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Vic's To Do List
Vic's To Do List
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Remote access update to web: 1) have 'cancel' button, 2) do asynchronously in background

Implement CSV lists in GenerateRotation 1) PreferPartnerWith 2) AvoidPartnerWith 3) PreferDanceWith 4) AvoidDanceWith Also add to GLOBAL database (with global IDs), which will be translated to local IDs when dancer is added to local database.

Rotation window (IN PROGRESS) Need to update Sub OperatorRemove Add a new flag, RemovedFromRotationFlag, which causes the dancer to be status absent, and not shown in the rotation window grids. 1) Set all to Absent/ready/etc. will not affect these dancers, and a will output a note to that effect. 2) Have a menu option (and popup menu option) to 'Remove' selected dancers, with an explanation that they will no longer be listed in the grids. 3) Have a 'Re-insert removed dancer(s)' menu option, which displays a list of removed from which operator can select to change their RemovedFromRotationFlag to false. 4) Scanning the barcode or a removed dancer, for any reason, should set RemovedFromRotationFlag to false.

Option to display '-' or 'x' instead of 'Out'. preference 'Out' text

Tip Display: Add 'split' display with name list on left and square pictures on right. Add split screen icon as with CSDS CFS to effect this mode. Add splitter.

OPEN TIP: 1) increment tip number; 2) keep an open tip flag in the tip data structures OpenTipFlag(1..MaxNTip)

Use TipType(): 1) display qqch on tip display (e.g., STAR TIP C3A) 2) Set it appropiately 3) Allow for enumeration of Open Tips

Be able to run from USB like CSDS!

Condensed display: option to combine couples

Have a way to edit the number of 'times danced' with another dancer, so that the operator can tweak it either direction to increase or decrease the possibility of dancing with that dancer.

Put most registry values into the database, so they are copied to another computer (on USB).

Allow delete a rotation from the web, if created by their user key.

Dancer Table: admin function to insert into global database.

Also Update Partner? DIALOG BOX: Convert to a form or RTF so that the partner name can be bold, and I can have an icon or other stuff.

Last night I also experienced a problem where I had already generated a tip then two dancers wanted to sub with another two dancers so I tried to use that feature but found that I could only swap two dancers from one square to another. In this case I had one of the couples was sitting out. I could not see where I could choose that couple who was setting out to do the swap with. ---- I responded: You can do this by swapping the boys, then swapping the girls. The individual swapping works with "out" dancers, but the couple swap does not. I'll make a note to look into this some day.

Try setting up a rotation with 300 couples. Master database. Need a way to 1) set default value for OK w/Single. Need a way to 1) change OK w/Single for a large set of dancers.

Auto compact DB on exit

Remote Access: Add VDC-only function with PW to do admin things such as SET PARTNERS

Add # of Couples per Set (i.e., 2, 3, 4, 6). Each tip would have a NDancersPerSet field.

Dancer Table | Import Text: check for duplicates.

Remove restrictions on MAX_NUMBER_OF_TIPS and MAX_NUMBER_OF_DANCERS or put into Settings.

Test with small screen size.

Condensed Display: I check people in as they arrive (change from Absent to Ready). It would be nice if I could sort this display by couple, since I'll often be checking them in together. Just a sort method that sorts by dancer name (as now), but then for each couple bubbles the lexicographically later partner up to immediately follow the earlier one. BVM

Be able to read a QR code to get all data for a dancer. Requires a more advanced scanner.

At AACE, color code the sign-in and sign-out sheets.

Fix issues with scanner not being able to read scan code from phone. Requires a more advanced scanner.

Have an option to partner specific dancers, every other tip (eg, for me + qqun).

Documentation: put scanner instructions on back of business card stock, then attach barcode to front.

Get and include Barry's help file, convert to HTML or RTF. DLA wants to edit it too.


Open Tip: option to display a graphic instead of the text.

Tip Display: Add option to 'Generate Star Tip A' and 'Generate Star Tip B'.

Dancer Table: Add option to import dancers from the dancer table in another database. Of course, all dancer IDs will be different, and it should skip those with Global IDs that are already in the destination dancer table.

Question though: Is there an easy way to re-set the defaults? I would like to re-set the "OK w/ Singles" field so it defaults to No, instead of Yes. I looked thru what I could, but didn't find a way of changing it.

I would like to see you eliminate the "sitout" function tile. I would prefer that scanning a "present" dancer's bar code default to "sitout," and scanning the same barcode twice in close succession change their status to "absent." I think the best interface design is to eliminate the use of the function tiles whenever easily possible. ~michael kellogg

Be able to print multiple barcodes for a selected set of dancers from the current rotation.

Add Dancer to Rotation (this should be the title): Upon save click, add dancer window should disapperar, the new dancer name should show up in dancer table, highlighted, and the confirmation dialog box should say "firstName LastNme added to Dancer Table LF Would you also like to add the dancer to the current rotation?". If yes, a resultant dialog box should say "1 dancer added to rotation" (by DLA)

after upgrade from web, SQORT window is hidden.

Barcodes: is there a differnece in the barcode (printed copy) when 'Use Full Name' is checked?

Test with 125% and 150% screen increase modes

Tip Display: Be able to swap one boy with an OUT boy

Tip Display: option to make Tip# larger, font, color

Make SQROT able to run on portable drive, like CSDS

Easy function to select a rotation, and set data state to before a given tip w/o messing up the source database. I.e., copy the rotation and all the debugging info first.

On Vista, If unable to download update program from web ("Upgrade Failed"), try doing it from inside a browser instead.

Bug? Set someone to 'Any Pref B'. Then set to 'Any'. It still shows "PREF B" in the grid.

Use Thumbs Up/Down for OK with Single, NOT for Paid?
08-March-2021 07:36:19
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