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Grid - Customize

The Customize Grid dialog box is used in many places within the program. Almost every grid can be customized. Setttings to a particular gird are generally saved between invocations of the grid.

Span Available Width
When checked, all fields (i.e., columns) are shown within the width of the grid. If the grid width is too small, fields are compressed and may not be easily visible. If the grid width is too large, fields are padded with blank space.

Word Wrap
When checked, text data may be wrapped onto following lines within the grid row. This increases the height of the affected grid rows.

Best Fit - All Columns
Invokes the grid's autofit function to best fit the data within the grid.

Modify Columns
Invokes the Grid Column Editor to modify which fields are visible, their position within the grid, and their width.

Default All
Sets all fields to their default visibility, width, and position within the grid.

Show All
Makes all columns visible, even those that may be hidden and of internal use to the program.

Filter Editor
Allows a custom filter to be applied to the data in the grid. This is rarely used, and only necesary for large datasets in which a customized filter is desired.

Font Size
Specifies the fontsize for the text in the grid

Allows the grid to be exported in HTML, PDF, RTF, TXT, XLS, or XLSX format.

Clear Filters
Clears all filters currently applied to the grid. All grid rows will be shown.

Expand All
If the grid is grouped by one or more columns, all rows in all groups will be shown.

Collapse All
If the grid is grouped by one or more columns, all rows in all groups will be hidden. This allows viewing of the group structure of the data. Any specific group may be expanded by pressing the corresponding '+' button.

If the grid is grouped, all grouping is undone, and the grid returns to it's normal state.

When checked, the Find Panel is shown above the grid. The Find Panel allows filtering to only show grid rows that contain the entered text.

If the text contains a space, and you want that specific text string to be found, place double quotes around the text. Otherwise the search results will be all rows that contain any of the text words.

Group By
When checked, the Group By Panel is shown above the grid. The Group By Panel initally has text that says 'Drag a column header here to group by that column'. One or more column headers may be dragged into the Group By Panel to group the grid to group by those columns. A column header may be dragged back on the grid header row to remove that column from grouping.

Column Filters
When checked, a green Column Filters row appears immedidately below the column headers. Text can be entered in any of the columns of the Column Filters row. This filters the grid to only display rows where that column contains the entered text.

When checked, a row appears at the bottom of the grid, that shows the number of rows in the grid, and the index of the selected row. Also shown are small buttons that change the selected row to be the first, previous page, previous row, next row, previous page, or last row in the grid.

Displays Customize Grid - Find Panel - Help

Header Font Size
Changes the font size of the header row.

Group Row Font Size
Changes the font size of the group rows.

Closes this dialog box.

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