Theo (Seattle, Washington - 2008)
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 Left side, with Debbie and Carl 
 Right side, with Doorway and Car 
 Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! 
 Debbie, Hair Net, and Chocolate 
 Our Oompa-Loompa "Nicole" 
 Oompa-Loopma explains Madagascar from top to bottom 
 Poster on Wall 
 Chocolate Making Flowchart 
 Cacao Beans, Under Fermented (top) and Well Fermented (bottom) 
 Winnower (removes husks from nibs) 
 Sampling Roasted Nibs 
 Mill (crush them nibs!) 
 Conche (left, to reduce acid through circulation and oxidation) and Refiner (right, to reduce sugar particles) 
 3400 Phinney bars in gift shop 
 Origin bars, 3400 Phinney bars, and more!!! 
 Nicole, the "hair down" rendition 
 Debbie with chocolate purchase
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