Frankie And Johnnie
Duke Ellington; Benny Goodman; Pearl Bailey; many others 1904
  (Go 106)   Allie Morvent
two columns


Bow down to your partner, give that girl a swing
Join hands, circle to the left, boy you've got a ring
Reverse and trail, go single file
Four little ladies backtrack, twice around you go
Men turn in behind your girl, it's single file you know
Keep moving round, and don't slow down
Girls roll back to an allemande left, around the ring you go
Grand old right & left, boys, and then you promeno
You've got your girl, don't do her wrong

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

1st & 3rd go right & left thru, turn the girl you know
Star thru and pass thru, and do a dosado
Go all the way around, go right & left thru
Star thru and pass thru, star thru the next old two
Square thru 3/4, 3/4 around you do
Left allemande, go right & left grand
When you meet your partner, turn her with a right elbow
Allemande left your corner, your honey promeno
You've got your girl, don't do her wrong

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