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Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
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 Attic Treasures Top of page Bottom of page
Cassandra (poem)  Attic Treasures
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
"I Feel Pretty!"   Caitlyn's rating=1 (OK)
Cassandra - (Attic Treasures)
Chickie (poem)  Attic Treasures
Bird, Chick
Birthdate=2001-09-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
When it was time to break my shell
My little beak worked really well
It took some time, but now I'm free
So come on out and play with me!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Chickie - (Attic Treasures)
Emmet (poem) (comments)  Attic Treasures
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
"All The World
Loves A Clown!"
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Emmet - (Attic Treasures)
Honker (poem)  Attic Treasures
Bird, Goose
Birthdate=2007-10-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
You might question me when I say
Sky traffic may have a delay
When it backs up here's what I do
I'll let out a loud HONK or two!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Honker - (Attic Treasures)
Iggy  Attic Treasures
Lizard, Iguana, Reptile
Copies=15,  Has a Tag   Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Iggy - (Attic Treasures)
Kaiser (poem)  Attic Treasures
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
"I'm On A Roll!"   Caitlyn's rating=1 (OK)
Kaiser - (Attic Treasures)
Ronnie (poem) (comments)  Attic Treasures
Bear, Sailor
Birthdate=2003-02-06,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
As you sail out on your way
In our hearts you'll always stay
And because you're brave and true
This special bear is just for YOU!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Ronnie - (Attic Treasures)
Rosalie (poem) (comments)  Attic Treasures
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
"A Rose By Any Other Name?"   Caitlyn's rating=1 (OK)
Rosalie - (Attic Treasures)
Slippery (poem)  Attic Treasures
Sea Creature, Seal
Birthdate=1998-01-17,  Copies=1,  No tag
In the ocean, near a breaking wave
Slippery the seal acts very brave
On his surfboard, he sees a swell
He's riding the wave! Oooops, he fell!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Slippery - (Attic Treasures)
Sly (poem)  Attic Treasures
Birthdate=1996-09-12,  Copies=18,  No tag
Sly is a fox and tricky is he
Please don't chase him, let him be
If you want him, just say when
He'll peek out from his den!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Sly - (Attic Treasures)
Snort  Attic Treasures
Copies=17,  Has a Tag   Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Snort - (Attic Treasures)
Spunky  Attic Treasures
Dog, Cocker Spaniel
Copies=17,  No tag   Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Spunky - (Attic Treasures)
Sting  Attic Treasures
Sea Creature, Stingray
Copies=1,  Has a Tag   Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Sting - (Attic Treasures)

 Beanie Baby Top of page Bottom of page
Almond (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-04-14,  Copies=5,  Has a Tag
Leaving her den in early spring
So very hungry, she'll eat anything
Nuts, fruits, berries and fish
Mixed together makes a great dish!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Almond - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1999-02-12,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Sleeping all day and up all night
Waiting to pounce and give you a fright
She means no harm, just playing a game
She's very lovable and quite tame!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Amber - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1997-11-07,  Copies=13,  Has a Tag
Most anteaters love to eat bugs
But this little fellow gives big hugs
He'd rather dine on apple pie
Than eat an ant or harm a fly!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Ants - (Beanie Baby)
Ariel (poem)  Beanie Baby
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
In Memory: 1981-1988
May little children everywhere
Remember that we'll always care
And Ariel's dreams will all come true
Because she'll share them all with you!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Ariel - (Beanie Baby)
Avalon (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2004-02-05,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
In a land far, far away
Near the hills where dragons play
Come with me to this place of laughter
And we'll live happily ever after!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Avalon - (Beanie Baby)
Baldy (poem)  Beanie Baby
bird, eagle
Birthdate=1996-02-17,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Hair on his head is quite scant
We suggest Baldy get a transplant
Watching over the land of the free
Hair in his eyes would make it hard to see!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Baldy - (Beanie Baby)
Komodo Dragon, Lizard, Reptile
Birthdate=2004-08-08,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
An Indonesian island home
Is where Komodo dragons roam
But take me home and I will be
The happiest lizard you'll ever see!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Bali - (Beanie Baby)
Batty (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-10-29,  Copies=7,  Has a Tag
Bats may make some people jitter
Please don't be scared of this critter
If you're lonely or have nothing to do
This Beanie Baby would love to hug you!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Batty - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1998-02-03,  Copies=7,  Has a Tag
Isn't this the funniest bird?
When we saw her, we said "how absurd"
Looks aren't everything, this we know
Her love for you, she's sure to show!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Beak - (Beanie Baby)
Beani (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2000-07-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Why is my name Beani the cat?
It's funny you should ask me that
My owner loves her Beanies so
She wanted the whole world to know!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Beani - (Beanie Baby)
Bernie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, St. Bernard
Birthdate=1996-10-03,  Copies=16,  No tag
This little dog can't wait to grow
To rescue people lost in the snow
Don't let him out-keep him on your shelf
He doesn't know how to rescue himself!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Bernie - (Beanie Baby)
Blackie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bear, Black
Birthdate=1994-07-15,  Copies=24,  Has a Tag
Living in a national park
He only played after dark
Then he met his friend Cubbie
Now they play when it's sunny!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Blackie - (Beanie Baby)
Cat, Tiger, White Tiger
Birthdate=1996-12-12,  Copies=1,  No tag
In the mountains, where it's snowy and cold
Lives a beautiful tiger, I've been told
Black and white, she's hard to compare
Of all of the tigers, she is most rare!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Blizzard - (Beanie Baby)
Bones (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1994-01-18,  Copies=8,  Has a Tag
Bones is a dog that loves to chew
Chairs and tables and a smelly old shoe
You're so destructive all would shout
But that all stopped, when his teeth fell out!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Bones - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1995-08-17,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Bongo the monkey lives in a tree
The happiest monkey you'll ever see
In his spare time he plays the guitar
One of these days he will be a big star!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Bongo - (Beanie Baby)
Bonzer (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2003-07-28,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I think my name is really cool
It's a word you won't learn in school
It means, awesome and you'll agree
That this name fits me perfectly!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Bonzer - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=2002-03-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Even when the cold wind blows
I don't fret about frozen toes
My feet are never cold because
I wear warm booties on my paws!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Booties - (Beanie Baby)
Bruno (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Bull Terrier
Birthdate=1997-09-09,  Copies=26,  No tag
Bruno the dog thinks he's a brute
But all the other Beanies think he's cute
He growls at his tail and runs in a ring
And everyone says, Oh, how darling!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Bruno - (Beanie Baby)
Bumble  Beanie Baby
Insect, Bee
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Bumble - (Beanie Baby)
Bushy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Lion
Birthdate=2001-01-27,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I won't roar - I'll purr instead
So always pat me on the head
A cuddly kitten I promise to be
If you'll come over and play with me!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Bushy - (Beanie Baby)
Butch (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Bull Terrier
Birthdate=1998-10-02,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Going to the pet shop to buy dog food
I ran into Butch in a good mood
Come to the pet shop down the street
Be a good dog, I'll buy you a treat!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Butch - (Beanie Baby)
Buzzie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Insect, Bee
Birthdate=2000-10-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Buzzing through the pretty flowers
She could frolic there for hours
The nectar that smells so sweet
Is her favorite tasty treat!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Buzzie - (Beanie Baby)
Buzzy (poem)  Beanie Baby
bird, buzzard
Birthdate=2000-07-06,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Up in the sky is where I fly
I love to soar way up high
When I swoop down, don't run away
'cause all I want to do is play!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Buzzy - (Beanie Baby)
cat, cougar
Birthdate=1998-05-29,  Copies=6,  Has a Tag
I climb rocks and really run fast
Try to catch me, it's a blast
Through the mountains, I used to roam
Now in your room, I'll call home!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Canyon - (Beanie Baby)
Captain (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Whale
Birthdate=2005-01-24,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Let me give you a little tip
As Captain, I run a tight ship
Sailing across the ocean blue
So won't you come and join my crew !
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Captain - (Beanie Baby)
Cassie (poem)  Beanie Baby
dog, collie
Birthdate=2000-07-12,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
This loyal Collie will stay by your side
When you're lost, she'll be your guide
If you need her, wherever she roams
Just call out, Cassie Come Home!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Cassie - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=2006-04-23,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
From vine to vine and through the trees
So fast my fur blows in the breeze
I'll take a's time to eat
Bananas ! They're my favorite treat !
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Charlie - (Beanie Baby)
Charmer (poem)  Beanie Baby
Mythical Creature, Unicorn
Birthdate=2002-09-10,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Some people may think I'm a horse
Until they see my horn, of course
Not to fear, though, for I am sweet
Being your pal would be so neat !
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Charmer - (Beanie Baby)
Cheeks (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-05-18,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Don't confuse me with an ape
I have a most unusual shape
My cheeks are round and ty-dyed red
On my behind as well as my head!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Cheeks - (Beanie Baby)
Mouse, Rodent
Birthdate=2000-05-09,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
As I scurry in my cage
The wheel I have is all the rage
Take me out so we can snuggle
I promise you that I won't struggle!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Cheezer - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1996-01-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Black and gold, brown and white
The shades of her coat are quite a sight
At mixing her colors she was a master
On anyone else it would be a disaster!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Chip - (Beanie Baby)
Chipmunk, Rodent
Birthdate=1999-04-21,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I'm quick, I'm fast, I don't make a peep
But I love to snuggle when I sleep
Take me along when you go play
And I'll make sure you have a nice day!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Chipper - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1993-04-27,  Copies=7,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Licorice, gum and peppermint candy
This moose always has these handy
There is one more thing he likes to eat
Can you guess his favorite sweet ?
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Chocolate - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=2003-01-22,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I use chopsticks when I eat
But I admit I have to cheat
If I don't hold the sticks just right
It can be a messy sight !
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Chopstix - (Beanie Baby)
Classy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2001-04-30,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
I'm proud to be the Beanie you chose
I know for sure my happiness shows
Thanks so much for creating me
It's great to be the People's Beanie!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Classy - (Beanie Baby)
Claude (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Crab
Birthdate=1996-09-03,  Copies=29,  Has a Tag
Claude the crab paints by the sea
A famous artist he hopes to be
But the tide came in and his paints fell
Now his art is on his shell!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Claude - (Beanie Baby)
Congo (poem)  Beanie Baby
Monkey, Gorilla
Birthdate=1996-11-09,  Copies=1,  No tag
Black as the night and fierce is he
On the ground or in a tree
Strong and mighty as the Congo
He's related to our Bongo!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Congo - (Beanie Baby)
Crunch (poem)  Beanie Baby
Shark, Sea Creature, Fish
Birthdate=1996-01-13,  Copies=4,  No tag
What's for breakfast? What's for lunch?
Yum! Delicious! Munch, munch, munch!
He's eating everything by the bunch
That's the reason we named him Crunch!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Crunch - (Beanie Baby)
Cubbie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-11-14,  Copies=2,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Cubbie used to eat crackers and honey
And what happened to him was funny
He was stung by fourteen bees
Now Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Cubbie - (Beanie Baby)
Curly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-04-12,  Copies=18,  No tag
A bear so cute with hair that's Curly
You will love and want him surely
To this bear always be true
He will be a friend to you!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Curly - (Beanie Baby)
Daisy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1994-05-10,  Copies=7,  Has a Tag
Daisy drinks milk each night
So her coat is shiny and bright
Milk is good for your hair and skin
What a way for your day to begin!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Daisy - (Beanie Baby)
Demure (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Poodle
Birthdate=2003-07-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Sometimes when people look at me
They think I'm bold and fancy free
Despite my beauty and allure
You'll find I'm shy and quite demure !
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Demure - (Beanie Baby)
Derby (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-06-16,  Copies=9,  Has a Tag
All the other horses used to tattle
Because Derby never wore his saddle
He left the stables, and the horses too
Just so Derby can be with you!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Derby - (Beanie Baby)
Diddley (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2001-07-25,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Whenever I go anywhere
People always stop and stare
They're not trying to be mean
They've never seen a dog that's green!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Diddley - (Beanie Baby)
Dinky (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Dodo
Birthdate=2000-09-25,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Alright I know, I'm a little small
But what's so great about being tall?
Soon I'll grow up and you will see
Just how beautiful I will be!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Dinky - (Beanie Baby)
Dippy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2002-04-24,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
Coloring eggs is so much fun
They look so pretty when you're done
What colors do you like the best?
I like them all; you might have guessed!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Dippy - (Beanie Baby)
Doby (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Doberman
Birthdate=1996-10-09,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
The dog is little but he has might
Keep him close when you sleep at night
He lays around with nothing to do
Until he sees it's time to protect you!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Doby - (Beanie Baby)
Doodle (poem)  Beanie Baby
bird, rooster
Birthdate=1996-03-08,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Listen closely to cock-a-doodle-doo
What's the rooster saying to you?
Hurry, wake up sleepy head
We have lots to do, get out of bed!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Doodle - (Beanie Baby)
Dotty (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Dalmation
Birthdate=1996-10-17,  Copies=1,  No tag
The Beanies all thought it was a big joke
While writing her tag, their ink pen broke
She got in the way, and got all spotty
So now the Beanies call her Dotty!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Dotty - (Beanie Baby)
Early (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Robin
Birthdate=1997-03-20,  Copies=8,  No tag
Early is a red breasted robin
For a worm he'll soon be bobbin'
Always known as a sign of spring
This happy robin loves to sing!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Early - (Beanie Baby)
Ears (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-04-18,  Copies=4,  No tag
He's been eating carrots so long
Didn't understand what was wrong
Couldn't see the board during classes
Until the doctor gave him glasses!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Ears - (Beanie Baby)
Erin (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1997-03-17,  Copies=7,  Has a Tag
Named after the beautiful Emerald Isle
This Beanie Baby will make you smile,
A bit of luck, a pot of gold,
Light up the faces, both young and old!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Erin - (Beanie Baby)
Fetch (poem)  Beanie Baby
dog, golden retriever
Birthdate=1993-05-13,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Fetch is alert at the crack of dawn
Walking through dew drops on the lawn
Always golden, loyal and true
This little puppy is the one for you!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Fetch - (Beanie Baby)
Fidget (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2003-01-20,  Copies=1,  No tag
Can't sit still, just got to move
And keep on dancin' to the groove
I'll keep on shakin' to the beat
I just can't stop my happy feet !
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Fidget - (Beanie Baby)
Filly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2002-07-16,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I love to run across the plain
With the wind blowing through my mane
Hop on my back and ride with me
It's fun running wild and free !
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Filly - (Beanie Baby)
Flash (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Dolphin
Birthdate=1993-05-13,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
You know dolphins are a smart breed
Our friend Flash knows how to read
Splash the whale is the one who taught her
Although reading is difficult under the water!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Flash - (Beanie Baby)
Fleece (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sheep, Lamb
Birthdate=1996-03-21,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Fleece would like to sing a lullaby
But please be patient, she's rather shy
When you sleep, keep her by your ear
Her song will leave you nothing to fear.
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Fleece - (Beanie Baby)
Flip (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-02-28,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Flip the cat is an acrobat
She loves playing on her mat
This cat flips with such grace and flair
She can somersault in mid air!
Flip - (Beanie Baby)
Flitter (poem)  Beanie Baby
Insect, Butterfly
Birthdate=1999-06-02,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I did not know what I was to be
Covered in fuzz, it was hard to see
Now a butterlfy, what a beautiful sight
On silken wings I take to flight!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Flitter - (Beanie Baby)
Fortune (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bear, Panda
Birthdate=1997-12-06,  Copies=6,  Has a Tag
Nibbling on a bamboo tree
This little panda is hard to see
You're so lucky with this one you found
Only a few are still around!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Fortune - (Beanie Baby)
Freckles (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Leopard
Birthdate=1996-06-03,  Copies=1,  No tag
From the trees he hunts prey
In the night and in the day
He's the king of camouflage
Look real close, he's no mirage!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Freckles - (Beanie Baby)
Frigid (poem)  Beanie Baby
Penguin, Bird
Birthdate=2000-01-23,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Waddling on the slippery ice
Frigid thinks the cold is nice
He jumps into the water below
Then does it again, he loves it so!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Frigid - (Beanie Baby)
Fuzz (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-07-23,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Look closely at this handsome bear
His texture is really quite rare.
With golden highlights in his hair
He has class, style and flair!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Fuzz - (Beanie Baby)
Glory (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1997-07-04,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Wearing the flag for all to see
Symbol of freedom for you and me
Red white and blue - Independence Day
Happy Birthday USA!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Glory - (Beanie Baby)
Glow (poem)  Beanie Baby
Insect, Lightning Bug
Birthdate=2000-01-04,  Copies=1,  No tag
To find me when you want to play
Look for my light to guide the way
I'll be the brightest in the park
I'm the Beanie that glows in the dark!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Glow - (Beanie Baby)
Goatee (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-11-04,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Though she's hungry, she's in a good mood
Searching through garbage, tin cans for food
For Goatee the goat, it's not a big deal
Anything at all makes a fine meal!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Goatee - (Beanie Baby)
Gobbles (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Turkey
Birthdate=1996-11-27,  Copies=19,  No tag
Gobbles the turkey loves to eat
Once a year she has a feast
I have a secret I'd like to divulge
If she eats too much her tummy will bulge!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Gobbles - (Beanie Baby)
Sea Creature, Jellyfish
Birthdate=1998-11-18,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Swirl, swish, squirm and wiggle
Listen closely, hear him giggle
The most ticklish jellyfish you'll ever meet
Even though he has no feet!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Goochy - (Beanie Baby)
Gracie (poem)  Beanie Baby
bird, swan
Birthdate=1996-06-17,  Copies=37,  Has a Tag
As a duckling she was confused,
Birds on the lake were quite amused.
Poking fun until she would cry
Now the most beautiful swan at Ty!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
Gracie - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1994-02-25,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Happy the Hippo loves to wade
In the river and in the shade
When Happy shoots water out of his snout
You know he's happy without a doubt!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Happy (Lavender) - (Beanie Baby)
Snake, Reptile
Birthdate=1997-04-04,  Copies=2,  No tag
Curled and coiled and ready to play
He waits for you patiently every day
He'll keep his best friend, but not his skin
And stay with you through thick and thin.
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Hissy - (Beanie Baby)
Hobo (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Sheepdog
Birthdate=2004-10-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Around my neck or on my head
Tied in a knot or bow instead
My bandana is so cool you see
It's my favorite accessory!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Hobo - (Beanie Baby)
Honks (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Goose
Birthdate=1999-03-11,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Honks the goose likes to fly away
South for Winter he will stay
When Spring comes back, North he will fly
And swim in ponds and lakes nearby!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Honks - (Beanie Baby)
Hopper (poem)  Beanie Baby
Rabbit, bunny
Birthdate=2000-08-07,  Copies=1,  No tag
He hops around from place to place
To put a smile upon your face
Bringing baskets and good cheer
It's his favorite time of year!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Hopper - (Beanie Baby)
Hornsly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dinosaur, Triceratops
Birthdate=2000-08-24,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I have horns, I'm quite a sight
Some people run away in fright
But I don't want to scare you away
All I want to do is play!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Hornsly - (Beanie Baby)
Humphrey (comments)  Beanie Baby
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Humphrey - (Beanie Baby)
Iggy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Lizard, Chameleon, Reptile
Birthdate=1997-08-12,  Copies=33,  Has a Tag
Sitting on a rock, basking in the sun
Is this iguana's idea of fun
Towel and glasses, book and beach chair
His life is so perfect without a care!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Iggy - (Beanie Baby)
Inch (poem)  Beanie Baby
Inchworm, Worm
Birthdate=1995-09-03,  Copies=1,  No tag
Inch the worm is a friend of mine
He goes so slow all the time
Inching around from here to there
Traveling the world without a care!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
Inch - (Beanie Baby)
Cat, Tiger
Birthdate=2000-05-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Through jungle shadows I will prowl
Don't be afraid, sometimes I growl
I'm not fierce, don't run away
We'll be best friends and play all day!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
India - (Beanie Baby)
Jabber (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Parrot
Birthdate=1997-10-10,  Copies=1,  No tag
Teaching Jabber to move his beak
A large vocabulary he now can speak
Jabber will repeat what you say
Teach him a new word everyday!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Jabber - (Beanie Baby)
Jake (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Duck, Mallard
Birthdate=1997-04-16,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Jake the drake likes to splash in a puddle
Take him home and give him a cuddle
Quack, Quack, Quack, he will say
He's so glad you're here to play!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Jake - (Beanie Baby)
Jolly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Walrus
Birthdate=1996-12-02,  Copies=15,  Has a Tag
Jolly the walrus is not very serious
He laughs and laughs until he's delirious
He often reminds me of my dad
Always happy, never sad!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Jolly - (Beanie Baby)
Kaleidoscope (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2001-06-24,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I'm wild and crazy as you can see
Other cats want to be like me
Some may say I look like a clown
But I'm the coolest cat in town!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Kaleidoscope - (Beanie Baby)
Kirby (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2001-05-05,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Prancing on the icy snow
I put on quite a funny show
Slipping and sliding all around
I hope my paws stay on the ground!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Kirby - (Beanie Baby)
Knuckles (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-03-25,  Copies=1,  No tag
In the kitchen working hard
Using ingredients from the yard
No one will eat it, can you guess why?
Her favorite recipe is for mud pie!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
Knuckles - (Beanie Baby)
KuKu (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Cockatoo
Birthdate=1997-01-05,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
This fancy bird loves to converse
He talks in poems, rhythms and verse
So take him home and give him some time
You'll be surprised how he can rhyme!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
KuKu - (Beanie Baby)
Legs (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-04-25,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Legs lives in a hollow log
Legs likes to play leap frog
If you like to hang out at the lake
Legs will be the new friend you'll make!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
Legs - (Beanie Baby)

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