Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Zip Code {n} [C2]
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Zip Code n -- [C2]
   (Holman Hudspeth 1968)

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From a 2 x 4 in which the Centers are in Generalized Columns, or from other applicable formations.

Centers 1/4 Out and Run (away from the Center of the Set) around the Outside dancers (who move into the Center without changing their facing direction) so that original Centers are facing on the Outside. This is a Zip Code 1. Ends Pass Thru (Zip Code 2); Ends Bend (Zip Code 3); Ends Pass Thru (Zip Code 4); Ends Bend (Zip Code 5); Ends Pass Thru (Zip Code 6); Ends Bend (Zip Code 7); etc.

Note: On odd numbers, the outsides end facing; on even numbers, the outsides end back-to-back.

This is the starting formation
for each of the following:

Zip Code 1
Zip Code 1 & 1/2
Zip Code 2
Zip Code 3
Zip Code 3 & 1/2
Zip Code 4
Zip Code 5

Outer Code [obsolete]: From applicable formations. Outsides 1/4 In (Outer Code 1) and continue as in Zip Code.

Inner Code [obsolete]: From any formation in which there is a Center 2 x 2. Center 4 Face In (Inner Code 1); Pass Thru (Inner Code 2); Face In (Inner Code 3); etc.

CALLERLAB definition for Zip Code 1-6

Choreography for Zip Code n

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