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List Database - Edit

The Edit List Database window is invoked from the CSDS main menu via 'List | List Database | Edit'.

The list database contains calls, concepts, formations, identifiers, directions, numerics, and other square dance terminology. Each record within the list database is assigned a unique number (known as the handle) that is used by program to uniquely identify the particular call, concept, formation, identifier, etc. Each record also contains information such as the level, the minimum number of dancers required, the number of parts in the call, and flags such as whether or not the call is sex-dependent.


Each record contains the following fields:

  • Text
    The name of the call, concept, pseudo-call, formation, identifier, fraction, or numeric.
  • Handle
    A number that uniquely identifies the call in the list database. Any records that you add to the list database are assigned a handle number of 20000 or greater. Records in the master database have a handle number less than 20000.
  • Type
    The type of the call.
    • D = Direction, such as In, Out, Right, or Left.
    • F = Formation, such as Wave, Line, or Diamond.
    • I = Identifier, such as Boy, Girl, Head, Side, Leader, Trailer, Beau, or Belle.
    • N = Call, is a call such as Spin The Top.
    • P = Pseudo-call, is a call that can take another call as an argument such as Transfer And.
    • Y = Concept, is a concept (a concept requires a call), such as As Couples, Twice, or Those Facing.
    • M = Concept, is a concept that requires another concept as an argument, such as Initially, or Echo.
    • Z = Numeric, is a numeric value such as 2, 3,or 7 & 1/2.
  • Parts
    The number of parts in the call.
    • Zero (0) in this field indicates that the number of parts is not applicable (e.g., as with most concepts).
    • Zero (0) also indicates that the number of parts may be not agreed upon at this time. For example, Square Chain Thru. Is the first part a Pull By, a Pull By and 1/4 In, or a Square Thru 2 To A Wave?
    • A one (1) in this field indicates that the call has only one part or that the call can not be broken up into parts.
  • Dancers
    The minimum number of dancers required to do the call.
  • Flags
    A text string consisting of zero or more of the following letters:
    • F = First Part
    • G = Garbage
    • A = Asymmetric
    • I = Space Invader
    • L = Last Part
    • K = Skip flashcard
    • M = Mirror Same
    • R = Requires flow
    • S = Sex dependent
    • Z = No divide
    • 2 = Pseudo 2-dancer
    • D = SSD Ignore
  • Level
    The level of the csll.
  • SSD Week
  • Ordinal
  • ID

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