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Getin/Getout - Add new record(s)

Add new record(s) allows new records to be added to a selected getin/getout database.

This section is invoked via the CSDS Main Menu option 'Getin/Getout | Add new record(s)'.

You are first prompted for a database:

Select a database, such as GETOUT, and press the 'OK' button.

The Add GETOUT Record dialog box appears:

To Add a Record:

  1. Set the dancers to the desired starting position.
    1. Use the Formation dropdown list to select the dancer spots.
    2. Set dancers as follows:
      • Swap two dancers: left-click on a dancer, then left-click on another dancer. The dancers will swap positions.
      • Change facing direction: right-click on one of the dancers labeled with A, C, E, or Y. The position of the right-click within the dancer icon determines the dancer's facing direction. I.e., right-click at the top of the dancer icon to set their facing direction to 'up'; right-click at the left of the dancer icon to set their facing direction to 'left'; etc. The facing direction of the opposite dancer will also change.
    3. Alternatively, use the FASR symbol or Perm # - numeric field to specify the dancers.
    4. Enter the text for the record.
    5. Press the button to save the record. The record will be saved and the window will close.

    Other Window Parts

    Reset All - resets the text to what it was before the window was displayed.

    Clear - clears the contents of the text box.

    Font - changes the fontsize used within the text box.

    Private record, when checked, marks the current getin/getout record as private (meaning you don't want anyone else to use it).

    Text contains the text (square dance calls) of the record.
    • For a getin record, the calls should start from a static set and should end in the displayed formation.
    • For a getout record, executing the given calls starting from the displayed formation should result in a valid resolve (the last line of text should be a resolve such as Right & Left Grand, Left Allemande, Promenade Home, etc.)

    Previous text (F1) replaces the text field with the text from the previously edited getin/getout record. This feature is useful when you are adding several records with similar text.

    Use count (if shown) contains the number of times that the record was used within sequences. The use count must be between 0 and 32767 inclusive.

    Quick use (if shown) contains the number of times that the record was used within opening biggie sequences. The quickie count must be between 0 and 32767 inclusive. Incrementing the quickie count of the getin/getout record does not change the Level used at field. Level used at contains the level at which the sequence was last used

    Save Edits saves the contents of the record, then attempts to proofread the record, and returns to the previous window.
    • If the record was originally within the sorted region of the database and the perm number was changed, then the original record is marked as deleted and a new record is added to the end of the database.

    Cancel edits (Esc) cancels any edits made via this window, and returns to the previous window.

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