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Dancer Info

There are 3 ways to invoke the Dancer Info dialog box from the Rotation Window:
  1. the dancer Info toolbar button
  2. the menu item 'Edit | Dancer Info'
  3. a mouse right-click on one or more dancers within either the Standard Display or the Condensed Display.

Using a mouse right-click is the easiest way to modify a parameter for a given dancer (or set of dancers).

Clicking on any button within the Dancer Info dialog box changes the specified parameter to the given value for the set of selected dancers. The dialog box then automatically closes. This is an easy way to perform common tasks.

For an individual dancer, the dialog box looks like this...

The dancer's current Status, Role, Preferred Role, Flexibility, and other attributes are shown highlighted (i.e., white text on dark blue background).

  • The desired dance partner, if any, is shown beneath the dancer's name. Clicking on the partner's name displays the Dancer Info dialog box for the partner.
  • Clicking any of the buttons in the upper section (Status, Role, Preferred Role, Category, Flexibility, Paid, Vaccinated) sets that value for the dancer, then closes this dialog box.

    • The Paid, Vaccinated, Star tip A, and Star tip B fields are optionally visible. To change their visibility, open the Preferences - this Rotation window and modify the checkboxes under 'Dancer Info Flags'.
    • The Attributes field is only visible if attribtues other than 'always avaialable' are assigned to the dancer. To change the Attributes line, press the button to Edit Dancer this Rotation.
  • - prompts whether to "Split this couple into two singles?". Pressing the OK button removes the partner pairing, effectively making each a single.
  • - allows selection of a desired partner for the given dancer.
  • - opens the Edit Dancer this Rotation window for this dancer.
  • - opens the Dancer Table - Edit window for this dancer.
  • - after confirmation, removes the dancer(s) from the rotation. If the dancer(s) already danced a tip, the dancer can not be removed, but their status will be changed to 'Absent+Hidden', which effectively removes them from the Rotation window and Statistics windows.
  • - opens the Print Barcode window for the selected dancer. If more than one dancer is selected, after a confirmation prompt, one window is opened for each dancer.

When more than one dancer is selected, the dialog box looks like this...

Button functions are the same as above, but apply to the entire set of selected dancers.

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