Somebody Stole My Gal / You Call Everybody Darling
Johnnie Ray; Cab Calloway 1918
  (Sets In Order 2047 side A)   Arnie Kronenberger


Doci around your corner gal
(Dosado corner)
Swing now your own little pal
First lady go round the center, petticoat a-weavin'
(No. 1 lady promenade inside of square
Swing 'em all, promenade
(When No. 1 lady gets back to partner, everybody swing (time for 1 or 2 swings) then promenade.)
Needn't even say you're leavin'
Backtrack and take her along
(Without changing hands, man takes a right face turn, lady a left face turn,
to reverse your direction of promenade, man still inside of square)
The ladies star left, the gents move on
(Gents pull ladies across in front of them to the center of square, ladies make a
left hand star while the gents move forward in the same direction as before.)
Ladies slide out, gents slide in
(When partners meet [1st time] ladies slide out while gents slide in, face to
face, and continue on in same direction.)
Next time a left like an allemande thar, star again
(Next time partners meet, gents turn ladies by the left to an allemande thar star,
gents backing up in a right hand star.)
Then shoot that star, promenade a new maid
(Shoot the star, gents promenade the lady ahead, original right hand lady.)
Somebody stole my gal


Let's all join hands and circle left, say looking for your girl
Reverse back in a single file, I'd search the whole wide world
(Circle left, then reverse direction and promenade in single file.)
The ladies stay home, the gents move on, pass ma and Arkansas
(The ladies stop, gents on around the outside passing two ladies, partner and
right hand lady.)
Tap that next one on the shoulder
Swing her boy, get a little bolder
(Original partner)
Four gents star, turn the opposite a left elbow
(Gents make a right hand star and turn the opposite lady.)
Star back in the middle, 3/4 round to the corner girl you know
(Gents star 3/4 to the original corner girl.)
Allemande left with the corner of the ring
A right & left grand and you'll hear me sing
Buy her a Cadillac and a wedding ring
Latch right on to her apron string

Then you promenade her home again
Now that you've found your gal

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