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Half Sashay [Basic]
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Half Sashay -- [Basic]
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From a Couple.

Without changing facing direction, exchange places by having the Belle (right-side dancer) sidestep in front of the Beau (left-side dancer) as the Beau sidestep behind the Belle.

Ends in a Couple.

Half Sashay
 half-way after


  • A normal couple ends in a half-sashayed couple and vice-versa. The term 'half-sashayed' means the Boy is on the right, and the Girl is on the right.
  • Half Sashay is not a Rollaway. No turning is involved during the call.
  • Give a slight tug on each other to start the movement.
  • The Belle slides forward to the left, then backward to the left;
    the Beau slides backward to the right, then forward to the right.
  • Some callers say Sashay instead of Half Sashay. They are incorrect. The name of the call is Half Sashay, which is half of an old call named Sashay (as in Sashay Around Your Corner (or Partner) - a sideways DoSaDo to end back where you started).
  • When starting from a Mini-Wave, do your part.

    • From a L-H Mini-Wave, exchange places by sliding back-to-back;
    • From a R-H Mini-Wave, exchange places by sliding nose-to-nose.
    Some callers do not believe Half Sashay is legal from a Mini-Wave.

Rollaway (with a Half Sashay)

Ladies Center Men Sashay (from a Circle)

(Full) Sashay

Single Shuffle [C4} is one half of a Half Sashay.

CALLERLAB definition for Half Sashay

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