Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Wind The Bobbin [C3A]
From Columns.

#1 and #3 Peel Off and Circulate twice (around the Outside) as #2 and #4 1/2 Circulate, Cast Off 3/4, Very Centers Trade, and Cast Off 3/4.

Ends in Parallel Waves.

Wind The Bobbin
#1 & #3 Peel Off;
#2 & #4 1/2 Circulate
(i.e., all 1/2 Zoom)
Centers Cast Off 3/4,
Slip, & Cast Off 3/4
as Ends Circulate twice

Dancing Hint: The #3 dancer sometimes forgets to Peel Off and hence tries to Cast 3/4 with the other dancers. Try to think about starting this movement like a Peel & Trail so that the Leaders in each Box do a Peel Off.

Alternative definitions:

Note: Wind The Bobbin is also known as Peel And Streak (obsolete).

Cross Wind The Bobbin [C4]: #1 and #3 Trail Off instead of Peel Off.

Criss Cross Wind The Bobbin [C4]: #1 and #3 Trail Off as #2 and #4 Cross Extend; Outsides Circulate twice as Centers Fan Chain Thru. -- Copyright © 2019 Vic Ceder.  All Rights Reserved.