5th Grade Graduation (June 2006)
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5th Grade Graduation at "The Family School",
Los Olivos, California, June 2006
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 The Announcement 
 "Dream Arch" 
 "Lizard Lounge" 
 Caitlyn with Yellow Door Buddy "Francesca" 
 The Crowd 
 Grandma Dana 
 Miki Holden, Head of School 
 Elysse Castillo 
 Gabriella Ostini 
 Django Crosby 
 Isabelle Clendenen 
 Cullen Williams 
 Nick Long 
 Caitlyn Rose Ceder 
 A Song 
 Speech by Sandy Hanes (5th grade teacher) 
 Another Speech (Elysse) 
 Another Speech (Django) 
 Caitlyn at the Podium 
 Speech by Nick 
 And if elected, I promise to... 
 "Boy! These flowers are taller than me!" 
 Every Graduate Received A Flower 
 Maria, Caitlyn, and Grandpa Jack 
 with Julianne Tullis-Thompson 
 with Aunt Julie 
 with Grandma Dana 
 with soon-to-be Aunt Kyndra 
 Karina, Carolyn, and the Graduate of Family School, Your Heroine, the one and only, Caitlyn Rose Ceder!
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