Japan (January 2005)
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Japan Trip with Rob French and C.J. Smithview (admin)
 Welcome Cat (Maneki Neko) 
 A large selection of Maneki Nekos 
 Himeji Castle 
 Roof decoration on Himeji Castle 
 Groundhogs in an underground mall 
 Hiroshima ground zero 
 Winter protection - "safe sap" 
 Black swans 
 Sexy gaijin lady 
 Traditional new year's ornament - mandarin orange, fern frond, dried persimmon, and bale of straw 
 Hikone Castle (much smaller than Himeji Castle) 
 Tanuki-san and Debbie-san 
 Rob's Happy Meal ™ 
 Our meal, okonomiyaki and takoyaki 
 Shika no Sembei (deer crackers) 
 C.J. feeding the deer (Nara Park) 
 Rob feeding the deer 
 "look, crackers all gone!" 
 Old stone lanterns 
 Bambi between beacons 
 Old metal lanterns 
 Bridge over tranquil water 
 Family-style bathing 
 Aliens and instant ramen 
 Kinkakuji - the Golden Pavilion (Kyoto) 
 Tatami room dining with Hidemi 
 The other national pastime 
 Our friends, the Tachibanas 
 Pagoda (Narita) 
 January 10th, Coming-of-Age Day 
 Banner outside Unagi (eel) shop 
 Cutting up fresh unagi 
 Fresh unagi for lunch - oishii desu! 
 Happy Gaijins!
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