Night Coach   (Bogan 1261)   Andy Petrere
OPENER - MIDDLE BREAK - CLOSER    Basic, R-H lady progression

Circle to the left
On a night coach out of Dallas
I'm heading for the bright lights of LA

Now the men star right, go once around
Do an allemande left with the corner
Come back and weave the ring
But I wonder if I'm wasting my time
Dosado and promenade go walking round in time
I'm leaving Dallas, tonight I'm on my way
I'm headed for the bright lights of LA

FIGURE    Plus, corner progression

Now those heads square thru, get me four hands and then
Round that corner dosado and go, single circle to a wave
Boys run right, you bend the line and then
Square thru count to three
Swing the corner, she's waiting there and then
Swing a little lady, promenade, go walking round the ring
Tonight I'm leavin' Dallas, with a little prayer
Hey, maybe she'll be waiting for me there

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