Germany + Austria (June 2003)
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 Fürstenhagen (1 of 4) 
 Fürstenhagen (2 of 4) 
 Fürstenhagen (3 of 4) 
 Fürstenhagen (4 of 4) 
 New sunglasses in Baden Baden 
 A little car, a little girl,
and your little dog too! 
 Goose, gander and goslings 
 Pen, cob and cygnets 
 Ice cream, ice cream and ice cream 
 What else could a guy want? 
 Black squirrel in the Black Forest 
 Caitlyn on the rocks 
 Avoiding cigarette smoke,
we ate outdoors whenever possible 
 First train to Zugspitz 
 A swing at our Inn - Austria 
 Schloss Hohenschwangau 
 Damn cold water 
 Wild women, wild bovines
Watch your step! 
 Caitlyn made monster Lego
people at a Frankfurt Museum 
 Greedy goats goad gorgeous girl 
 A castle on the Rhein 
 Siegfried's Mechanical Music Museum in Rüdesheim
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