Definitions of Square Dance Calls and Concepts
Triangular Box Formation [C4]

A Triangular Box consists of a Diagonal Line of 3 and a dancer in a corner position of the 3 x 3 Matrix defined by the Diagonal Line. Work with these dancers in a Distorted Box. Triangular Boxes are most commonly used from Interlocked Blocks [C1]. EN: 10

A Triangular Box is a 4-dancer formation in the following shape: EN: 20


From Interlocked Blocks, there are two Triangular Boxes: to find them, divide the formation in half along the phantom long diagonal. Alternatively, look for a Diagonal of 3, then find the lonesome dancer. EN: 30
Other examples of Triangular Boxes: EN: 40


Triangular Box Counter Rotate 1/4 :

Triangular Box
Counter Rotate 1/4
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