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Dancer Table - Fields

All dancers must be listed in the Dancer Table.

First Name and Last Name
  • Dancer's first name and last name.

  • Dancer's role: Boy, Girl, or Any (bi-dansual).

  • Dancer's category: Normal, Student, or Angel.
  • In most cases, the category field should be set to 'Normal'.
  • 'Student' indicates the dancer is in the class.
  • 'Angel' indicates the dancer is helping out.
  • Rotation Preferences allow
    • students to dance every tip;
    • even distributution of students amongst squares;
    • angels to dance only if needed;
    • even distribute of angels amongst squares.

  • Flags assigned to the dancer to assist locating the dancer in the database.
  • Flags can be assigned to a dancer to indicate their dance level, the groups with which they dance, and other attributes.
  • Flags are created and edited via the Flag Table.

  • A short comment field. (A large comment field, 'Notes', is available within the 'Notes' tab.)
  • The Tag field is most commonly used for the dancer's upper level.

Preferred Role
  • Dancer's preferred role: Boy, Girl, or Any (bi-dansual).
  • The program attempts to use the dancer's preferred role when the dancer dances as a single.

  • Partner, if any, associated with this dancer.
  • To be assigned a partner, both dancers must be in the Dancer Table and the partner not assigned to another dancer.

Couple Name
  • Name to display when dancing as a Couple.

Single Name
  • Name to display when dancing as a Single.

Short Name
  • Name to display to save screen space.
  • The default short name is the first three letters of Last Name followed by a comma and the first letter of the First Name.

OK w/Single
  • When checked, dancer is willing to dance as necessary with a single dancer.

  • When checked, dancer has shown proof of Covid-19 vacciation.

  • How to treat the dancer for special considerations.

  • Always in Square N - indicates the dancer will always be placed in square N. Only one dancer in the rotation may have this attribute. It is intended for a dancer such as the rotation computer operator who always needs to be by the computer, or perhaps for a dancer hard of hearing who always needs to be in the square closest the speaker. The value of N is set via Preferences - this Rotation.
  • In N, Out M - means the dancer will be in (Ready to dance) for N tips in a row, then out (Absent) for M tips in a row. The program is smart enough to know that after a long break (e.g. a dinner break) to reset the dancer's' "In" counter to zero.

  • The unique ID within the dancer table of this dancer. This ID is local to the computer. See also Global ID.

Last modified
  • Date and time this dancer's data was last modified.

Global ID
  • The ID from the Global Database, uniquely identifying this dancer to all copies of SQROT.

  • Any notes about the dancer.

Other fields: County, State, City, Postal Code, Address, Phone1, Phone2, Email1, Email2

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