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    Adding a record to the database #1
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    Why can't I add a record to the database?

    Only the database administrator can add records to the Record Database.

    However, feel free to add comments to existing records.

    If you have a record to be added to the Record Database,
    please send us the following information, and we'll gladly add
    it to the database:

    • Title
    • Label
    • Label Number
    • Record Type (e.g., Square, Round)
    • Artist(s)
    • Cue Sheet (if possible)
    Send your request to  Debbie Ceder.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Adding a record to the database #2
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    We have been trying to add our recordings to the record database, and are unable to due to not using the correct password. Please give advice.

    The general public may not make changes to the Record Database. If you send us the information about the recordings that you'd like added, we will be happy to add them to the database.

    Since you are listed in our Caller and Cuer Database, after your recordings are added, they are automatically cross-referenced to the Caller and Cuer Database. Hence someone viewing the Record Database can click on your name and then view your caller information; likewise someone viewing your Caller and Cuer Database entry will also see a list of your recordings.

    To add a recording to the Record Database, we need the following information:

    1. the Label
    2. the Label Number
    3. the Title
    4. the Record Type (e.g., Singing Call, Patter, Round, Contra...)
    5. the (singing) Artist(s)
    6. the Cue Sheet (optional)

    Send your request to  Debbie Ceder.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Are my old 78 records worth anything?
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    I've just found some old 78's which I had forgotten about. They have the calls on one side and the music on the other I'm interested to find out if they are of any use to anyone and if they are worth anything? Any suggestions?

    I would be interested in them. How many do you have? What condition are they in, etc?

    I'm not sure what their value should be. New records (45 rpm) sell for about US $5 each; old records sell for about $1 to $2.50. Your records are out-of-print, and may be worth more.

    You could try to work out a deal with me (since I'm interested), or you could try your luck on a service such as E-Bay.

    In any case, the first step would be to make a list of the records. Be sure to include the 'title', 'label', 'label-number', and 'artist'.

    Also, try to ascertain the quality of the records. Are they in good condition? Are they in their original jackets? Do they have visible scratches or dirt? Do they sound scratchy? Do they skip, hiss, or pop?

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Database updates
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    How often is the database updated? Are all the records on the lists still needed or available?

    Our Record Database started off as a project to simply document the records we owned in our collection. Soon, people wanted information about records we did not own. We started accepting information from other people and putting that up on our website, too. Now, we are trying to document as much as possible, using whatever information we can find available. The Record Database is constantly being updated as people send us information and cuesheets.

    We do not sell records or music of any kind. For that, please see our list of Record Dealers.

    Some of them list the records that are currently out of print. We do not attempt to keep track of whether or not something in our database is still currently available for sale. We do, however, keep track of the number of records we personally own, along with how many copies of each we own. If we own more than one copy of a record, (see our excess records list) we are generally willing to trade one copy for a record we want (see our wish list) or for a record that we do not yet own.

    last modified: 24-May-2008   
    Do you sell any MP3s?
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    I'm interested in the song "Oh Johnny" called by Mac McCullar for a seniors aerobics class. I am able to find this song on record but I only have the capability of downloading music or transferring from a CD. Do you sell any of your MP3s. If so what is the cost?

    I do not sell any MP3s or records. I am not a dealer. I run an informational website only.

    You should inquire of the record dealers about the availability of the record in MP3 format (e.g., Palomino records, Supreme Audio, etc.).

    A list of Record Dealers can be found at

    Getting a copy of the database program
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    Would you be willing to sell your record database?
    If so how much would you charge?
    What is it programmed in?

    The Record Database is programmed in PHP (a web-based scripting language) and HTML using a MySQL database (a web-based database). A web site is required to run it.

    Since the program is entirely web-based, it will probably not meet your needs. I assume that you would like a record database that can run on a PC.

    I sell a computer program, the Ceder Square Dance System (CSDS), which you may find useful. The program can play MP3 or WAV files, and has a Music Database which is similar to the record database. When calling a dance, I use MP3 files on a laptop computer instead of records or mini-disks.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    How do I add a recording artist?
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    How do we add a Recording Artist listing to your site?

    Only we (the database administrator) can add records to the Record Database.

    If you have a record to be added to the Record Database, please send us the following information, and we'll gladly add it to the database:

    • Title
    • Label
    • Label Number
    • Record Type (e.g., Square (patter, singer), Round)
    • Artist(s)
    • Cue Sheet (if possible)

    Send your request to  Debbie Ceder

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    How do I find out what is on records before I buy them?
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    My name is Bobbie Smith. I live in Las Animas, Colorado.

    Las Animas High School has been sponsoring an annual event called Sante Fe Trail Day which is held on the last Friday of April. This year will be the 66th celebration. One of the highlights of the day is a square dance competition among the classes. Each class gets a coach who helps them for the four years they compete. The class I coach are seniors this year. This competion is something that is lots of fun for the students. They are allowed to start practicing on March the 1st each year which gives them about 8 weeks to practice.

    My group loves to dance to plus songs. One of their favorite moves is a Grand Spin. I remember learning this move in the 80's. I am looking for records that do not do the have the same moves for the heads and sides. I actually prefer four different figures. I have a few records that have the Grand Spin as one of the calls. I used to get my records from a record shop in Denver and I could preview them before I bought them so I would know what figures were on them but the shop that has closed.

    Last year my kids did "Hey Joe Hey Moe" called by Al Horn and also Pittsfield Drum and Bugle Corps by Kent Nyman. They like to do harder plus. I wish there were some place you could know what calls were on the record before you buy them. Could you tell me the names of some plus records that have Grand Spin on them. I would appreciate any help you could give me on how to find out what is on the records before I buy them.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    In our 'Record Database', we eventually plan on including the figures and words for all records listed.

    At the present time, figures are only listed for records whose name is followed by '(cue sheet)'. For example, Rockin In Rosalie's Boat at

    The second menu line above the Record Database is a "Find by" menu. You can search for things in our Record Database by Title, Abbreviation, Artist, Cue Sheet, Label, Lyrics, Record ID or a more advanced Query. To find a specific call by that call's name, click on "Find by" Cue Sheet (e.g.,, type the name of the call in the Find What box and click Go.

    As for recommendations of 'fun and challenging' records, I would suggest

    1. Bumble Bee Square - Wagon Wheel 119
    2. Running Bear - Top 25303
    3. Cross Over the Bridge - Windsor 5016
    4. Pickle Up A Doodle - Windsor 4823

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    How do I join?
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    Hi There
    Im a caller in the united kingdom and purchase my square dance music from I was looking at your website and could not find a way to join as there was some music in your data base that interested me. I have converted all my music to mp3 and would be quite happy to trade or share with your website.
    Please tell me how I can join.

    Our website is primarily an informational website. Other than a few definition books and computer programs, we do not sell anything.

    There is nothing to join.

    Music-wise, I have a 'wish' list and an 'excess records' list. I am willing to trade records from my 'excess records' list for those on my 'wish' list.

    Wish list =
    Excess records =

    How do I send you cue sheets?
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    I was wondering how other callers submit, cue sheet to you? E-mail? PDF format? Please educate me so I may follow suit.

    We prefer to receive cue sheets by E-mail, text files. If you wish to submit cue sheets that are saved in MS Word documents, please save them as TXT files first. You can also send us photocopies of the printed cue sheets by mail.

    How do I update my list of recordings?
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    How do I update the list of records that I have recorded?

    Send the list of your recordings with the following information to  Debbie, and I'll be happy to add them to the database:
    • Label
    • Label Number
    • Type (singing call, patter, two-sided patter, round, etc.)
    • Artist(s)
    • Cue Sheet (if available)

    More infomation on the data stored in the database can be found at

    Some artists or labels send me 'complimentary copies' and I put the information in the database.

    Once a record that you've recorded is in the database, it will automatically show up on your Caller and Cuer Database entry.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    How much do you pay for records?
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    I happen to come across your "wish list" for records on the internet. I would like to know how much you pay for good used records. I did see some on the list that I have. Do you pay the shipping cost?

    I am more interested in trading records than buying them.

    Some of the records on my wishlist are there simply because I need to have them to complete my collection of a particular label, not because I have any particular desire to use the record.

    As such, I would probably pay about $2 per record, with perhaps as much as $5 for an out-of-print record that I really want. Yes, shipping cost would also be added on top of that. But, once again, I'd prefer to trade for records on my excess records list.

    I trade on a one-to-one basis and there is no money changing hands.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Looking for a new home for a record collection
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    My mother called square and round dances for many years. Now at age 89 she is done with it. She owns about 5000 45 rpm records and calling instructions for round and square dancing. I know nothing about this business and hope you can help. She is looking for a home for them hoping to sell them, but willing to donate them rather than sending them to the dump. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

    Thank you for contacting us. There are a number of places one can try to sell such a collection including auction sites such as eBay, and information lists such as and even Amazon. I would research any of these for like items or lots of items to see what they are selling for. Used vinyl is a tricky commodity as the buyer does not know the quality and is not likely to spend much on it. Information the buyer will want includes the title of the record, the label name and number and possibly the recording artist, if there is one (sometimes a record is a two-sided instrumental, having no recording artist). You will probably have more luck selling them in small lots or one by one, rather than as a complete collection.

    Donations are often accepted at places like libraries and/or universities. The Square Dance Foundation of New England used to own a huge collection of records, but I think they needed to downsize and gave away many of their records. Their website is

    We have accepted many donations over the years in an attempt to archive one of each square dance record ever recorded. We are almost becoming a library of information on square dance records.

    Contact Debbie for further assistance.

    last modified: 04-November-2014   
    Missing records
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    I was just looking at the titles you have listed on your website for Sets-In-Order Records. I have a few that you don't have listed. I was wondering if you would be interested in a listing, or scans of the labels for this that I have.

    To add information for a record to the database, we need the following information:

    1. Title
    2. Label (SIO) and Label Number
    3. Artist(s)
    4. Cue Sheet

    The cue sheet may be scanned, photocopied, or typed. Whatever is most convenient for you.

    Cue sheets may be submitted in any format, however...

    1. we prefer a format where we can cut+paste text.
    2. We do not like DOC (MS WORD) files because of potential viruses.
    3. TXT, RTF, or PDF files are preferred.
    4. If you scan the cue sheet as an image, this is fine too.

    Please send the cue sheet file(s) to  Debbie or upload them to our site via

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Music Reproduction Rights
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    Our label would like to produce a CD with dance music. We are interested to get the reproduction rights for the following tracks: <list of tracks omitted>

    We hope you can help us, as we don't know the address (e-mail or fax) from the record labels: Hi Hat Records, Longhorn, Kalox Record, Belco and BIG MAC.

    Can you supply us with the addresses or E-mail for those labels?

    On our website, when you look at the list of records for a particular label, we often list the website for the recording label in the upper right hand corner when we know that information. There are also other websites that compile information on square dance music producers. Here are a few:

    last modified: 07-May-2016   
    No cue sheet?
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    Good Fire Going


    Because we do not own a copy of this record,
    and nobody has submitted a cue sheet for it yet.

    If you find any record listed without a cue sheet (or find a record not listed at all) and you own this record, please send the missing information to  Debbie.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Ordering records
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    I looked at your website and saw several records that I would like to order.

    How much are the records? How do you go about ordering?

    Our website is primarily an informational website only. As such, as a general rule, we don't sell things.

    To purchase new records, see Record Dealers.

    If you are interested in our Excess Records, please state what you're interested in, and what you're willing to pay and/or trade (see our Wish List).

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Purchasing music
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    You do allow people to purchase music from your site, right? Can you please tell me how to go about doing so. I am feeling really stupid, but I cannot figure it out.

    Sorry, but as a general rule, we don't sell music. Our website is primarily an informational-only site.

    For a list of record dealers, see

    On the other hand, I do have a few duplicate records that I'd be willing to part with, particularly if I can trade some of them for some records on my wish list.


    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Rare record?
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    Silver Dollar / Silver Bells

    I've got a copy of this In mint Condition, Just Wondered how rare it was.

    Determining how rare a record is requires knowing how many were made and how many are left. The next obvious question is how valuable is a record, and that depends on how desirable it is and how many people desire it.

    Our Record Database is attempting to gather as much information about square dance recordings as possible (we are not, generally, interested in round dance records). To do this, we are willing to trade the extra copies we have of records we own for a copy of a record we do not own, or for which we need a better recording. We are not, in general, willing to purchase these copies, nor are we willing, in general, to sell the duplicate copies of records we own. People have attempted (and some are successful) in selling their records on auction websites, such as eBay. Prices range from $1 to $10 or more.

    For most of the records in our database, a fairly small number were originally made, because the target market was comprised of a fairly small number of callers and maybe some dancers. If a record is out of print, someone who wants it may pay a fair price for it, but as vinyl is a medium that does not age well, the unknown quality may affect the desirability.

    Your particular record was released circa 1966 and is nearly 50 years old. According to websites I found, this record is no longer in print. You can assume this means that it is fairly rare. I happen to know the owner of the label and can find out more information about this piece of music and whether there are plans to re-release it. Let me know if you are interested in more information.

    last modified: 01-January-2015   
    Record collection for sale
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    My brother, a caller for over 40 years, recently passed away. He amassed a large collection of records. He had everything -- 78's, 45's, LP's, CD's -- square dance music to rock. Do you know of a dealer or other outlet that may be interested in purchasing any of these records? Unfortunately, so far I haven't found a complete list of just what he had. If I have to go through and make a list, it's going to take some time.

    Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

    You have a couple of options:
    1. Try selling them online on something such as EBay;
    2. Contact local callers and offer to sell them;
    3. Donate them to a local caller's assocation.

    Most of the records probably aren't worth much, except perhaps as historical interest. Modern square dance music has better recording quality and is preferred by most callers. Old record collections also tend to accumulate a lot of dust and scratches, and are generally useless, unless they are digitized and cleaned up (noise reduction). As such, I would venture to say that most of your records are only worth about 10 cents to a dollar, with an average of 25 cents or so. Occasionally, of course, there's an old out-of-print record that may be worth $10 or $20 to the right caller.

    Donating them to a local caller's association might be the right thing to do.

    We are documenting square dance music on our online 'Record Database', and, as such, would be interested in obtaining copies of any records that we don't currently have. If you have time, please look at our record database, perhaps searching by record label via and reserve some of the ones that we don't have. We aren't willing to pay too much for them, but we'd love to have them.

    last modified: 16-September-2006   
    Selling records without my permission
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    For You And Me The Sun Will Shine

    Ham Wolfraim, my father died in 1985. I would like to know who is producing/copying and selling his records without my permission

    Our site ( is an informational site only, and we do not sell records.

    The recordings by Ham Wolfraim are rather old, and I seriously doubt 1) whether they are still in print, and 2) whether they are in demand.

    It's also quite probable that the recording contract allows the label owner to sell records without your explicit permission.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   
    Where does the database information come from?
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    Where do you get information for the Record Database?

    The Record Database is primarily a listing of the 45 RPM vinyl records that I own. Hence, the majority of the information in the record database is taken from the record itself and the record jacket.

    The Record Database also contains many records that I do not personally own. In this case, I have gathered the information from various sources. Sometimes a recording artist will send me a list of the records that they have recorded; other times a record company will provide me with a list of their records. Many individuals have sent me information on records that I do not own. If there are any errors in the information for records which I do not own, please send corrections to  Debbie.

    last modified: 05-July-2011   

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to E-mail Vic at
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