C3B Calls and Concepts
January 1996

(Any Tagging Call) and Scatter

Busy (Any Call)
By Golly

1/4|1/2|3/4 Cast and Relay
Central Concept
Change the Centers
Change the Wave
Change Your Image
(Cross) Chuck a Luck
Criss Cross the Deucey
Cross Cycle (1/3|2/3)
Cross Flip the Line 1/4|1/2|3/4|Full
Cross Lockit

Diagonal Boxes
Divide the Ocean|Sea (I|O|R|L|(Any Call))

Explode the Diamond

Fan Concept
Flip Your Lid

Gee Whiz
Good Show

In Style
Interlocked Scoot and Counter|Rally|Ramble

Kick By N

Lickety Split
Lift Off
Line to Line
(Cross) Loop and 1/4|1/2|3/4|Full Tag

Magic Diamonds|Lines|Waves Concept
Mirror Concept
   e.g., Mirror Circle By
   Mirror Recycle

(Cross) Nuclear Reaction

Phantom Lines|Waves|Columns Concept
Pitch (Direction)
Random (Any Concept) Concept
(Cross) Reactivate
   (Any Tagging Call) (Cross) Reactivate
Reflected (Any Tagging Call)
Reset 1/4|1/2|3/4|Full
Reverse Checkpoint (Any Call1) by (Any Call2)
Reverse the Pass
Reverse the Top
Revert (Any Tagging Call)
Revolve to a Wave
Rip Off
Rotary Circulate
Rotates (from Columns)

Shake and Rattle
   Split Sidetrack
Single Concept
Split Phantom Boxes Concept
(Cross) N Steps at a Time
Strut Right|Left
Swap the Top variations:
   Cross|Mirror|Mirror Cross
Swing o Late

Tag the Top
   (Any Tagging Call) the Top
Take N
Trade the Diamond
Trapezoid Concept
Triple Waves|Lines Working Forward|Backward
Turn the Key
Two-Faced Concept
Twosome Concept

Wave the (Anyone)
With Confidence

Z Axle
Z Concept (4 dancers only)
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