Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
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     Beanie Baby
ID: 140

Ants is for sale (or trade)  -  Contact Debbie

BirthdateNovember 7, 1997
Has a TagYes
Original NineNo
PoemMost anteaters love to eat bugs
But this little fellow gives big hugs
He'd rather dine on apple pie
Than eat an ant or harm a fly! 

hi caitlyn. I have ants the anteater and he is awsome.I have 8 big ones and 5 little ones. If you were curious about the little anteaters their names are all name tagged as antsy. They are very little and im starting to make a collection. My goal is to get 10 or higher. Anyway I love them and beanie babies are great! Keep up the good work!
Posted by miles blount on 5 November 2010     ID: 466
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