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Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
Caitlyn's Beanie Baby Collection
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Beanie Baby 

 Beanie Baby 

Legs (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-04-25,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Legs lives in a hollow log
Legs likes to play leap frog
If you like to hang out at the lake
Legs will be the new friend you'll make!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Legs - (Beanie Baby)
Lips (poem)  Beanie Baby
sea creature, fish
Birthdate=1999-03-15,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Did you ever see a fish like me?
I'm the most colorful in the sea
Traveling with friends in a school
Swimming all day is really cool!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Lips - (Beanie Baby)
Lizzy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Lizard, Reptile
Birthdate=1995-05-11,  Copies=1,  No tag
Lizzy loves Legs the frog
She hides with him under logs
Both of them search for flies
Underneath the clear blue skies!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Lizzy - (Beanie Baby)
dog, black lab
Birthdate=1998-06-15,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
After chewing on your favorite shoes
Luke gets tired, takes a snooze
Who wouldn't love a puppy like this?
Give him a hug, he'll give you a kiss!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Luke - (Beanie Baby)
Mac (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Cardinal
Birthdate=1998-06-10,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
Mac tries hard to prove he's the best
Swinging his bat harder than the rest
Breaking records, enjoying the game
Hitting home runs is his claim to fame!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Mac - (Beanie Baby)
Magic (poem)  Beanie Baby
Mythical Creature, Dragon
Birthdate=1995-09-05,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Magic the dragon lives in a dream
The most beautiful that you have ever seen
Through magic lands she likes to fly
Look up and watch her, way up high!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Magic - (Beanie Baby)
Mel (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-01-15,  Copies=21,  Has a Tag
How do you name a Koala bear?
It's rather tough, I do declare!
It confuses me, I get into a funk
I'll name him Mel after my favorite hunk!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Mel - (Beanie Baby)
Millennium (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-01-01,  Copies=26,  Has a Tag
A brand new century has come to call
Health and happiness to one and all
Bring on the fireworks and all the fun
Let's keep the party going 'til 2001!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Millennium - (Beanie Baby)
Bear, Grizzly
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Through the kindness of Mr. Hearst
The Monarch Grizzly was the first
And on our flag, so proud and true
First at the San Francisco Zoo !
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Monarch - (Beanie Baby)
Morrie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2000-02-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Over, under, upside and down
Morrie loves to swim all around
He looks like a snake - could be a fish
To be your best friend is his only wish!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Morrie - (Beanie Baby)
Mr. (poem)  Beanie Baby
Copies=1,  Has a Tag
All dressed up in black and white
Friends and family here tonight
Now our vows have all been said
With this ring, I thee wed!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Mr. - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1989-10-14,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
All dressed up in satin and lace
A special day, a special place
Let's begin our brand new life
As we're pronounced man and wife!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Mrs. - (Beanie Baby)
Unicorn, Mythical Creature
Birthdate=1994-05-21,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Once upon a time so far away
A unicorn was born one day in May
Keep Mystic with you, she's a prize
You'll see the magic in her blue eyes!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Mystic - (Beanie Baby)
Nanook (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Husky
Birthdate=1996-11-21,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Nanook is a dog that loves cold weather
To him a sled is light as a feather
Over the snow and through the slush
He runs at hearing the cry of mush!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Nanook - (Beanie Baby)
Neon (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Seahorse
Birthdate=1999-04-01,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Born in shallow water in a sea grass bay
Their eyes can swivel and look every way
Walk down the beach on a bright sunny day
Jump into the sea and watch them play!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Neon - (Beanie Baby)
Nibbler (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-04-06,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Twitching her nose, she looks so sweet
Small in size, she's very petite
Soft and furry, hopping with grace
She'll visit your garden, her favorite place!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Nibbler - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1998-05-07,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Wonderful ways to spend a day
Bright and sunny in the month of May
Hopping around as trees sway
Looking for friends, out to play!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Nibbly - (Beanie Baby)
Nip (poem) (comments)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1994-03-06,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
His name is Nipper, but we call him Nip
His best friend is a black cat named Zip
Nip likes to run in races for fun
He runs so fast he's always number one!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Nip - (Beanie Baby)
Nuts (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-01-21,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
With his bushy tail, he'll scamper up a tree
The most cheerful critter you'll ever see,
He's nuts about nuts, and he loves to chat
Have you ever seen a squirrel like that?
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Nuts - (Beanie Baby)
Patti (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-01-06,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Ran into Patti one day while walking
Believe me she wouldn't stop talking
Listened and listened to her speak
That would explain her extra large beak!
 Patti - (Beanie Baby)
Paul (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Walrus
Birthdate=1999-02-23,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Traveling the ocean in a submarine
Singing and playing a tambourine
One day hoping to lead a band
First he needs to find dry land!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Paul - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1995-01-25,  Copies=2,  No tag
Peanut the elephant walks on tip-toes
Quietly sneaking wherever she goes
She'll sneak up on you and a hug
You will get
Peanut is a friend you won't soon forget!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Peanut (Light Blue) - (Beanie Baby)
Pecan (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-04-15,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
In late fall, as wind gusts blow
Pecan hibernates before winter snow
In ealy spring, sweet scent of a flower
Wakes her up to take a shower!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Pecan - (Beanie Baby)
Pegasus (poem)  Beanie Baby
Mythical Creature, Pegasus
Birthdate=2001-09-01,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I dance with clouds and ride the wind
I'm Pegasus and I'm your friend
At home on Earth or in the sky
Why walk, I say, when I can fly!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Pegasus - (Beanie Baby)
Sea Creature, Lobster
Birthdate=1993-06-19,  Copies=26,  No tagOriginal Nine
This lobster loves to pinch
Eating his food inch by inch
Balancing carefully with his tail
Moving forward slow as a snail!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Pinchers - (Beanie Baby)
Pinky (poem)  Beanie Baby
bird, flamingo
Birthdate=1995-02-13,  Copies=13,  Has a Tag
Pinky loves the everglades
From the hottest pink she's made
With floppy legs and big orange beak
She's the Beanie that you seek!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Pinky - (Beanie Baby)
Pounce (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1997-08-28,  Copies=4,  Has a Tag
Sneaking and slinking down the hall
To pounce upon a fluffy yarn ball
Under the tables, around the chairs
Through the rooms and down the stairs!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Pounce - (Beanie Baby)
Prance (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1997-11-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
She darts around and swats the air
Then looks confused when nothing's there
Pick her up and pet her soft fur
Listen closely, and you'll hear her purr!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Prance - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1998-02-19,  Copies=1,  No tag
Prickles the hedgehog loves to play
She rolls around the meadow all day
Tucking under her feet and head
Suddenly she looks like a ball instead!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Prickles - (Beanie Baby)
Toad, Amphibian
Birthdate=2000-07-03,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Sitting on a lily pad
I'm all alone and feeling sad
So won't you be a friend to me
And let me jump upon your knee!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Prince - (Beanie Baby)
Princess (poem)  Beanie Baby
Copies=8,  No tag
Like an angel, she came from heaven above
She shared her compassion, her pain, her love
She only stayed with us long enough to teach
The world to share, to give, to reach.
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Princess - (Beanie Baby)
Puffer (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Puffin
Birthdate=1997-11-03,  Copies=40,  Has a Tag
What in the world does a puffin do?
We're sure that you would like to know too
We asked Puffer how she spends her days
Before she answered, she flew away!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Puffer - (Beanie Baby)
Pugsly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Pug
Birthdate=1996-05-02,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Pugsly is picky about what he will wear
Never a spot, a stain or a tear
Image is something of which he'll gloat
Until he noticed his wrinkled coat!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Pugsly - (Beanie Baby)
Rainbow (poem)  Beanie Baby
Lizard, Chameleon, Reptile
Birthdate=1997-10-14,  Copies=21,  No tag
Red, green, blue and yellow
This chameleon is a colorful fellow.
A blend of colors, his own unique hue
Rainbow was made especially for you!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Rainbow - (Beanie Baby)
dog, king charles spaniel
Birthdate=2000-11-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
It's not easy being King
I just want to do my thing
I would rather jump and play
Than sit on my throne today!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Regal - (Beanie Baby)
Ringo (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-07-14,  Copies=11,  No tag
Ringo hides behind his mask
He will come out, if you should ask
He loves to chitter. He loves to chatter
Just about anything, it doesn't matter!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Ringo - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1998-09-27,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Once roaming wild on American land
Tall and strong, wooly and grand
So rare and special is this guy
Find him quickly, he's quite a buy!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Roam - (Beanie Baby)
Roary (poem)  Beanie Baby
cat, lion
Birthdate=1996-02-20,  Copies=6,  Has a Tag
Deep in the jungle they crowned him king
But being brave is not his thing
A cowardly lion some may say
He hears his roar and runs away!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Roary - (Beanie Baby)
Rocket (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Jay
Birthdate=1997-03-12,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Rocket is the fastest blue jay ever
He flies in all sorts of weather
Aerial tricks are his specialty
He's so entertaining for you and me!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Rocket - (Beanie Baby)
Rover (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-05-30,  Copies=1,  No tag
This dog is red and his name is Rover
If you call him he is sure to come over
He barks and plays with all his might
But worry not, he won't bite!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Rover - (Beanie Baby)
Runner (poem)  Beanie Baby
Ferret, Rodent
Birthdate=2000-05-25,  Copies=1,  No tag
A ferret, mongoose, weasel or mink
What am I...what do you think?
Find a book, look and see
I'm whatever you want me to be!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Runner - (Beanie Baby)
Rusty (poem)  Beanie Baby
Panda, Red Panda
Birthdate=2002-02-18,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Is every panda black or white?
If you said, no then you were right
'Cause I'm a panda, through and through
I even love to eat bamboo!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Rusty - (Beanie Baby)
Sammy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-06-23,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
As Sammy steps up to the plate
The crowd gets excited, can hardly wait
We know Sammy won't let us down
He makes us the happiest fans in town!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Sammy - (Beanie Baby)
Scaly (poem)  Beanie Baby
Lizard, Reptile
Birthdate=1999-02-09,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I love to lie, basking in the sun
Living in the desert sure is fun
Climbing up cactus, avoiding a spike
I'm the Beanie you're sure to like!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Scaly - (Beanie Baby)
Scat (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-05-27,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Newborn kittens require lots of sleep's naptime, don't make a peep
Touch her fur, it feels like silk
Wake her up to drink mother's milk!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Scat - (Beanie Baby)
Schnitzel (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Schnauzer
Birthdate=2002-10-15,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I'll do a special doggie feat
For my favorite doggie treat
But I don't want a bone to chew
Only Weiner Schnitzel will do!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Schnitzel - (Beanie Baby)
Scoop (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Pelican
Birthdate=1996-07-01,  Copies=18,  No tag
All day long he scoops up fish
To fill his bill, is his wish
Diving fast and diving low
Hoping those fish are very slow!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Scoop - (Beanie Baby)
Scorch (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dragon, Mythical Creature
Birthdate=1998-07-31,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
A magical mystery with glowing wings
Made by wizards and other things
Known to breathe fire with lots of smoke
Scorch is really a friendly ol' bloke!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Scorch - (Beanie Baby)
Scottie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Scottie
Birthdate=1996-06-15,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Scottie is a friendly sort
Even though his legs are short
He is always happy as can be
His best friends are you and me!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Scottie - (Beanie Baby)
Scurry (poem)  Beanie Baby
Insect, Beetle
Birthdate=2000-01-18,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
I play in the cellar with all of my friends
We laugh, we sing, the fun never ends
I hurry and scurry and hide most of the day
But if you come down, I'll stay out and play!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Scurry - (Beanie Baby)
Seaweed (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Otter
Birthdate=1996-03-19,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
Seaweed is what she likes to eat
It's supposed to be a delicious treat
Have you tried a treat from the water
If you haven't, maybe you otter!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Seaweed - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1999-02-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Curled up, sleeping in the sun
He's worn out from having fun
Chasing dust specks in the sunrays
This is how he spends his days!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Silver - (Beanie Baby)
Lizard, Frilled Lizard, Reptile
Birthdate=2000-09-26,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
If you want to have some fun
Try to make Slayer run
Tickle his tail, then you'll know
Just how fast he can go!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Slayer - (Beanie Baby)
Slippery (poem)  Beanie Baby
Sea Creature, Seal
Birthdate=1998-01-17,  Copies=1,  No tag
In the ocean, near a breaking wave
Slippery the seal acts very brave
On his surfboard, he sees a swell
He's riding the wave! Oooops…he fell!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Slippery - (Beanie Baby)
Smoochy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Frog, Amphibian
Birthdate=1997-10-01,  Copies=1,  No tag
Is he a frog or maybe a prince?
This confusion makes him wince
Find the answer, help him with this
Be the the one to give him a kiss!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Smoochy - (Beanie Baby)
Sneaky (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Leopard
Birthdate=2000-02-22,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
A shadow in the dark you'll see
Don't be afraid, it's only me
My spots will hide me 'til I see
That you are just the friend for me!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Sneaky - (Beanie Baby)
cat, siamese cat
Birthdate=1996-10-22,  Copies=6,  Has a Tag
Snip the cat is Siamese
She'll be your friend if you please
So toss her a toy or a piece of string
Playing with you is her favorite thing!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Snip - (Beanie Baby)
Snowdrift (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2002-12-29,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
When the snow drifts up so high
You might think it will touch the sky
Then we can play a game or two
Something that's fun for me and you!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Snowdrift - (Beanie Baby)
Spangle (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1999-06-14,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
Stars and stripes he wears proudly
Everywhere he goes he says loudly
Hip, hip hooray, for the land of the free
There's no place on earth I'd rather be!
  Caitlyn's rating=1 (OK)
 Spangle - (Beanie Baby)
Speckles (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2000-02-17,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Surfing on the Internet
I think of friends I've never met
They're 'round the world both near and far
I hope they know how dear they are!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Speckles - (Beanie Baby)
Turtle, Reptile
Birthdate=1994-08-14,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Speedy ran marathons in the past
Such a shame, always last
Now Speedy is a big star
After he bought a racing car!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Speedy - (Beanie Baby)
Spike (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-08-13,  Copies=20,  No tag
Spike the rhino likes to stampede
He's the bruiser that you need
Gentle to birds on his back and spike
You can be his friend if you like!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Spike - (Beanie Baby)
Spinner (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1996-10-28,  Copies=44,  Has a Tag
Does this spider make you scared?
Among many people that feeling is shared
Remember spiders have feelings too
In fact, this spider really likes you!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Spinner - (Beanie Baby)
Splash (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-07-08,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
Splash loves to jump and dive
He's the fastest whale alive
He always wins the 100 yard dash
With a victory jump he'll make a splash!
 Splash - (Beanie Baby)
Spot (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1993-01-03,  Copies=1,  Has a TagOriginal Nine
See Spot sprint, see Spot run
You and Spot will have lots of fun
Watch out now, because he's not slow
Just stand back and watch him go!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Spot - (Beanie Baby)
Cat, Leopard
Birthdate=2005-12-07,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Sleek and stealthy, I'll prowl around
Skulking across the jungle ground
Then I'll pounce just when I see
Another friend to play with me !
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Spotter - (Beanie Baby)
Springfield (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2003-06-18,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
Hippity hopping down the lane
Over the hills, across the plain
What do I search for? You will see
A special friend to play with me !
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Springfield - (Beanie Baby)
Spunky (poem)  Beanie Baby
dog, cocker spaniel
Birthdate=1997-01-14,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Bouncing around without much grace
To jump on your lap and lick your face
But watch him closely he has no fears
He'll run so fast he'll trip over his ears
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Spunky - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1993-04-23,  Copies=1,  No tagOriginal Nine
Squealer likes to joke around
He is known as class clown
Listen to his stories awhile
There is no doubt he'll make you smile!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Squealer - (Beanie Baby)
Squirmy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Worm, Caterpillar
Birthdate=2000-04-13,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I can't sit still, it's just too hard
I roll and wiggle in the yard
They try to tell me not to squirm
But I can't help it, I'm a worm!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Squirmy - (Beanie Baby)
Starlett (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2001-01-09,  Copies=1,  No tag
Curled up snugly in your lap
Is where I'll take a little nap
And if you pet my long white fur
You'll be sure to hear me purr!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Starlett - (Beanie Baby)
Stilts (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Stork
Birthdate=1998-06-16,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Flying high over mountains and streams
Fulfilling wishes, hopes and dreams
The stork brings parents bundles of joy
The greatest gift, a girl or boy!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Stilts - (Beanie Baby)
Stinger (poem)  Beanie Baby
Insect, Scorpion
Birthdate=1997-09-29,  Copies=10,  Has a Tag
Stinger the scorpion will run and dart
But this little fellow is really all heart
So if you see him don't run away
Say hello and ask him to play!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Stinger - (Beanie Baby)
Stinky (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-02-13,  Copies=5,  Has a Tag
Deep in the woods he lived in a cave
Perfume and mints were the gifts he gave
He showered every night in the kitchen sink
Hoping one day he wouldn't stink!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Stinky - (Beanie Baby)
Stretch (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Ostrich
Birthdate=1997-09-21,  Copies=35,  Has a Tag
She thinks when her head is underground
The rest of her body can't be found
The Beanie Babies think it's absurd
To play hide and seek with this bird!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Stretch - (Beanie Baby)
Stripers (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Tiger
Birthdate=2005-11-05,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Sneaking around; out on the prowl
You might hear a low, rumbling growl
Hunting's a tiger's favorite thing
Unless I see a ball of string !
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Stripers - (Beanie Baby)
Stripes (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Tiger
Birthdate=1995-06-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Stripes was never fierce or strong
So with tigers, he didn't get along
Jungle life was hard getting by
So he came to his friends at TY!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Stripes - (Beanie Baby)
bird, rooster
Birthdate=1996-03-08,  Copies=13,  Has a Tag
Listen closely to "cock-a-doodle-doo"
What's the rooster saying to you?
Hurry, wake up sleepy head
We have lots to do, get out of bed!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Strut - (Beanie Baby)
Stubby (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2004-01-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Not every pig plays in the dirt
I'd rather eat a big dessert
Like strawberries or chocolate cake
I might just have to learn to bake !
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Stubby - (Beanie Baby)
Alligator, Reptile
Birthdate=2000-01-24,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Through the murky swamps I glide
My yellow eyes I try to hide
I drift as silent as a log
A friend to you and every frog!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Swampy - (Beanie Baby)
Insect, Snail
Birthdate=1999-03-10,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Carefully traveling, leaving a trail
I'm not very fast, for I am a snail
Although I go my own plodding pace
Slow and steady, wins the race!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Swirly - (Beanie Baby)
Dinosaur, Pterodactyl, Bird
Birthdate=2000-02-24,  Copies=2,  No tag
Gliding through the summer sky
Looking low and looking high
Now I think my quest can end
I've found you, my special friend!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Swoop - (Beanie Baby)
Tank (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1995-02-22,  Copies=2,  Has a Tag
This armadillo lives in the South
Shoving Tex-Mex in his mouth
He sure loves it South of the border
Keeping his friends in good order!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Tank - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1994-06-25,  Copies=1,  No tag   Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Teddy (violet, old face) - (Beanie Baby)
dog, chihuahua
Birthdate=1999-05-09,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
South of the Border, in the sun
Tiny the Chihuahua is having fun
Attending fiestas, breaking piñatas
Eating a taco, or some enchiladas!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Tiny - (Beanie Baby)
Tiptoe (poem)  Beanie Baby
Rat, Rodent
Birthdate=1999-01-08,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Creeping quietly along the wall
Little foot prints fast and small
Tiptoeing through the house with ease
Searching for a piece of cheese!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Tiptoe - (Beanie Baby)
Titan (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Great Dane
Birthdate=2005-08-17,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Some say I'm the king of the hounds
Surpassing all by leaps and bounds
Majestic stature; regal air
The other dogs just can't compare!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Titan - (Beanie Baby)
Toothy (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus Rex
Birthdate=2001-07-10,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
I brush my teeth each day and night
So they will stay both clean and white
With lots of teeth it takes a while
It's worth it for this dazzlin' smile!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Toothy - (Beanie Baby)
dog, basset hound
Birthdate=1997-06-05,  Copies=1,  No tag
Sniffing and tracking and following trails
Tracker the basset always wags his tail
It doesn't matter what you do
He's always happy when he's with you!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Tracker - (Beanie Baby)
Tradee (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2000-06-29,  Copies=3,  Has a Tag
Now the trading has begun
Check it out, it's lots of fun
Come along and play with me
I have some things that you must see!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Tradee - (Beanie Baby)
Trumpet (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2000-02-11,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Trumpet uses his trunk to spray
Be careful you don't get in his way
He plays in mud - he never forgets
Give him some peanuts, he'll be your pet!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Trumpet - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1996-10-12,  Copies=1,  No tag
Taking off with a thunderous blast
Tuffy rides his motorcycle fast
The Beanies roll with laughs and squeals
He never took off his training wheels!
  Caitlyn's rating=4 (excellent)
 Tuffy - (Beanie Baby)
Twilight (poem)  Beanie Baby
Bird, Owl
Birthdate=2004-08-03,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Something's strange up in that tree
Two bright eyes looking back at me
Then you'll hear a playful, WHOO
As if to say, Hey, I see you !
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Twilight - (Beanie Baby)
Hamster, Rodent
Birthdate=2003-08-02,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
As I scurry in my cage
The wheel I have is all the rage
Take me out so we can snuggle
I promise you that I won't struggle!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Twitch - (Beanie Baby)
Valentina (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=1998-02-14,  Copies=5,  Has a Tag
Flowers, candy and hearts galore
Sweet words of love for those you adore
With this bear comes love that's true
On Valentine's Day and all year through!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Valentina - (Beanie Baby)
Valentine (poem)  Beanie Baby
Birthdate=2003-02-14,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Please let me be your Valentine
And say to me that you'll be mine
I will be forever true
Especially to a friend like you !
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Valentine - (Beanie Baby)
Birthdate=1994-02-14,  Copies=46,  Has a Tag
His heart is red and full of love
He cares for you so give him a hug
Keep him close when feeling blue
Feel the love he has for you!
  Caitlyn's rating=2 (fair)
 Valentino - (Beanie Baby)
Velvet (poem)  Beanie Baby
Cat, Panther
Birthdate=1995-12-16,  Copies=1,  No tag
Velvet loves to sleep in the trees
Lulled to dreams by the buzz of bees
She snoozes all day and plays all night
Running and jumping in the moonlight!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Velvet - (Beanie Baby)
Sea Creature, Whale
Birthdate=1996-12-08,  Copies=28,  No tag
Join him today on the Internet
Don't be afraid to get your feet wet
He taught all the Beanies how to surf
Our web page is his home turf!
  Caitlyn's rating=3 (good)
 Waves - (Beanie Baby)
Weenie (poem)  Beanie Baby
Dog, Dachshund
Birthdate=1995-07-20,  Copies=1,  Has a Tag
Weenie the dog is quite a sight
Long of body and short of height
He perches himself high on a log
and considers himself to be top dog!
  Caitlyn's rating=5 (favorite)
 Weenie - (Beanie Baby)

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