the voting results suggests a large number of additions to C3B, there may be a second ballot to reduce that number.

Add Don't Add   3 By 3 Concept, 4 By 4 Concept
  • I use the 4x4 concept with my C3B group. It doesn't involve phantoms or the weird 3x1 stuff and they seem to handle it ok (even though they are weak at certain parts of C3B).
  • Dancers often confuse these concepts with n-some. Therefore it seems to me to be a bad idea to have this concept and twosome on the same list.
  • Adding 3x3 and 4x4 would make the Single Concept understandable.
Add Don't Add   ATC (Chain Thru) (Cross) Nuclear Reaction / Reactivate (and Scatter)
  • We seem to have some gaps in the area of ATC Reaction and ATC Chain Thru. The C3A list shows these two. But somewhere along the line we start doing ATC Chain Thru Reaction, and it doesn't really appear on either list. And on C3B we do ATC Nuclear Reaction or ATC Chain Thru Nuclear Reaction and it ain't there either - but the Reactivate equivalents are (or at least the non-chain thru version is). This whole thing is fuzzy right now. So I propose that the following appear on the C3A list:
    • ATC Chain Thru
    • ATC (Cross) Reaction (Scoot (Cross) Reaction)
    • ATC Chain Thru (Cross) Reaction
    • Scoot Chain Thru (Cross) Reaction
    And that the following appear on the C3B list:
    • ATC (Chain Thru) (Cross) Nuclear Reaction (and Scatter)
    • ATC (Chain Thru) (Cross) Reactivate (and Scatter)
  • Many callers already use these variations at C3B.
Add Don't Add   Change Lanes
  • Definition: From applicable formations (e.g., Parallel Lines with the Centers in Tandem). Centers Any Hand Remake & Spread as Outsides Circulate and Crossover Circulate.
  • Nice dancing call.
Add Don't Add   Chase the Tag
  • Definition: From Back-to-Back Couples. Belles U-Turn Back toward the Right; all Vertical Tag The Line.
  • Nice dancing call. Easy to learn.
  • Editor's note: Chase The Tag is an easy, useful, and flowing tagging call (Chase Back, Chase Chain Thru, Chase Reaction, Chase The Top, etc.)
Add Don't Add   Criss Cross (N) Steps At A Time
  • Definition: From Columns. The first (N) dancers Trail Off, Step forward if necessary, and Bend The Line, as the Others step ahead to a compact formation and slide nose-to-nose, Trade, & Roll.
  • Why not add Criss Cross N Steps at a Time? Cross is there already, Criss Cross is a trivial extension.
Add Don't Add   Cross Cycle (from box)
  • Definition: From an applicable 2x2 (e.g., Mini-Wave Box, Facing Couples). As one movement, Split Recycle & Slither.
  • Easy extension. Several callers already consider this C3B.
  • Many callers already use this at C3B.
Add Don't Add   Connect The Diamond
  • Definition: From a Diamond. Centers Hinge as Points (Diamond) Counter Rotate 1/4 & Roll; all Extend.
  • A simple call from diamonds.
Add Don't Add   Contour the Line
  • Definition: From a Line of 4. Hinge; Box Circulate Twice; Hinge. 4-Part call.
  • Nice dancing call. 4-parts allows flexibility.
  • A nice call that can be fractionalized but would rather see at C2 or C1.
Add Don't Add   Dixie Spin
  • Definition: Dixie Style To A Wave; Fan The Top. 2-Part Call.
  • The Split version makes a good opening gambit.
  • A nice easy call that fits well into modern choreography.
Add Don't Add   Echo Concept
  • Definition: Do the call with the given concept; then do the call.
  • I already use Echo at most C3B dances.
Add Don't Add   Kick the Habit
  • Definition: From applicable formations (Parallel Lines, Columns, Galaxy, Butterfly, etc). Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 as Centers do your part Leaders Kick Off
  • Nice dancing call that can be done from many places.
Add Don't Add   Lock Em Up
  • Definition: From applicable formations (Tidal Wave/2FL or Parallel Waves/2FLs). Lockit; Hinge; Centers Hinge & Lockit as Outsides Counter Rotate 1/4 & Roll. A 4-Part Call.
  • Nice dancing call. 4-parts allows lots of flexibility.
  • This is a nice multipart call that flows particularly well after rally and tag the top which are on the C3 lists. Since it has well defined parts, it can be used with initially, finish etc.
Add Don't Add   Phantom setups (e.g., Boxes, Diamonds, 1/4 Tag)
  • At C3A we have Split Phantom Lines|Waves|Columns. At C3B we have Split Phantom Boxes. We also have Phantom Lines|Waves|Columns. I think we should add Phantom Boxes to the C3B list as well. After all, shape changing Phantom Line|Wave|Column calls can end in a Phantom Box setup! Come to think of it, they can end in Phantom Diamond, Phantom Single Quarter Tag, etc. Why not extend the C3B list to simply include Split Phantom Formation, and Phantom Formation?
Add Don't Add   Reverse Cut | Flip The "Z"
  • Definition: From a "Z". Centers (who must be in a Mini-Wave with each other) do a Trade & Spread (for Reverse Cut) or Flip Away from each other (for Reverse Flip) as the Others do a "Z" Circulate.
  • I would like to see Reverse Cut/Flip the Z added to C3B.
Add Don't Add   Shifty Concept
  • Definition: Finish the given call; then do the first part of the call.
  • This will add variety to the program. It requires that dancers be aware of definitions which reinforces the skill they are currently using for the random concept.
  • Some callers use Shift N. Why add something to the list for which there isn't even agreement on the name?
Add Don't Add   Stack the Wheel
  • Definition: From a One-Faced or Two-Faced Line. Couples Hinge; (individually) Roll. 2-Part call.
  • Nice dancing call.
Add Don't Add   Triple Columns Working Right | Left
  • C3B has Triple Lines | Waves Working Forward | Backward. I think we should officially add Triple Columns Working Left|Right and Triple Boxes Working Left|Right|Forward|Backward. These are already in use by some callers, and, Triple Lines|Waves Working Forward|Backward shape changing calls can end in Triple Columns or Triple Boxes. It would make sense to be able to continue using Triple Working from these formations.
Add Don't Add   Walk Out to a Column
  • Definition: From Parallel Waves. Trailing Centers do two Phantom Columns Circulate; Leaders do a Once Removed Single Wheel then Press Ahead (to become Centers in Columns); Trailing Ends do a Circulate then Fold. Ends in Columns.
  • Nice dancing call.
Add Don't Add   Walk the Plank | (anything) the Plank
  • Definition (Walk The Plank): From Columns. Circulate; Centers Walk & Dodge as Ends do a Leaders Run.
  • Nice dancing call. 2-part call.
Add Don't Add   Yo-Yo Concept
  • Definition: Do the given call but replace the first Arm Turn 1/2 with an Arm Turn 3/4.
  • Yo-Yo should be added somewhere. My feeling is that dancers will have a tendency to confuse Yo-Yo and Fan and therefore they should be kept on different levels. Thus if Fan is moved to C3A then Yo-Yo should be on C3B. However if Fan is kept at C3B (or better yet, moved to C2), then Yo-Yo should be on C3A.
Add Don't Add   Cross Extend
  • Definition: From a Single 1/4 Tag, Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone Box. As one movement, Extend and those ending in a Mini-Wave slide nose-to-nose.
  • An easy call that is already part of many definitions.
Add Don't Add   Cross Follow Thru
  • Definition: From a Single 1/4 Tag, Mini-Wave Box or applicable T-Bone Box. Leaders (in a Box) 1/2 Box Circulate as the Others Cross Extend & Arm Turn 1/4. Cross Follow Thru is the same as Follow Thru except use the inconvenient hand.
  • Cross Follow Thru? Just use Weave. Weave has the entertaining aspect of also being more elegant callwise.
  • Editor's note: I believe the primary intent is to add Cross Follow Thru from a 1/4 Tag formation. Being able to do a Cross Follow Thru from two different formations makes for interesting choreography a la Cross Follow Thru Twice or 1/2 Crazy Cross Follow Thru when one of the instances starts from a 1/4 Tag, and the other from a Mini-Wave Box.
Add Don't Add   Cross Wind The Bobbin
  • Definition: Same as Wind The Bobbin except Leaders Trail Off (1/2 Cross Zoom) instead of Peel Off.
  • Wind the Bobbin should include the (Cross) variation for completeness.
  • If CALLERLAB is going to write down a definition, I suggest not saying "1/2 Zoom" like they did for the recent AQS; say "Peel Off". I don't care about "Criss Cross" one way or the other.
Add Don't Add   Quadruple formation
  • Definition: Quadruple (formation) describes four adjacent formations consisting of phantoms and real dancers. Quadruple (formation) is similar to Triple (formation) except that there are four formations instead of three.
  • Dancers already know triple formations from C2 and split phantom lines and columns are already on this list. So this seems to be a pretty simple addition. In fact, I've heard this a lot at C3A dances already.
  • We should add Quadruple Boxes (and Waves, Lines,Diamonds) to C3B. It is a shame to say Split Phantom Boxes, Bingo when Quadruple Box Bingo is a shorter phrase and would better focus the dancers attention on the correct dancers.
Add Don't Add   Tag Back and Dodge, Tag Chain Thru and Dodge
  • Definition: (Any Tagging Call) Back and Dodge. Do the tagging call to the 1/2 tag position; Scoot & Dodge.
  • Definition: (Any Tagging Call) Chain Thru and Dodge. Do the tagging call to the 1/2 tag position; Leaders Dodge as Trailers Scoot Chain Thru.
Add Don't Add   Rolling Ripple
  • Dropped from C3A. Should we add it to C3B?
Add Don't Add   Shove Off
  • Dropped from C3A. Should we add it to C3B?
Add Don't Add   Track n
  • Definition: From Completed Double Pass Thru. Tandem Trade (this is Track 0); Extend to the given fractional tag position where 1 = 1/4 Tag, 2 = 1/2 Tag, 3 = 3/4 Tag, and 4 = Full Tag.
  • I would like to see Track added to some list. I teach it at C1. I use the "Tandem Trade, Extend " definition that the original author (Dick Bayer) used.
  • If we're considering adding Track N, I would rather add "track as a tagging call". I think this is more useful and no harder to learn. I see Track N as a subset of that (since you can extend to any tag position) but would also allow Track Reaction, Track Your Leader, etc.
  • Editor's note: If Track N is added, I believe it implies that it can be used as a 'tagging call'.
Add Don't Add   Transaction
  • Definition: From Columns. Transfer And Cast Off 3/4; Chain Reaction.
  • This would give us another call that has several beats. It builds on things that the dancers already know and could be taught with only a minimal amount of effort.
Add Don't Add   Twisted Concept
  • Definition: Dancers doing a Pass Thru or Pull By movement for the very first part of the call turn 1/4 while doing the Pass Thru or Pull By movement. This is often equivalent to doing a Single Circle 1/4 (to face) then complete the call.
  • I would like to see Twisted Concept added to C3A or C3B.
  • I can buy most of the suggestions but don't think we should bother with the Twisted Concept, while I agree its a nice danceable idea and do like it. I got turned off to it when as soon as I called " Twisted ... any call" as soon as you said it they did the single circle bit and then just did the call. It's not danced.
  • I'd like to see Twisted added somewhere. It is interesting because of its shape changing nature.

Other Changes to C3B ?

Generalize Don't Generalize   Generalize Split Phantom Boxes to Split Phantom Setups?
  • I already call Split Phantom Diamonds and Split Phantom 1/4 Tags and no one has any trouble with it that I can see.
  • This would add things like Diamonds and 1/4 Tags. The fact that the formation should only consist of 4 dancers should be explicitly spelled out.


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