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Teacup Chain [Plus]
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Teacup Chain -- [Plus]
   (Pat Lewkowicz 1941)

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From a normal Squared Set (or everyone turning opposite sex by the Left).

Head Ladies Center for a Teacup Chain proceeds as follows:

  • Head Ladies:
    1. to center, R-H Star 3/4
    2. L-H turn corner
    3. R-H turn new corner (original opposite man)
    4. to center, L-H Star 1 & 1/4
    5. R-H turn new corner (next man)
    6. L-H to original partner for a Courtesy Turn
  • Side Ladies:
    1. R-H turn corner
    2. to center, L-H Star 1 & 1/4
    3. R-H turn new corner (original opposite man)
    4. L-H turn new corner (next man)
    5. to center, R-H Star 3/4
    6. L-H to original partner for a Courtesy Turn
  • Ladies -- Important points:
    • Start with the R-H, and use alternating hands.
    • Head Ladies start to the Center, Side Ladies start with the corner.
    • Visit each man exactly once, progressing counter-clockwise through the men, starting with the corner, then opposite, then corner's opposite, and finally original partner.
    • Concentrate on progressing to the next man, rather than worrying about alternating hands (or how far to turn the star), as handholds (and star turns) become automatic.
  • Men -- Important points:
    • Head Men always send the Ladies to the Center.
    • Side Men always send the Ladies to the Right.
    • Take whatever hand the ladies give you, and send them to their next destination. At some point, men use the same hand is twice in a row.
    • Be sure to lead the Ladies. Don't be a wimp - send the ladies to their destination with a firm but gentle lead.
    • The final L-H turn (with original partner) blends into a Courtesy Turn to end in a Squared Set.

Ends in a Squared Set, everyone paired with original Partner.

DIAGRAM THE HEAD LADIES' PART ONLY (with the Men) at key points in the call. (with "around beat #N" as part of caption)


  • Dance to the beat of the music, and do not rush this call.
  • Teacup Chain takes a full 32 beats. If rushed, the movement becomes choppy (stop-and-go) as the ladies must wait for the other ladies to clear the center before they can move into the middle.
  • Ladies wearing a skirt or dress can use their free hand to hold their skirt out in a fan shape. This is called "skirt work", and adds to the flair of the movement.

Suggested teaching method:

  1. Have the Side Ladies step out of the square and show the Head Ladies' part to the other 6 dancers.
  2. Then have the Head Ladies step out and show the Side Ladies' part to the other 6 dancers.
  3. Then put everyone in the square and do the call together.
  4. Finally put on the music and try it for real!

Side Ladies Center for a Teacup Chain:
Side ladies do the Head ladies' part, and vice-versa.

All Four Ladies Center for a Teacup Chain:
All four ladies do the Head ladies' part. That is:
  1. Four Ladies R-H Star 3/4;
  2. L-H turn corner;
  3. R-H turn new corner;
  4. to center L-H Star 1 & 1/4;
  5. R-H turn new corner;
  6. L-H to original partner for Courtesy Turn.

Head Men Center for a Teacup Chain:

From a Half-Sashayed Squared Set, or from all turning partners by the left, the Men do the Ladies' part and vice-versa.
This is typically used only as a gimmick.

Beer Mug Chain:

Teacup Like A Daisy:


CALLERLAB definition for Teacup Chain

Choreography for Teacup Chain

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