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Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
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Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Stuff

1999 Beanie Babies Official Calendar
A 1999 weekly desk calendar with spaces for each day that you can fill with notes and memos. It has major holidays like Halloween and Christmas already printed on there and all the 1999 beanie birthdays and retired dates.


Ally Card


Beak Card


Beanie Babies Collector's Guide
A miniature collectors guide/checklist of Beanies from 1999-2001 (I believe). The guide is in both English and Japanese. Basically just a list of the Beanie Babies from this time. In the back there is a short list of Beanie Kids and a list of the Beanie Babies birthdays.


Beanie Babies Collector's Guide
By the editors of Consumer Guide™ written by Holly Stowe, this collector's guide is a must-have for longtime collectors and newbies to the Beanie craze. It profiles every current and retired Beanie and gives you all the most most important collectible information.


Beanie Babies Official Club Carry Case
The small silver handbag, the Clubby Bag! If you buy a Clubby new, it will come in this carry case along with a beanie coin, membership card, and more.


Beanie Babies Official Collecter's Card Binder
A Beanie Baby themed binder. You can keep your Beanie cards safe and sound in this three ring binder.


Beanie Baby Box
A small box with the TY logo on it. You can use it to hold cards, tag protectors, or even your most precious Beanie!


Beanie Buddy Squealer Card


Bessie Card


Bongo Card


Bruno Card


Chocolate Card


Collector's Value Guide (Fall 1997)
This collectors guide gives colored drawings of the Beanies you've come to know and love in a cartoon-like picture!Each entry has that Beanie's style number, birthdate, and when it was issued. In the back are games and extra space where you can draw in future Beanie releases.


Congo Card


Eucalyptus Card


Ewey Card


Freckles Card


Gobbles Card


Golden Tag Protector
Special colored tag protectors are yet another collectible items for Beanie fans. This one is golden, although there are many other colors such as red, blue, and orange.


Goochy Card


Groovy Card


Grunt Card


Halo Card


Happy Card


Hippie Card


Hippity Card


Inky Card


Official Club Pocket Checklist
Just another pocket checklist. This came with the official Clubby II Bag. It is rightly named the "Official" checklist.


Original 9 Club Coin -- Splash
These Beanie coins come with a purchase of a Clubby Bag. Each coin has an Original Nine Beanie on it. This one features Splash.


Original 9 Club Coin -- Squealer
A Squealer-themed Beanie coin. These Original Nine Beanie coins come with a Clubby Bag.


Platinum Beak Card


Platinum Bessie Card


Platinum Legs Card


Platinum Membership Card
It's a Beanie credit card!!!...No, just kidding, these cards won't exactly buy you any Beanie you want. They come with a Clubby Bag, and just prove that you're part of the famed Beanie Club. The back looks like a replica of a real credit card.


Platinum Membership Certificate
This is my Platinum Membership certificate. When you buy a Clubby Bag, it comes with this certificate showing that you are a member of the Beanie Club. TY's signature is printed on the bottom right hand corner.


Platinum Membership Newsletter
A newsletter that comes, again, with a Clubby Bag. This one features a '98 recap and new '99 news for the average Beanie collecting geek.


Scorch Card


Spunky Card


Stickers and Series III and IV Collector's Cards
Collectible Beanie stickers and Series III and IV of the Beanie Baby cards checklist. Each sold separately with a pack of collectible Beanie cards.


Stilts Card


Tank Card


Teddy Brown Card


The Beanie Baby Handbook
One of the many Beanie handbooks by the collector's Les and Sue Fox. This edition's Beanie Baby Bulletin features the "Beanie Story" about TY Warner and his famous Beanie Babies. Each Beanie entry includes Beanie hunter tips and past, present, and future prices!


The Beanie Baby Handbook (1998 Edition)
Another Les and Sue Fox handbook full of retired and current Beanies. This one includes lyrics to the newest Beanie songs! The Beanie Bulletin shocks readers with the news of Curly visiting President Bill Clinton and Al Gore!


The Beanie Baby Handbook (1998 Pocket Edition)
A reprinted Pocket Edition of the '98 Les and Sue Handbook.


The Beanie Baby Handbook (Fall 1998 edition)
Les & Sue Fox ©1998 by Les and Sue Fox Paperback book, 216 pages West Highland Publishing Co., Inc. ISBN 1892141-01-9


The Beanie Baby Handbook (Pocket Edition)
A reprinted Pocket Edition of the Beanie Baby Handbook by Les and Sue.


The Unauthorized Beanie Baby Guide
This is the "ultimate" Beanie Baby handbook, filled with all the facts about your favorite Beanies- even the hard-to-find retirees! Plus, you can keep a record of Beanies you already have and the Beanies you can't wait to get your hands on!


Tiny Card


Trap Card


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (1998 Edition)
The Summer '98 Edition provides all the latest Beanie info: May releases and retirements, up-to-date market values for each generation tag, Beanie poems and Birthdays, and Teenie information! In the back are the Feb., Mar., Apr., and May Dream Beanie contest winners and some fun and games.


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (Spring 1998)
With new January releases and retirements, full-color pictures, market values, and info on the 10 most valuable Beanies, the Spring '98 Edition Collector's Guide is designed to make Beanie collecting more fun than ever! There's even a free Beanie Planner inside, and an entire list of all the Beanie's poems!


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (Spring 1999 Edition)
This is the 6th edition of the Collector's Value Guide. It includes the Original Nine Beanies and a hot new collectible line from Ty- the Beanie Buddies. Each entry has the birthdate, poem, market value, and (of course) a full color photo! In the back it gives you Beanie birthdates and a checklist.


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (Summer 1998)
Summer '98 gives you a free Beanie Planner and trading cards inside when you buy it! There's also an in-depth look at hang and tush tags, into on your favorite Teenies, room to record your own collection's total value, and variations and name changes done to Beanies.


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (Summer 1999)
The Summer '99 Edition gives you a Beanie Babies Overview in the beginning of the book that tells you all about Beanies and how they came to be. This book also includes the Beanie Babies Top Ten expensive/valuable Beanies out on the market! There are also 4 different sections of value guides in this edition - a regular Beanie section, a sports promotion Beanie section, a Beanie Buddies section, and a Teenie Beanies section! In the back is a secondary market overview and a checklist for you collectors!


TY Beanie Babies Collector's Value Guide (Winter 1998)
The Winter '98 Edition gives you a sneak peek at TY's new Pillow Pals, and another free Pocket Planner to keep track of your Beanies! In the back are quizzes, word Searches, and word scrambles! And, of course, a complete list of all the '98 Beanies.


Wise Card


Zip Card
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