Don't Bring LuLu   (Pioneer 6021)   Brian Hotchkies

Four ladies chain across and turn with Lulu
Rollaway and circle to the left around the ring you do
Now four ladies rollaway and then, circle to the left go round the ring
Allemande left with the corner maid, grand right & left I say
Hand in hand around you go, then swing with Lulu
Swing your girl, and promenade go 'round the ring
Promenade that lady, ya go walkin' home and maybe
It's a hulla-ba-lulu, don't bring Lulu, I'll bring her myself

FIGURE    Basic, corner progression

Heads pass thru, separate and ya go round two
Hook on the end, move up to the middle and back again
Ladies in, the man sashay
Everybody square thru 3/4 round you go
To the corner, left allemande
Go back home, dosado now with Lulu
Swing your corner, then promenade
You promenade that lady fair
Take a little walk go round the square
It's a hulla-ba-lulu, don't bring lu lu, I'll bring her myself

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