Digital Music
Digital Music

A Caller's Perspective on Digital Music
(by Vic Ceder)
Digital Music Interest Session

This paper is a primer for square dance callers interested in using MP3 files and a laptop computer.

This paper addresses the following:
Media for Reproducing Music 

There are many ways to reproduce music, some you're probably already familiar with and others that may be new to you.

How to Obtain Digital Music 

Copyright Considerations 

As far as copyright issues go, digital music is just like any other music -- legally you must have purchased a copy of the music to use it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using MP3 



How to Convert a 45 RPM Record to MP3 

Rip the music to the computer then encode it. Many programs are available to do these functions, and some are free. Often the process of ripping and encoding is combined into a single step. I use Cool Edit 2000 (described in a later section).

How to Convert an Audio CD to MP3 

Use a CD-ripper program such as AudioGrabber (described in a later section).

My Perspective on MP3 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Laptop Computer 



Selecting a laptop 


My laptop(s)

Suggested Software 

Hundreds of software products are available. Here are the ones that I use and where you can get them on-line:

   Cool Edit 2000




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